35 Best Gay OnlyFans Boys of 2024 (Top Male & Gay Only Fans)

The OnlyFans platform has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most widely-used websites for adult content where everything from teasy lewds to more explicit nudes and hardcore pornography is shared.

OnlyFans certainly isn’t limited to a specific demographic, however.

While you can find pornstars and models and celebrities alike sharing a more intimate view of their life (whether that be through daily vlogs or stripping down to the nude), there are many creators on the platform who are just “regular, everyday people”.

With amateurs now such a popular category of porn in particular, it’s no wonder that OnlyFans has amassed millions of users and content creators since it was launched in 2016. Many fans rejoice when they find a new account to follow that reminds them of somebody who could be their friend, neighbour, or colleague.

Scintillating, isn’t it?

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best gay OnlyFans accounts on the platform. These men are well-hung hunks who love playing with themselves and getting down with other men to share some of the sexiest bedroom scenes you’ve seen.

Not only do they like to share, but they like to know how much you are enjoying it. One thing in particular that draws many subscribers in to OnlyFans and its many creators is the more intimate and personal connection it can give to fans.

From one-on-one text conversations to watching strip teases in real-time during live streams, OnlyFans is extremely popular and gives fans that intimate connection that they have come to crave from the people they follow.

While these accounts are paid for via a subscription price, the low monthly cost (and bundled discount for multiple months that creators usually have available) is worth it for these delicious dudes.

With thirsty content being posted to their pages on a regular basis and a backlog of everything they have already shared, you will have a full library of content to lust over from these men.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gay accounts you should follow - from bears to otters to bulls to bears, these male OnlyFans creators are packing in more ways than one… and are sure to leave you excited..

How did we put together this list, you ask?

Well, doing our own investigative research and using a premium marketing tool, we’ve hand-picked ten of the top gay OnlyFans accounts. These magnetic men have gained the biggest followings and have the raunchiest content, garnering thousands of views and an array of admirers - and all for good reason.

These gifted (in more ways than one) guys love to give, receive, show off, share their solo fun, film feisty and frisky scenes with others, and interact with their fans either through DMs or livestreams.

With 10 arousing accounts to discover and hundreds of pictures and videos to captivate you, these men on OnlyFans are some of the best you can find.

No matter your type, you’re sure to find your new favourite male OnlyFans model below.

Now, bring on the men...

Best Gay OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Gay OnlyFans Male Accounts of 2024

1. Leo X

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

When your screen name includes the letter X, you know what you can expect, and if you are looking for the hottest and best gay porn you will not be disappointed. There is a reason the amazing Leo X has made it to the top of our list, and when you check out his gay porn and other content you will surely see why we made the deicsion we did.

You see, this Adonis has a lustful and longing gaze that’s hard to resist, but surely it’s his other impressive features that will draw you in and keep you coming - pun intended. This hung hottie with a body shares daily pictures and videos of self-pleasure from gentle rub-and-tugs to penetration. Whether he is subtly teasing you or full on helping you get off, Leo X is a master of his craft. His body is simply amazing, and his love of all things erotic comes through with every move he makes.

If you love a pretty face and a hunky bod, Leo X is the man for you. He even has artistic nude photography that shows off his sculpted muscles and smooth skin. If you’re looking for something a little more explicit, he also frequently co-stars with other gay male OnlyFans creators and shares the results with his fans.

Follow Leo X: https://onlyfans.com/xleox

2. Jayden Rembacher

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

Continuing on with the train of smooth, chiseled, Greek mythology-adjacent men, Jayden Rembacher is equally as sexy. He has got over 400 images and almost 200 videos for you to watch, whether it be his 8-incher in action with his explicit sex tapes or solo play and nude photos. If you are tired of softcore teasing and ready for something more, you will find plenty of hardcore gay porn just waiting for you, and there is more htna enough to keep you hard and hot for weeks on end.

If youa re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, quite literally, you will want to spend your time checking out his back catalog of hardcore gay porn, And if you have been hesitanht about spending money in a world flooded with free online gay porn, you will be happy to know that this is one of the most affordable accounts you will ever find. He’s currently running a $3 promotion which is a steal of a deal for this strapping young beefcake. He takes special requests and enjoys chatting with his fans one-on-one, so you will definitely get your fill from him when you subscribe to his OnlyFans.

