Top 20 Best OnlyFans Couples With Hotwife, Cuckold & Couple Intimacy in 2024

With the advent of digital media and accessibility to porn, it’s no wonder that OnlyFans has become such a popular platform. With over 130 million users on the platform in just 5 years since it first launched, this extremely popular content-sharing website has become a haven for sex workers (and fans of these content creators) who share explicit content and make some extra money on the side (or, in some cases, turn it into a full-time job).

If you are still new to the platform, be sure to check out the best OnlyFans girls of 2024 that were hand-picked for their intrigue, the sultry and mouth-watering content they post, their total fan count, and how truly well-loved their pages are among those fans. It’s a great starting point if you’re looking to see the best of the best that OnlyFans has to offer.

If you’re ready to check out the sexiest couples on OnlyFans, whether they have a hotwife, cuckold, or intimate relationship, this list is the one for you. We’ve used our tried-and-true method to find truly the best content creators who have made a name for themselves on the platform and are adorned by fans because of the quality of their photos and videos, how often they post, and just how interactive they are.

Check out our approach below.

Best OnlyFans Couples: Featured This Month

How we methodically chose the best couples on OnlyFans

Scouring the website and utilizing a premium marketing tool, we found some well-loved couple accounts featuring a guy and a girl who had a healthy, happy, and horny relationship and a mutual love for sharing their sexcapades with the world through OnlyFans.

Comparing them against each other, we narrowed down our list to the top ten couple OnlyFans accounts based on their lengthy, libidinous library of content (often posted daily, and guaranteed to be super steamy), just how active they are, the quality of their posts, and how well-loved their content is.

We also chose a range of couples including MILFs, cuck husbands, fit babes, and alternative models to offer a variety of equally-tantalizing accounts to choose from. No matter what you’re into, these top 10 best couples OnlyFans were meticulously hand-selected to give you the best options to explore and enjoy.

Top 10 couple accounts to follow in 2024

1. Couples Thrill

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

This charming couple has a faceless but FREE OnlyFans page. The woman loves to share her body and ask just what fans would like to do to her, which she translates into videos with her partner where he covers her in a particular white substance. She happily shares this with her fans and uses it as an incredibly vivid teaser as a window into the full-length videos they film together.

Not only do they film together, but they will also occasionally get others involved to create female/female/male content and girl/girl videos, with new videos being uploaded every Monday and Thursday. They love threesomes and all fetishes of their fans, happily obliging to create custom content for anybody who is willing to pay for it.

Looking for more amazing content at a $0 price tag? Check out these 10 best free OnlyFans accounts to follow.

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2. Di and Nick

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

Nick and Di are a couple from the Midwest who love to get down and dirty, and share their relational connection along with their sexual connection with their fans. From casual posts to hardcore porn including doubling up on Di and naughty shenanigans from Nick, this OnlyFans couple has some extremely erotic content and an unparalleled connection.

While many people were laying low during the pandemic, these two were getting laid (and filming it all), resulting in an explosion of content that their fans have gobbled up. With over 6300 posts, Di and Nick have some of the best couples OnlyFans content out there. We’d highly recommend giving them a go, especially with their frequent sales, boasting an under $10 price.

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3. Ellie and Lou

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

Erotic Ellie and lusty Lou are an intimate, passionate, and highly erotic couple who indulge in the fantasies of their fans and show off what kind of intimate fun you can have in the bedroom, with many couples following them for inspiration and ways to spice things up.

Ellie shares her solo play with fans in private DMs, and loves to sext and chat with them. She loves to send naughty messages each day that will keep you aroused and ready to see all of the amazing content this couple has to offer of their time together in the bedroom. Ellie also likes to collaborate with other female content creators to offer her fans extra steamy videos that her partner is also a part of.

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4. Jade & Jake

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

Perhaps a play on words of the metalcore/rock band “A Day to Remember”, this alluring alternative couple goes by “A Couple to Remember” on their super hot OnlyFans page. If you love tatted guys and gals with an affinity for coloured hair, piercings, and NSFW cosplay, these alternative models are definitely the OnlyFans couple you should be following.

