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Have great content on your OnlyFans but not enough subscribers? Does your OnlyFans profile need more exposure? Look no further! We would love to do a shoutout for you. We have one of the largest shoutout pages on OF with over 10,000 daily visitors.

Check out the shoutout page here: Hottest OnlyFans Girls

There are two different shoutout packages available, described in the table below.

OnlyFans Shoutout Package Options

 Package Price Content Requirements
Photo Shoutout $75

5 Photos (high resolution)

Profile Link

Photo Shoutout + Video Shoutout $35

5 Photos (high resolution)

Profile link

1 Uncensored Video (at least 1 minute long)
This is for us to sell & tag you in. Learn more


Content Requirements

Photos: We need five sexy photos of you. These should be Non-Nude (Hand Bras or emojis are ok). Make it sexy and enticing, but please keep it g-rated! Pictures help people decide whether or not they want to subscribe to your page.  We only publish g-rated photos because we are not an xxx site. However, your content on your fans page can be adult.

Uncensored Video (Video package only): Provide a sexy, uncensored video that is at least 1 minute long. This is the only thing that can be x-rated so if you want an x-rated promotion, choose this option.

Profile Link: Please provide the URL of your OnlyFans profile.

What's included in the Photo Shoutout?

  • From the 5 photos you provide, we will select 1-2 photos to use for the shoutout post.
  • Your shoutout post will be publicly available to all followers of our account and remain live forever, so in addition to the initial wave of visibility when your shoutout goes live, you shoutout will always be visible to future visitors and who scroll down in the feed.
  • As a result, your shoutout will continue to drive new visitors to your OnlyFans profile for many weeks to many months after your shoutout goes live.
  • Your OnlyFans handle and a link to your profile will be included in the shoutout. 

What's included in the Photo + Video Shoutout?

  • Everything in the Photo Shoutout.
  • Plus, you provide 1 uncensored video for us to sell in a separate, 2nd post.
  • This second post will be a video that will be for sale on our feed for $3 - $6. It is not publicly visible, it is only visible if someone pays to view it.
  • To be clear, this is a video that we will sell and provides income for our account, which allows us to include the Photo Shoutout in this package for half price, because we also make some money on selling the video.
  • Your OnlyFans handle and a link to your profile will be included in the Video Shoutout as well as the Photo Shoutout, so you will get 2x more visibility to your profile.

Why is the Photo + Video Shoutout cheaper?

The Video Shoutout is essentially a way to buy the Photo Shoutout for half price, plus you get a bit more exposure from having a two shoutout posts on our profile instead of just one. 

The reason we can offer the Photo + Video Shoutout for a lower price than just the Photo Shoutout alone is because we sell the Video on our profile. The earnings we get from selling the Video help us offset the lower price, so we can offer the combined Photo + Video Shoutout package for cheaper.

To be extra clear, when we sell the video on our profile, Ready Set Cam keeps the earnings from purchases of that video. What you get in return is a discounted price on the Photo Shoutout, and you get included in a 2nd post to drive more traffic to your profile.

How long will my shoutout stay on the page?

Your OnlyFans shoutout is "evergreen" meaning it's on our page forever. This means not only will you get a flood of new visitors to your profile the day the shout out goes up, you will also get a steady stream of new visitors forever as people scroll deeper into our page looking for profiles they like.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Our shoutout page shows the hottest models on OnlyFans with outstanding content. We curate our feed carefully in order to keep our audience highly engaged. As such, we reserve the right to review and approve your order before posting the shoutout. If your content doesn't meet our quality standards, we will notify you and give a full refund of your order within 24-48 hours. Please note that we are highly selective, and only approve about 10% of orders. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Buy it!!

I never leave reviews but I'm really impressed with the outcome! I really needed the extra income and I'm shy to promote on IG (for family reasons) so this was my only shot at trying to see if I could do OF without the traditional way of promoting yourself on IG/twitter or whatever people use. I needed this to be secret and my god it works!! Hallelujah! My family/friends never have to find out as ill keep buying these shoutouts/promotions from now on.

Excited about Promotional Campaign

I hope the promotion will be a success

Wow!! Impressed!

I will def be buying again! Was worth the money if you look at OF as a investment like I do.

It Works!

I tried having “models” promote me in the past and shout out pages on Reddit. Nothing seemed to really work. They all seemed like a waste of money. I almost didn’t give this a chance but I’m sooo glad I did!! I saw a huge following within 12-24 hours and every day I notice my followers account growing (they keep you on the page for life) thank you guys for providing a service that actually works!


I did the video shoutout package and it drove SO MANY new subscribers. Such a good investment. Will definitely be coming back for more, thank you ;)