The 10 Highest Paying Cam Sites in 2020 (Best Sites For Camgirls)

Best Cam Girl Sites 2020 - Ready Set Cam


Are you curious about becoming a webcam model? Do you want to know how much cam girls make, and which cam sites are the best to work for? 

Do you want to know which cam site will earn you the most money?

Well, sister, look no further!

You definitely came to the right place.

This guide will show you everything you need to know to pick the right cam site to start out with, and show you how to maximize your earnings as a webcam model.

There are literally hundreds of cam sites available now so picking the best one is a crazy challenge. Doing all that research yourself takes SO much time and is a total headache!

That's why our team spent weeks doing the research and getting the low-down on each cam site so you don't have to!

We've tested over 100 cam sites to see which ones were the easiest to use, had the best viewer audience, were the most fun, had the best experience for the webcam model, and most importantly, which cam sites produced the most take home earnings with the least amount of effort required.

From the 100+ cam sites we tested, we've narrowed it down to the top 10 best cam sites for models to make money camming, and ranked them below.

These are truly the best cam sites out there. If you want to lean how to become a webcam model and maximize your earnings from camming, read on to see which cam girl sites scored the best!


Top 10 Best Sites For Camgirls in 2020

 Logo Cam Site Type % Paid To Model Payment Frequency Model Earnings (Monthly)
Best Cam Sites XCAMS Ready Set Cam Xmodels
Editor's Choice
Pay-Per-Minute 45% - 75% Every 2 weeks $4,000 - $16,000
Best cam sites to work for livejasmin ready set cam LiveJasmin
30% - 80% Every 2 weeks $3,000 - $10,000
Best cam sites BongaCams Ready Set Cam BongaCams Tokens Only 60% - 90% Every 2 weeks $3,000 - $10,000
Best Paying Cam Sites OnlyFans - Ready Set Cam OnlyFans Subscription 80% Weekly $3,000 - $8,000
Best Cam Sites Flirt4Free Ready Set Cam Streamate Pay-Per-Minute 30% Weekly $3,000 - $8,000
Best Cam Sites Flirt4Free Ready Set Cam Flirt4Free Pay-Per-Minute 20% - 30%
Every 2 weeks
$2,000 - $7,500
Best Cam Sites Streamray Streamray Pay-Per-Minute 32% - 70%
Every 2 weeks
$2,000 - $7,500
Best Cam Sites Stripchat Ready Set Cam Stripchat
Tokens Only
50% - 60%
$1,500 - $7,500
Best Cam Sites To Work For CamSoda Ready Set Cam Camsoda
Tokens Only
$1,000 - $7,500
Best Cam Sites Chaturbate Ready Set Cam Chaturbate
Tokens Only
$500 - $7,500
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Best Paying Cam Sites To Work For 2020

Xmodels - Editor's Choice

Best Cam Sites XCAMS Ready Set Cam

Xmodels is #1 in our list for one simple reason: highest model earnings.  

Of all the cam sites we've tested, Xmodels gives the most take-home pay to the average model, due to a nice mixture of high traffic, viewers who are accustomed to spending big through pay-per-minute private and exclusive chats, and a high percentage of earnings that the model gets to keep. 

Some cam sites keep as much as 70-75% of your earnings for themselves, with you getting to keep only a fraction of what you earn. Xmodels is much better, with the site only taking 25-50%, so you can get double or triple the take-home-pay through Xmodels.

While Xmodels is based in Europe and is the #1 cam site in Europe, models from anywhere in the world can sign up. In fact, many of the top earning models on Xmodels are from the United States. What's great about the European audience of Xmodels is that you get viewers from many rich countries like Switzerland and Norway who are willing to pay a lot for a private show with you, and additionally, if you live in the United States, you're much less likely to get seen by a friend or family member that you know browsing the site.

Xmodels is simply the best site for camgirls and we recommend it as the #1 choice for any webcam model who wants to maximize their earnings.



 LiveJasmin - Runner Up

Best cam sites to work for livejasmin ready set cam

LiveJasmin claims to be the #1 webcam site in the world, but they are actually #3 by traffic (both Chaturbate and BongaCams are slightly larger). That said, LiveJasmin is clearly in the top 3, and of the top sites is definitely the best one for models.

Unlike the other super-high-traffic cam sites, LiveJasmin relies more on pay-per-minute private sessions than token-based tipping, which typically works out to more earnings for the average model. On top of that, LiveJasmin offers a greater percentage of earnings available for the model to take home, so LiveJasmin revenue for the model can be fairly good and competitive with other top cam girl sites.

Overall - it's a great site if you want to get maximum exposure and have very high traffic!



BongaCams - Highest Percentage Paid To Model 

Best cam sites BongaCams Ready Set Cam


BongaCams is the 2nd largest cam girl site on the internet, with 310 million monthly visitors. It has extremely high traffic, which means the top models and earn a huge amount.

BongaCams is a good choice if you want to work for tips in a free show with very high traffic. It pays out the highest % of revenue to the model of any cam site online today. It generally has great reviews from the models who use it.

The one place BongaCams falls down is if you want to primarily do pay-per-minute private or exclusive chats. BongaCams is very public, and its features for supporting private and exclusive chat are not as good as other cam sites. Additionally, most viewers on BongaCams expect to see free shows and to be able to pay through tips rather than pay-per-minute.