Subscribe to Jayden Rembacher: https://onlyfans.com/jaydenrembacher

4. Tom Tom

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

If you have spent any time in the world of hardcore gay porn, you may have noticed that things can get a bit pretentious at times. From the gay for fans guys to those with an Adonis complex, there is a lot to get in the way of your enjoyment.

You will not have that problem when you get to know the next entry on our list. The amazing Tom Tom Pics has been really making a name for himself as a gay OnlyFans superstar, and now it is your turn to get to know him. This guy is the opposite of pretentious – he is a down to earth lad who is simply doing what he loves and letting the world watch, and  you can be the lucky recipient of his largesse.

A saucy English lad, Tom describes himself as a regular-looking man who isn’t trying to be anything special - which is probably why we’re so drawn to him. One of the great things about OnlyFans is there’s no barrier to entry, and the platform is made up of more than just perfectly toned models. Tom is a down-to-earth ginger man with a humble personality and a high libido. If you think the English are all prim and proper, you clearly have not seen the hardcore gay porn this unassuming British lad has been churning out day after day, week after week and year after year.

Mr. Tom is a perfect example of an amateur making it big on OnlyFans, showing off his solo adventures plus a mix of steamy scenes with other guys. He shares all of his content with his fans and does not believe in PPV (paying for extra content), so you’ll get everything you could want from him for a subscription of just $5.95 per month, a steal of a deal for everything he posts.

Subscribe toTom Tom: https://onlyfans.com/tomtompics

5. Teddy Bear

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

You may have slept with a teddy bear when you were younger, but he was not as cute and cuddly as the next gay OnlyFans guy on our list. This hunk of a man certainly lives up to his name as a bear and claims to be the hairiest man on OnlyFans from head to toe, proudly showing off his body (and much, much more) to all of his fans. He loves fooling around with his friends and sharing explicit details (and videos) of all of the fun they have together.

This big gay guy is the ultimate bear, and you will want to snuggle up with him at night and feel his lush hair on your face, and on your dick. If you miss your childhood teddy bear, you can enjoy the grown up version for nothing more than the cost of a subscription. Not only is he a wonderfully wooly man, he shares sensual stories with almost every photograph and video on his timeline that really sets the scene and will make you melt. This Teddy Bear has got one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts on the platform. He’s absolutely worth subscribing to if you’re a fan of furry men, and love a guy who has a way with words.

Subscribe toTeddy Bear: https://onlyfans.com/gogoteddybear

6. Michael Walker

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

Next up on our list of sexy gay guys is this fresh faced lad. This hot and horny guy is proof positive that gay guys, and hardcore gay porn, comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. Some of our favorite gay for fans models are virtual senior citizens in the business, hot guys who have been fucking on film when the internet was in its infancy. And while we will always have a soft, er, hard, spot in our hearts for those veterans, it is always nice to see an up and coming gay OnlyFans superstar, and that is exactly what Michael brings to his page.  

This baby-faced man with a big booty started out by posting racy pictures on Instagram. He soon after decided to create a male OnlyFans page to share even more of himself with his followers. Michael wanted to be able to share his photos and videos freely without having to worry about censorship, and he is loving it (and so are his fans).

He entices new fans by showing off uncensored versions of some of his most popular Instagram images, plus shares exclusive photos and videos on his OnlyFans page. He also loves chatting with his followers and uses the platform as a way to do this. With over 300 hot posts to drool over, Michael Walker is a great gay OnlyFans creator to follow.

Subscribe to Michael Walker: https://onlyfans.com/immichaelwalker

7. Josh Moore

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

With so many amateur OnlyFans accounts out there we were a little bit sketpical about looking at yet another one, but the next entry on our list far exceeded our expectations. The great Josh Moore loves to make his own hardcore gay porn videos, and the exceptional productiion quality is matched only by the hotness of the content. If you are looking for gay porn that will keep you up all night long, this is the account for you.

