Horny for Hotwives – The Top 20 Hotwife OnlyFans Accounts In 2023

When it comes to watching adult content, there’s something oddly erotic, voyeuristic, and compelling about Hotwives. These married babes love to fuck, whether that be their husband, their neighbors, or some hot stud they found online. These sexy sluts love to embrace their sexuality in a wide variety of ways, and nothing is off limits. When it comes to insane hotwife action, we’ve founded up the top 20 profiles that bring you fun, salacious, kinky hotwife content straight to your screen. These hotwife Onlyfans accounts will leave you salivating for more, and lucky for us all, these women are insatiable.

Best OnlyFans Hotwives: Featured This Month

Our 20 Best Hotwife OnlyFans Accounts

#1. Hotwife_Nikki


Hotwife Nikki is also known as Fitness Nikki, because she’s a ripped, curvy fitness model MILF. Every chance they get, her husband loves to share her. She loves to teach fitness, and she loves to be naked, so if you’re lucky, you may just get a very naked fitness workout that involves an orgasmic finish. Nikki will happily make you custom content, but would much rather Skype than sext. Still, she’ll leave you satisfied either way. She posts clips, pictures, and videos often to her feed, so be sure to check out this fit fox’s page right away.

#2. Las Vegas Hotwife 4 You


The Las Vegas Hotwife wants to be the object of your every fantasy. This tall married blonde is the type to don a white sheer dress, something that barely covers her ass and can’t contain her erect nipples, to go check the mailbox in hopes of giving her neighbors a massive stiffy. She wants you to want her, to crave her, and better yet, to take advantage of her. She doesn’t care when or where, she craves the touch of a new man, their cock inside her, their hands all over her. She’ll show you how she satisfies this craving with new content daily.

#3. Vicky Sweet


Vicky Sweet is your femme fatale from Valencia. This tattoo lover is one salacious slut, who loves sex in all its forms. She prefers submission, and loves any chance at being bound, and fucked hard in all her holes. Group sex and gangbangs make her feel like a proper slut, two words that leave her instantly wet. Vicky loves to have her husband watch, and she’ll post her escapades to Onlyfans, where she also chats with her fans. Check Vicky out when she’s acting like a complete cumslut, or see how good her deepthroat skills actually are, only on her Onlyfans page.

#4. Arabella de Rose


One hell of a Hotwife, Arabella lives out her lust-filled 40’s in Australia. This wonder loves to be naked, be it on the beach, at her home, or anywhere she can get away with it. With a body like hers, she gets away with it more often than not. She loves to film some ad hoc sessions, fully produced sex scenes, and everything in between. Arabella isn’t shy about offering glimpses into all aspects of herself, giving you a voyeuristic front row seat to the real Arabella, orgasms and all. This all-natural steamy MILF offers real, raw amateur sex, as well as tasteful and erotic photos and videos.

#5. De Rankin


Also known as the DoubleDBoatGirl, this voluptuous bombshell proudly boasts her perfect breasts, her round booty, her love of boats, and her love of bourbon. This kinky nurse loves to unwind by tanning, with or without the bikini, and by fucking her various neighbors. This buxom amateur brings the attitude of a hotwife and MILF in a larger than life way. She lives to kick her feet up in the sun, sip a cold bourbon, and show off her perfect tits. She maintains various social media accounts, so you can get even more Double Ds if you are the insatiable type.

#6. Bratty Hotwife


The Bratty Hotwife is a lovely little brat who only wants to please her daddy. This petite babe offers great tits and a world of sexual pleasure. She offers pics both solo, and with her husband. She also likes to surprise her fans with surprises that she thinks you’ll enjoy. Her goal is to make everyone happy and satisfied, so personalized content and fan interaction is top of her list. She’ll rate your dick, sext, and create personalized videos all for you. As well, if you ask her real nicely, she’ll show off her hot anal skills.

#7. Hotwife Landa


Hotwife Landa is a petite Northern California slut, who loves to have her limits pushed. She doesn’t shy away from the obscene, she rushes into it. She loves to submit, is a total exhibitionist, and considers herself the gang bang queen. This MILF loves all forms of BDSM and especially degradation. If she can find herself a dom man who knows how to fuck her face properly, she’ll get on her knees anywhere he’ll let her. You can find Landa often surrounded by cock on all sides, being choked, or showing off her cute curves in public.

#8. Hotwife Kate


Hotwife Kate is an explicit hot blonde with big tits, and all she wants right now is to show those tits off all for you. She does not shy away from hardcore videos, and offers a wide variety of content so you don’t get bored. This includes girl on girl, guy on girl, or a two-girl threesome, as well as facials, swallows, and creampies. She loves showers and baths, loves anal, and loves to masturbate with or without her toys, and sometimes she might just combine them all together for one steamy session. Let Kate know what you like, and she’ll happily indulge.

#9. Millie May


Millie May is a classy MILF and hotwife living it up in her dirty thirties for all to see. This married marvel absolutely loves to make you cum. She has a free account and a VIP account, but only in the VIP does it get truly explicit. This is where she focuses her attention on her chat, and posts full sets of uncensored content each day. She provides subscribers with her Snap if you ask nicely, and will even give you a free cock rating. Millie even offers a discount for long-term subscribers, so you can have more of her for less.

#10. Gemini Hotwife


Gemini Hotwife is a down to earth beauty, offering random videos from her day to day, as well as sexy pictures and videos. If you want something specific, she really wants to hear about it, and make it a reality. When she’s not filming requests and fulfilling fantasies, she offers dick ratings and special live sessions. Gemini is a lovely licentious star who enjoys being silly, and her upbeat attitude is all the more endearing when you watch her cum over and over again. She’s proud to be your alluring amateur, and doesn’t shy away from taking cock in all ways she can, just for you.

