Chapter 10: Best Cam Girl Tips For Staying Safe & Dealing With Creeps

Girl Tips For Staying Safe & Dealing With Creeps

We can’t conclude our guide on camming without talking about the most important aspect - your security. As much as this job is safe because you can work from the comfort of your home, it doesn’t mean you should share all of your personal information online. Bad experiences come with any job, but it’s up to you to protect yourself and learn how to deal with them when they happen. So, what do the best cam girls do to stay safe and how do they deal with bad apples?

We’ve done the research for you and are bringing you the best tips to ensure you enjoy the growth of your camgirl career without having to deal with fear and insecurity. After all, you deserve to have fun on your journey, and nobody should take that away from you!

Choosing Publicity Over Anonymity

The most important aspect of your security is, of course, your identity. It’s up to you to choose how much information you reveal about yourself on these camming sites. However, it’s always a wise idea to consider protecting your personal information, such as your surname, your address, information about your family and friends, etc. Keep in mind that you are going to encounter people you don’t know on a daily basis, and you can never be sure that somebody won’t abuse that information.

Your job is to be seductive, entertaining, and offer a fantasy, so people wanting to get close to you and even interact with you in “real life” is nothing unusual. Not to mention that your publicity might also have an impact on your future job endeavors. If you’re thinking of working in a public institution after your camgirl career, be extra careful when it comes to giving away personal details. Although this job is becoming more and more accepted around the world, it is still considered taboo to a certain extent.

Unsatisfied Clients

Not being able to get close enough to you might be the reason some of your clients will not be satisfied with your service, however, that’s not something you should ever sacrifice. You want to build an audience while feeling comfortable being yourself without crossing the line.

Besides your privacy and security, your clients might be unsatisfied because of reasons such as not doing or showing certain things they want you to or not being online when they want you to. Don’t feel discouraged by viewers who don’t respect you or your boundaries as these aren’t the ones you want to focus on.

Camming is just like any other job when it comes to dealing with clients. There will be ones who adore you and there will be ones who aren’t exactly a fan of you. Some might hate your egirl outfits, while others might not understand your sense of humor. Don’t take it personally!

Tips for Dealing with Unsatisfied Customers

Here’s what you can do if somebody writes negative or harmful messages or starts becoming aggressive in their communication:

  • Turn it into light humor. If you know this person is only trying to get your attention, making a light-hearted joke about what they have said and moving on might do the trick. 
  • Listen to them. They might be saying something valuable that you can take as a piece of advice to improve your show.
  • Report/Block them. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone who is rude to you or others in your room.
  • Share your experience. Responding calmly and sharing your opinion with them or your audience might help others understand your point of view. 

It’s not just knowing how to be a cam girl that will satisfy your clients, it’s about finding that healthy balance where you have set boundaries and aren’t completely sacrificing everything just to please people. You shouldn’t aim to appease everyone as it’s an impossible feat. For instance, if you only do fantasy shows, some of your viewers might try to convince you to show your daily routine in one of your next shows. Don’t do it if you’re not comfortable with the idea. Your goals and the way you want to achieve them is what will bring in the right type of audience. 

Bad Cam Sites

What is classified as a bad cam site? How can you spot a terrible site if you’re not an experienced cam girl? Well, let’s start with the basics. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sites that hide information about their girls, terms and conditions, and payment options are mostly just scamming girls who don’t do their research right. Don’t be one of them!

Instead, look for a cam site that has these elements:

  • Visible camgirls registered on the site
  • Numerous rooms under different tags
  • Advertisements
  • Login page

After analyzing these elements, you should have a pretty good idea of the website quality. The most popular sites include Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, and Streamate and with them, you’re certain that you’re joining a reputable site. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of these sites is their commission fee. That’s why before you decide to sign up or are looking for another cam site, you should explore forums and blog posts to find out what some of the best cam girls’ experiences are like. 

Defining Your Camgirl Profession

So, what does egirl mean? Being a good camgirl means having interesting and dynamic live shows that entice loyal clients and promote an enjoyable and profitable career. You will also need to define your camgirl profession if you want to be successful. Decide what you want to do, how many hours you want to work, which platforms you want to use, and set short- and long-term goals. 

Not knowing what you want to achieve may cause you a lot of frustration and it might potentially lead to conflicts with your viewers, and yourself. From determining your services and pricing to understanding what your limits are, all of these things will help you set healthy boundaries and make it easier for viewers to respect you and your work. 

Additionally, play to your strengths. For example, if you’re considered one of the teen cam girls on the site, think about how you can use this to your advantage. This industry enjoys a fresh face and many viewers enjoy interacting with younger performers.

All in all, the best cam girls are ones who love their job and look forward to connecting with their audience in multiple ways, but getting to that point might not be easy. Gaining popularity can be a bumpy ride, but you’ll need to keep your eyes on the prize without compromising who you are!


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