This triple X male pornstar has a mouth-watering mix of content from homemade videos made with his boyfriend, Ricky Roman, the many men he meets up with, and with fellow pornstars such as Austin Wolf and Billy Santoro. The choice of hardcore gay porn partners speaks for itself – this guy is well respected in the adult entertainment industry, and he brings the goods, and his amazing dick, to every scene he shoots.

If you prefer professional-grade photography and videography, he has that as well. Josh also shares some of the hot behind-the-scenes clips and videos of his porn filming. Josh Moore is definitely one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts to follow.

Subscribe to Josh Moore: https://onlyfans.com/joshmoorexxx

8. Logan Wall

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)This 20-year-old stud is the total package… and he has a great package to match. Logan Wall has a large Twitter following where he shows off teasey pictures of himself playing around and hanging out (both chilling and more physically hanging out). He’s confident, knows what he likes and wants, and exudes masculine energy.

Whether you first discovered Logan via Twitter or through a more NSFW venue, we know you will like what you see when you visit his amazing gay OnlyFans page. With a stunning dick and a love of sex and sexuality, this guy has clearly earned his place on our list of the best OnlyFans gay guys out there, so why not stop by and see what this great guy has to offer?

Logan Wall is a blonde hunk who has washboard abs, rippling muscles, and is a total country boy. If you want to see him get down and dirty (quite literally; he is a country boy after all and has gotten down and dirty with a muddy photoshoot), then this gay man is who you want to follow.

Subscribe to Logan Wall: https://onlyfans.com/loganwall

9. James Yalch

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

One of the things we liked the most when compiling our list of the best gay OnlyFans accounts is that these hot guys hail from all over the world. Some of them are all American, while others make their home across the pond. The next entry on our list of sexy gay guys is the perfect combination of down home charm and European exoticism, and we are sure you will find his content, and his hot body, incredibly enticing.

Manchester man James Yalch is a 23-year-old gay guy with boyish looks and a love for pleasing others (and being pleased). You could call him a jack-of-all-trades porn creator who loves to get down with other men and film his sexcapades. He also loves to create solo content and show off his skills (and his well-endowed, below-the-belt business).

With a deceivingly sweet smile and a naughty nook of content with over 850 pictures and videos with a lot of variety, James Yalch is a sexy UK man who has earned a multitude of followers for his hot and explicit content. If you are looking for a big gay guy who can satisfy your wildest desires and stoke your most forbidden fantasies, this is the one for you.

Subscribe to James Yalch: https://onlyfans.com/jamesyalch

10. Zeus Ray

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

When your screen name evokes a Roman God, you better have it going on, and this hot gay guy clearly does. This tall drink of water is one of the hottest gay OnlyFans creators we’ve seen. Zeus Ray is very interactive with his regular live shows; while he does have multiple posts on his feed, Zeus prefers showing off in real time with his fans through his frequent live shows where he strips and provides a more hands-on show.

A nudist and sports lover, Zeus is a sexy Spanish man who shares a lot of lustful nudity and some more explicit, hardcore gay porn. If you hunger for interactions with creators you crave, Zeus Ray is one of the best male OnlyFans accounts to follow. With his godlike physique and his rock hard cock, this Zeus will make all your dreams come true. When you see him in action and watch the hardcore gay porn he has produced you will see why he made our list of the best OnlyFans accounts on the web.

Subscribe to Zeus Ray: https://onlyfans.com/zeusray22

11. Stallion Fabio

10 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts (Best Male OnlyFans)

When a hot gay guy calls himself a stallion, you may roll your eyes, but you should not make that mistake when it comes to the next entry on our list. You see, this hot guy has more than earned the stallion moniker, and when you get a look at his monster dick we are sure you will agree.

Mr. Fabio goes by ‘Stallion’ for a reason - I don’t think we need to elaborate on why that is. If you’re ready to see it for yourself, this incredibly handsome man has over one thousand tantalizing images and videos for you to feast your eyes upon. He loves to get down and dirty with other men and shares these moments with his fans.

Bursting out of his underwear is probably Stallion’s specialty, and we sure love seeing it. This manly man sends out videos to his subscribers via DMs and is quite active with his posts. You absolutely do not want to miss this well-hung hunk and his mouth-watering mixture of lewds and nudes.