#11. Hotwife in Chicago


The Hotwife in Chicago (who hails from Chicago, believe it or not) is a loving wife and mother, and also a rutting whore at heart. Her words. This multifaceted wonder is covered in tattoos, and has a perfect pair of tits on her petite frame. Her libido and filthy imagination are both in high gear constantly, and she loves to create vividly rich stories of female debauchery. This Onlyfans mistress loves femdom, showing her tits to men, and considers the hotwife lifestyle to be the natural form of marital relationship. She needs to satisfy her whorish desires somehow, and you’re welcome to watch.

#12. Dallas-Hotwife


This seductive little Dallas-Hotwife loves to offer advice on the lifestyle, as well as post pictures and videos from her swinging adventures. If you have questions, she has answers, but that’s not all she provides. She is also a hot hole for a thick cock. Dallas doesn’t do degradation or bi-male play, but instead loves to be courted by men or even couples. She’s an olive-skinned 43-year-old woman, with dark brown eyes and wavy hair. Her and her husband have been married for 18 years, and they both love when her wife feels desired and pursued.

#13. Las Vegas Hotwife


The Las Vegas Hotwife is an ex-playboy model and a super horny wifey. She has a number of dirty secrets, and is completely insatiable for black cock specifically. This petite pervert loves to ride a cock, loves to utilize all her holes, and really loves that you’ll come and watch her. The Las Vegas Hotwife offers a discount for multiple month subscriptions, so don’t be shy to see what she has to offer. You’ll find yourself watching a vixen who can’t get enough, though she’ll certainly try her best at every conceivable occasion.

#14. Juicy Hotwife


The Juicy Hotwife is a very hot, yet innocent looking MILF. She has long strawberry-blond hair, intoxicating green eyes, a curvy body with great tits, and an ass you’ll be desperate to fuck. She wants to satisfy both hers and your deepest desires, so she posts a lot of extremely satisfying content on her page. From lingerie to full nudity, she also provides POV, JOI, anal, and full explicit sex all for you. Of course, you’re welcome to make a request. She considers herself an innocent brat in the streets, and a freaky submissive in the sheets.

#15. Petit Hotwife


The Petit Hotwife is exactly that: a small-statured little slut housewife looking to cum as often as she can. You’re welcome to join her. Her kinky mistress Onlyfans account is completely free to subscribe to. This long-limbed and lithe little stunner has some sultry bedroom eyes, and just can’t get enough orgasms to ever be satisfied, though she’s certainly going to try her best. Pop in and shoot her a request, and maybe you’ll see your ultimate fantasies being performed. She loves to play solo, loves to take cock in any way she can get it, and rarely leaves anyone anything less than fully satisfied.

#16. Houston Hotwife


This southern belle hotwife is sassy, classy, and a bit bad-assy. The Houston Hotwife is your quintessential MILF and exhibitionist, who loves when people get turned on checking her out. Among the best mistress Onlyfans creators around, she loves to be on top, as well as sport Louis Vuitton, and flirt and tease mercilessly. While she loves her soft and sensual girly time, she ultimately needs a man, or a toy shaped like a long, thick man, to really please her. She entertains special requests and loves to chat with her friends, and ensure she’s on your mind at all times.

#17. My Hotwife Journey


This sexy little American hotwife loves to please. She shares thousands of pictures and videos on her Onlyfans. She really enjoys wearing small dresses and short skirts to excite the men in her life, but she really gets wet and wild when tied down and taken advantage of. This submissive slut loves hot BDSM focused dates, creampies and cum swallowing, threesomes with two men, or full on gangbangs. She offers a discount for long-term subscriptions, so you can watch her live her best hotwife lifestyle at all times. Pop in, and tell this tantalizing tease what you want, and if you’re nice, she might just make it happen.

#18. Hotwife Victoria


Victoria is a good girl gone bad, and when her husband is away, she loves to play. This horny hotwife loves to squirt, especially when wearing some lacey lingerie. She offers dick rates and custom content, as well as some guy on girl action, threesomes, and so much more hotwife fun. She can’t wait to become your hot mistress Onlyfans star, and best of all, you can subscribe to her for free. This petite little fuck doll can’t get enough cock, and really goes gaga when she knows how its effecting her fans.

#19. Summer Lyn


The fantasy bombshell Summer Lyn is one bad ass hotwife and MILF. She loves to live-stream, talk dirty in her DMs, and really loves diving into filthy fetishes. This kinky mistress Onlyfans star oozes obscenities, and when it comes to explicit entertainment, won’t let you down. Tall, curvaceous, and covered in tattoos, this vixen really brings the term hotwife to a brand new level. Share with her your wants and desires, and prepare to be blown away. Summer Lyn knows how to use every perfect inch of her pervy body to drive her partners and fans into a frenzy.

#20. Alison Rey


This long and lithe hotwife is the girl next door you wish you had. Alison Rey is a lovely lusty knockout who makes sexy content across a multitude of platforms, but only on Onlyfans can you see her get filthy with it. This Onlyfans mistress creates sex position bibles, goes on cute dates that end in orgasms, and will even let you watch her husband wax every inch of her. Alison doesn’t shy away from playing with women either, and has been known to use her strap on to fill her friend’s asses. Check Alison out on Onlyfans and be sure to say hi.


Have you had enough hotwife yet? Of course you haven’t, there’s no such thing. These horny hotwives are waiting to hear from you, to fulfill all your kinky fantasies, to show you how much cock they can actually take. Spoiler alert: there’s no limit. These women are experts in the bedroom. If you want carnal pleasures, orgasmic orgies, or even a kinky mistress, Onlyfans has a hotwife just for you. Their husbands only encourage them to try more, so if you need your fix, come find your hot mistress Onlyfans Hotwife now. You’ll be glad you did.

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