OnlyFans - Best Automatic Subscription

Best Paying Cam Sites OnlyFans - Ready Set Cam

OnlyFans is not a cam site, it's actually a paid, subscriber-only social media platform. It's just like an Instagram or Twitter account, except your followers have to pay you a monthly subscription fee in order to view your posts and feed. You set the price of the subscription (typically $5 - $30 / month per follower). OnlyFans takes a 20%, and the remaining 80% of the subscription fee goes to you. 

Even though it's not a camming site, the reason we included OnlyFans in this list is because it's a great way for most webcam models to earn extra money, and the fact that it pays you monthly subscription revenue (regardless of how much time you spend on it) can be an amazing supplement to your income.

If you want to become a cam girl, definitely consider also starting an OnlyFans account to get an extra stable income stream coming in, month after month, even when you're not working or on vacation. Many cam models also drive viewers that they interact with on the other cam sites to their only fans profile as a way of getting more subscribers on OnlyFans.



Streamate - Best For Private & Exclusive

Best Paying Cam Girl Sites - Streamate - Ready Set Cam.png


Streamate is one of the best cam sites out there and an excellent choice for any model who wants to do camming as a side thing for income but cares about keeping it super private and not having friends or family run into you.

Streamate has built up an excellent community of high-paying viewers, and almost everyone expects to do everything in private or exclusive chats, so you never have to show yourself publicly if you don't want to. Additionally, Streamate has some of the best privacy settings, allowing you to precisely control who can see what. Many Streamate models set their privacy settings so that only paying members of the site can discover and see them.

Despite the privacy, Streamate models can earn a lot of money because viewers on streamate are higher-end and willing to spend a lot for models they love.

We recommend Streamate for models who are newer to camming and want to dip rttheir toes into making extra money through camming, while still having great control over their privacy.




Flirt4Free - Best Technology

Highest Paying Cam Girl Sites - Flirt4Free - Ready Set Cam


Flirt4Free is a solid cam site with a medium level of traffic. Where it shines most is in its technology. The interface for both viewers/members and models is the best and most bleeding-edge in the camming industry. 

Though Flirt4Free models typically make most of their earnings through pay-per-minute private chats, the sleek interface for viewers does a great job of promoting tipping (and large tips), so that ends up increasing earnings for models as well.

The downside of Flirt4Free is that the site keeps 70-80% of what viewers pay, and you only get 20-30%. In terms of take-home earnings, that's not as bad as it sounds for models, because viewers on Flirt4Free tend to be big spenders, so theres more total dollars to share in the first place. 

Still - we don't think 20-30% is quite fair and wish Flirt4Free would share more of the earnings with the model. Overall, we wouldn't recommend Flirt4Free as your primary cam site, but it can be a great secondary site to be on if you do cam splitting or have two cam sites open in separate windows so you can earn from both at the same time.




Streamray - Longest Running Cam Site

Best Cam Sites To Work For Streamray


Streamray has been operating cam girl sites for over 15 years. They own several high traffic websites to bring viewers to your show, including and AdultFriendFinder. 

We like Streamray because viewers expect to pay to see what they want, and expectations around kinkiness are fairly vanilla. They do a good job providing models with privacy control, and models have the ability to keep up to 70% of their earnings as take-home pay.

Overall, we'd recommend Streamray as another good secondary site to get extra money while you're broadcasting on your main site.




Stripchat - Best For Instant Earnings

Stripchat Logo - Best Cam Girl Sites


Stripchat can be a great choice for new models that need to earn as much as possible in their first few weeks. The site offers up to 60% rev share to models, and has a special feature where new models get boosted site placement for 2 weeks to help you get established and earn real money in your first few weeks.

The downside of Stripchat is that the viewer community expects to see mostly free shows and to pay models via tips. This can be great for models who know how to earn tips, and for the best models can result in even higher earnings than pay-per-minute private and exclusive chat sites, but you should research how to maximize tips in your cam show before you start to make sure you get the most out of your initial 2 week boosted placement.

Stripchat also has nice modern technology that's easy to use, as well as good privacy controls for the model and contests that pay out an extra $20,000 to models each month.

Overall, we recommend giving Stripchat a try if you're in a pinch and need to earn some money fast over the next two weeks.




Camsoda - Best For Selling Photos And Videos

Camsoda Logo - Highest Paying Cam Sites


Camsoda is a relatively high traffic cam site with good a rev share for models. Performers on Camsoda get to keep 55% of their earnings, which is a better than most cam sites. Despite this, Camsoda is lower in our list because of the viewer audience. Most viewers on Camsoda are there to see free shows, and only a small handful want to tip. Top Camsoda models can still earn a good amount from camming, but it's harder than on other cam sites.

Where Camsoda really shines is for models who want to use their cam site to also drive sales of photos and videos. The top Camsoda models actually make more money from selling photos and videos to viewers than from the tips from actual camming.

If you want to sell photos and videos in addition to camming, Camsoda could be a good choice for you.




Chaturbate - Fastest Cam Site

Best Cam Sites Chaturbate - Ready Set Cam


Chaturbate is the largest cam site in the world by traffic, with over 300 million monthly visitors. It's also the fastest cam site with the most robust technology.

Chaturbate can be a great cam site to work for, but we've ranked in #10 in our list because it's highly competitive. Chaturbate has more models than any other cam site, meaning you have to be one of the top models on the site to do well.

The best models on Chaturbate make huge amounts of money, with some models raking in over $1 million per year. However, since Chaturbate is so competitive, the average Chaturbate model actually earns less than the average model on the other cam sites we've listed above. 

Overall, we recommend Chaturbate if you think you can be one of the best cam girls in the world and achieve true celebrity cam girl status. Otherwise, you've better off choosing one of the less competitive cam sites listed above.




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