Subscribe to Stallion Fabio: https://onlyfans.com/stallionfabio

12. Adam Coussins

Adam Coussins

If you are a gym rat and workout fanatic, you will love the next entry on our list. Adam Coussins is the owner of one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts, but this stud also loves to work on his body, and when you see it you will quickly see that all that hard work is paying off.

With his rock hard abs and his stunning good looks, Adam Coussins clearly has it going on. When he is not working out at the gym, Adam is busy burning calories in other ways – fucking and sucking his way to online glory – and to a top spot on our list. If you like what you see on his profile page, you will simply love what is on the inside, and you will surely want to sign up and take an even closer look.

 Subscribe to Adam Coussins: https://onlyfans.com/adamcoussins 

 13. Arron Lowe

Arron Lowe

Many of the performers on our list of best gay OnlyFans accounts mostly work alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, we love a good online wanking session as much as the next horny guy. Sometimes, however, you long for something more, and you just want to watch two hot guys fucking, sucking and getting it on.

If that is your desire we would like to present the stunning Arron Lowe and his filming partner, the equally gorgeous Carmen. The pair have made quite a name for themselves on the internet, earning them a spot on our list of the hottest gay OnlyFans accounts. Even in such a saturated marketplace, the number of couples accounts in the gay space is still somewhat limited, so we were absolutely thrilled to include this duo on our list. This pair love each other, but more than anything they love having sex, and they would love to have you watch.

Subscribe to Arron Lowe: https://onlyfans.com/mrarronlowe 

14. Jason Genesis

The Jason

In the beginning was the word, and the word was very good indeed. In this case the beginning leads us to the great Jason Genesis, hot guy and owner of one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts we have ever seen. With his boyish charm and stunning good looks, Jason Genesis clearly has it going on, and he is truly the whole package.

Speaking of packages, Jason Genesis certainly has a great one, and he is intensely proud of what he is packing in his pants. If you want to get a close up view of that stunning cock, why not check out his videos and sign up for a subscription to this, truly one of the best gay OnlyFans model pages we have seen thus far.

Subscribe to Jason Genesis: https://onlyfans.com/thejasongenesis 

15. Ben Dudman

 Ben Dudman

Don’t let the screen name fool you – the next guy on our list is no dud. Instead, Ben Dudman is one of the hottest guys we have seen in our research, and when we saw him in action we knew he had earned his spot on our list.

No matter what your wildest fantasies and desires, Ben Dudman can help you live them out in the most satisifying way possible. For the cost of an OnlyFans subscription, Ben will stoke your furnace, heat up your dick and get you off, so why not check him out and peruse his videos and other content?

Subscribe to  Ben Dudman: https://onlyfans.com/bendudman 

16. Robby Echo


The next guy on our list of the best gay OnlyFans accounts is well named – the amazing Robby Echo will reverberate in your mind, and in your pants, long afater you close your laptop screen or turn your smartphone off. Robby Echo is an amazingly gorgous guy, a stud who is sure to leave you panting as you satisfy your wildest desires.

No matter what you are into Robby Echo can satisfy your innermost desires, so why not hit him up and see what he has going on. Robby welcomes guys of all shapes, sizes and identities, from straight guys who are curious to size queens who can’t get enough of what he has to offer. Either way you are sure to be highly satisfied, and all it takes is the cost of a subscription.

Subscribe to  Robby Echo: https://onlyfans.com/robbyechoxxx 

17. Danny Olsen 


The next entry on our list is no stranger to the world of social media. As with some other gay OnlyFans stars Danny Olsen has long been active on Instagram and other sites, but some of the content he creates is simply too hot for Insta. The good news is that he saves his hottest, steamiest and wildest videos and photos for his friends on OnlyFans, and now you can be the lucky recipient or his generosity.

Danny Olsen is the whole package, and he has a package that will leave your motuh watering. When he takes out his cock and starts to play, you will want to play along, so find a quiet space, fire up your computer or smartphone and get ready to have a great time. If you like what you see on his free teaser page you can sign up for a VIP account, and when you do you will gain access to even more content, including XXX hardcore videos that will leave you drained but still wanting more.

Subscribe to Danny Olsen: https://onlyfans.com/dannyolsen777/archived 

18. Paul Cassidy


We now turn your attention to the next hot gay OnlyFans guy on our list, this one guaranteed to get your attention and harden y our dick almost immediately. You see the next entry on our list of the best gay OnlyFans accounts is Paul Cassidy, a gorgeous man who loves sex, loves his fans and loves to engage with his subscribers.

Paul Cassidy is always up for a challenge, and he loves to interact with his subscribers on an intimate and highly personal basis. If you want help living out your wildest, wettest and most uninhibited fantasies, Paul is a wonderful choice, so why not isgn up and see all the great things this stud has to offer?

Subscribe to Paul Cassidy: https://onlyfans.com/blondiepaul 

19. Eli Chalame


Now we would like to introduce you to the amazing Eli Chalame, a hot guy who has been making waves and gaining fans on and off the OnlyFans platform. In the highly competitive world of gay OnlyFans accounts it does not get any steamier than this, so why not stick around and see what Eli has to offer?

When you check out his page you will see Eli Chalame in action – fucking and sucking his way to online glory and leaving you breathless and panting in the process. If you have been looking for a guy worthy of your subscription dollars, you have cum to the right place, and we encourage you to sign up today.

Subscribe to Elio Chalame: https://onlyfans.com/elio_chalamet 

20. Marc Rose


The next entry on our list of the best gay OnlyFans accounts is the stunning and gorgeous Marc Rose. With a body that simply will not quit and a package to match, this guy has the goods – and the talent to make him an internet sensation.

And what an internet sensation he is – Marc Rose will leave you breathless with his hard cock and his love of sex. From hardcore videos to sexy photos to online chats that will leave your balls drained and your dick hard, Marc has everything you could ever want, and it can all be yours for the cost of a subscription.

Subscribe to Marc Rose: https://onlyfans.com/marcrosexxx 


21.Mark Tanner

mark tanner

Mark Tanner is an accomplished chef in the kitchen, but he is even hotter in the bedroom. While our own oven was warming up for dinner, we took a few minutes to check out his page, and what we found was one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts we have ever seen. At that point we knew we simply had to include Mark Tanner on our list.

When he is not getting hot and steamy in the kitchen, Mark Tanner is heating up the sheets with another guy – or by himself. With a high sex drive and a love for exhibitionism and performing, Mark has all the elements needed to make himself an OnlyFans success, and that is exactly what he has done. Should you take our advice and sign up for a subscription we promise you will not leave disappointed – you will leave highly satisfied.

Subscribe to  Mark Tanner :https://onlyfans.com/marktanner200 

22. Levy Van Wilgen

The next entry on our list of the hottest gay OnlyFans guys is the great Levy Van Wilgen. Wth such a fancy name we were expecting a lot from this lad, and we were not disappointed. Once we got a look at his dick and his sexual prowess, we knew we had to include him on our list.

Levy Van Wilgen loves to engage with his fans and followers, and he strives to create an intimate atmosphere that is way better than ordinary online porn. If you are looking for something truly special on the internet, we invite you to sign up for his page and start chatting with this hot, hot guy today.

23. Yeferson Cossio


With his trademark sunglasses and his classic good looks, Yeferson Cossio could be mistaken for the guy next door. But we bet the guy next door is not engaging with his fans and followers the way Yef is – or showing off his amazing dick on camera.

The next entry on our list of the best gay OnlyFans models is truly amazing, and when  you see him in action you will quickly understand why we just had to include him on our list. Yef is fun and engaging, with a deeply tanned and toned body that simply won’t quit – and neither will you once you join him on the other end of the screen.

Subscribe to Yeferson Cossio: https://onlyfans.com/yefersoncossio 

24. Joseph De Sousa


As with so many others on our list of the top gay OnlyFans models, this next guy has made quite a name for himself on Instagram. And like so many others he has found that some of his content is just too steamy for that mainstream social media site. Luckily for you, and for his many fans and followers, Joseph De Sousa has saved his best XXX content for the OnlyFans platform, and now you can check it out.

From hardcore videos to softcore photos to everything in between, this hot guy clearly has it going on. He is the whole package, and he is sporting a package you will not soon forget. When he whips out his dick and gets going, you will be drooling with envy and anticipation, but Joseph will not leave you hanging – he will leave you highly satisfied but still ready to cum back for more.

Subscribe to Joseph De Sousa: https://onlyfans.com/jossdesousa 

25. Reno Gold 


They say all that glitters is not gold, but the people who invented that saying must not have seen the next entry on our list. The amazing Reno Gold is one of our personal favorites, and when we saw him we knew he deserved a prominent place on our list of top gay OnlyFans guys.

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, Reno Gold has clearly been doing something right, and now it is your turn to check him out. Reno posts super hot and hardcore photos and videos on a regular basis, so when you are done going through his back catalog you will have plenty of new stuff to look at and jerk off to. Just schedule plenty of alone time – you will want to explore Reno’s world again and again.

Subscribe to Reno Gold: https://onlyfans.com/renogold 

26. Ace Quinn


The ace is the highest and most versatile card in blackjack, so it is only fitting that our next gay OnlyFans model has adopted it as his screen name. The well named and undeniably gorgeous Ace Quinn loves to fuck, and he saves the biggest and girthiest cocks for his OnlyFans viewers and subscribers.

If you get off on watching a huge cock disappear into a hungry ass, you have clearly cum to the right place, and when you see Ace Quinn in action you will know why we simply had to put him on our list. If you want to see what this hot guy is up to, just hit him up – he loves private requests and prides himself on being very accommodating to his most avid and generous fans.

Subscribe to Ace Quinn: https://onlyfans.com/theacequinn

27. Diego Mineiro


The Latino community is well represented on the gay OnlyFans model platform, so it took us some time to pick out the best of the best, the hot Latin guys who will leave you breathless and have you rock hard in no time. After having a look around, however, we simply had to highlight the stunningly gorgeous Diego Mineiro, a guy who loves his job – and his viewers.

When your job is fucking, sucking and showing off your dick, it is easy to get excited, and Diego Mineiro clearly is. When you see that stunning cock up close your mouth will water with anticipation, but don’t cum too soon – you will need time to savor his body, his sexual prowess and that gorgeous (and huge) package.

Subscribe to  Diego Mineiro: https://onlyfans.com/diegomineiro_xl 

28. Yarik


When you are this hot you have no need for a second name, and that is truly the case with the one and only Yarik. This one named wonder has been taking the internet by storm,a nd when you see him fuck, suck and jerk off you will quickly see why we simply had to put him on our list.

It takes a special guy to make the list of best gay OnlyFans models, and this one clearly has it going on. With plenty of videos for your perusal and lots of new stuff being posted every week, Yarik will keep you up all night and satisfy your wettest and wildest erotic desires.

Subscribe to Yarik: https://onlyfans.com/yarik1 

29. Oliver Marce


The next guy we have to look at is Oliver Marce, a stunning man who will leave you breathless and wanting more and more. With so many videos on his page already and more showing up every day, this guy will give you plenty of bang for your subscription dollar, and when you see him in action you will quickly understand why we put him on our list.

Like many others on our list Oliver Marce loves to interact with his viewers on a personal basis, creating an intimate experience that will leave you satisfied and happy. His cock will have your mouth watering in no time, and you will love watching him suck and fuck his way to online glory.

Subscribe to Oliver Marce: https://onlyfans.com/oliver_m 

30. Austin X


The next hot guy on our list is the great Austin X. If you have any doubts about what the X stands for, you will soon put those doubts to rest – all it takes is a quick look around to see what this amazing gay OnlyFans model is all about.

Austin X is a master in the bedroom, and he is always happy to share his sexual adventures with his growing legsion of fans and followers. When you sign up for an account you will be happy you did – and you will surely be satisfied at what you find. Austin X loves it when guys watch with their boyfriends, so grab your sweetie, pull out your dick and get ready to have some fun.

31. D Luv

Next up for your viewing pleasure is the stunning D Luv. This hot gay OnlyFans model clearly enjoys his time on the platform, and he has wasted no time creating an array of videos and other content that is sure to get you hot and bothered.

Whether you are watching alone or with your boyfriend, you are going to have a great time. If you have some extra viewing time you can let D Luv tease and tantalize you, but if you want to get right to the point you can do that too. Either way you will sign off happy, drained and highly satisfied.

Subscribe to D Luv

32. Carlitos


You may remember the old gangster movie Carlitos Way, but this Carlito has something much hotter and much more NSFW to offer. In fact, this Carlito has saved his best content for his gay OnlyFans page, and he is proud of the content he has created along the way.

Like many others on our list of the best gay OnlyFans guys, Carlito is a big star on various social media sites. But not all of those sites allow him to post videos of him fucking and sucking his way to stardom, and that is where the OnlyFans platform comes in. In creating his account and stocking it with content, Carlitos saves his hottest and most rewarding clips for his viewers, so why not join in the fun and see what this fun loving guy has been up to?

Subscribe to Carlitos: https://onlyfans.com/carlitos17bcn 

33. Kayden Gray


The next entry on our list of the best gay OnlyFans accounts is the stunning Kayden Gray. From the tip of his nose to the bottom of his feet, this guy is the whole package, and he has a package that will leave you drooling.

Kayden Gray has a way with the camera, and he has filled his page with a stunning array of photos, videos and other content. Even better is the fact that Kayden loves to interact with his viewers, so hit him up, send him a text (or a sext) and see what he is up to?

Subscribe to Kayden Gray : https://onlyfans.com/kaydengrayxxx  

34. Aaron Carter

aaron carter

If you have been spending time on the internet, you probably expected us to include the undeniably hot Aaron Carter on our list, and we did not want to disappoint you. Aaron is proud of what he does, and he is clearly comfortable in his own skin, and he would love to have you watch.

Aaron loves to get off for the camera, and the only thing better than cumming is cumming for an audience. That is why this hot guy made our list, and why you should sign up for his page as quickly as possible. We can assure you satisfaction will ensue, so why not move your mouse and enjoy some quiet time with this hot guy?

Subscribe to  Aaron Carter: https://onlyfans.com/aaroncarter 

35. Palex


Next up on our list is the one named Palex, and when you get a look at what he has to offer we think you will agree that he is not in need of a second name. If youa re looking for a guy with rock hard abs and a rock hard cock to match, you simply must check out the stunning Palex.

With his classical good looks and his fun loving attitude, Palex has been taking the world of gay OnlyFans accounts by storm, and he clearly loves what he does for a living. We would too – who wouldn’t trade in their boring office job for a career of fucking, sucking and having fun?

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When you are looking for the best gay content on the internet, sometimes you just do not want to make a choice. Instead you want to check out some of the hottest guys the web has to offer, tops and bottoms, bears and twinks, daddys and sons and everything else your heart desires. For those moments we now present a catch-all page that is sure to harden your dick and leave you breathless in no time.

Last but certainly not least on our list of the 35 best gay OnlyFans accounts is the wonderful OnlyGuys Free Page. When you visit this site you will not see any pussies, but you will see lots of amazing anal action and a plethora of blowjobs you will not soon forget. And when y our check out this site and what it has to offer, you just might discover your next new favorite.

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That’s a Wrap on our Laudable List

If you’re still lusting for more after seeing the studs on this list, check out the top 20 hottest and best OnlyFans accounts this year for more arousing and erotic content from memorable men with members you won’t forget any time soon.

We can pretty much guarantee that any of the men on either of these lists are bound to rev your engine and get you from start to finish with their bodacious bodies and library of captivating content.

There’s somebody for everybody on OnlyFans, the website which boasts millions of creators of all shapes, sizes, and kinks.

As Mr. Tom Tom very confidently shows us, anybody can create an OnlyFans profile and strut their stuff on the platform, earning a following of fans who flock to and enjoy their content. Every body type and personality can be successful on the website.

If you’re feeling empowered to start your own OnlyFans profile and diversify the representation of men on the platform - and feel sexy by sharing your sexcapades and solo play with others - why not create your own account? You can be successful even without showing your face.

Even if you’re just doing it as an exhibitionist or for the fun and excitement of putting your sultry skills and homemade videos out there, you can make quite a bit of money on the side.

It is also a pretty safe bet to say that any parts of yourself that you may feel self-conscious about, one of your fans will find to be the sexiest and lustful thing that they have seen. It can be a confidence-booster, allow you to connect with new people (both fans and other creators) with an open mind, and you can have a lot of fun doing it.


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