They share behind-the-scenes content including never-before-seen and uncensored content from their photoshoots, partial and full nudity so you can have your cake and eat it too, and content ranging from solo to duo and trio. With just about everything you could ask for in a tasteful and sexy OnlyFans page, Jade and Jake are truly A Couple to Remember - and follow.

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5. Yummy Couple

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

Aptly named, this delicious duo is a real married couple who love to film and make porn together. They share videos including POV and outdoor intercourse in a diary-style posting schedule on their OnlyFans page, as well as “cum training” that Lilly guarantees to work for their fans and full-length, 4K, HD videos.

They also share private and behind-the-scenes posts to their fans via DMs, and Lilly loves to chat with her fans in private messages. This salacious couple is truly gifted and share so much for their subscription price, with no extra PPV - everything is shared directly with all of their fans. With their 50% off seasonal sale, this is one of the hottest couples on OnlyFans and you do not want to pass up their page.

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6. Arabella De Rose

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

Astonishingly alluring Arabella De Rose is a 40-some naughty Scandinavian step-mom living in Australia. This scantily-clad Aussie MILF has the body of a young, fit babe and she adorns lustful lingerie in her photos and videos where she shares both her solo fun and the dirty deeds of her and her husband.

Arabella loves to strip down and get naked on the beautiful beaches of her home, as well as other naughty and risky places like a true voyeur. She shares daily pictures and videos with her fans (and sexts with them) that are tasteful, erotic, and totally amateur. Miss Arabella De Rose lives up to the feedback that her fans give her, calling her the hottest MILF they have ever seen and watched.

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7. Booty and the Beast

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

This electric couple wasn’t kidding when they came up with their name, “Booty and the Beast”. Miss Booty jiggles her way into the namesake with her plump posterior that Beast can’t get enough of, particularly when they film from behind. Speaking of which, this hunk of a man enjoys sharing his girlfriend with others when they film threesome tapes or when she engages in some girl-on-girl action.

This insatiably horny couple have true chemistry and love for each other, and love sharing their sexual adventures with their fans equally as much. With multiple daily uploads, 24/7 chatting, full-length videos and absolutely no pay walls on their page, Booty and the Beast are a dynamic and super steamy couple on OnlyFans with frequent sales and a very cheap subscription price. Don’t miss out on this hot couple.

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8. Jack and Jill’s Sexual Encounters

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

Another R-rated play-on-words coming from a G-rated series, Jack and Jill are a daring duo who have climbed up the hill to, not fetch a pail of water, but rather to find a third for their bedroom sexcapades. When you subscribe to Jack and Jill’s OnlyFans page, you will be greeted by a full-length threesome video in your direct messages.

With daily uploads, teasers of their sensual upcoming content, one-on-one private messaging, behind-the-scenes footage of their filming, discounted access to their exclusive playroom, and more, Jack and Jill’s Sexual Encounters boasts some pretty hot content of this blonde bombshell and her sexy partner.

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9. Shay Lust

A truly lustful MILF indeed, Shay is a hotwife with a husband who loves to spoil her by surprising her with other sexual partners that he is a cuckold to, filming Shay’s intimate interactions with others and loving it just as much as she does. With shredded abs and a muscular physique, Shay Lust is a fit-but-femme babe with a great set of breasts and quite an appetite for the arousing.

As if this husband and wife cuckold duo already could not be bested, their couples OnlyFans page is absolutely free to subscribe to with no limits on the content they post to their timeline. If you’re looking for a sexual thrill, experienced through a sexy blonde MILF and her husband (plus all of the other partners she plays with), look no further than this incredible (and undoubtedly popular) page.

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10. Cuckold Hotwife

10 Best Couples OnlyFans

A true hotwife, cuckold couple, their page features their wedding photo as their profile avatar, really giving us a real look into their life as an everyday married couple. This hot OnlyFans couple likes to pull back the curtain on that and share their exciting and very active, super spicy sex life with their fans. A couple of swingers based in the UK, this page is more than just OK.

Boasting a lot of fun sexual adventures complete with oral and sought-after squirting photos and videos, the Cuckold Hotwife truly lives up to her username as she enjoys other men while her husband not only watches, but films all of her enjoyment, which is just as exciting for him (and their fans). You don’t want to miss the super hot content of this lustful couple and their partners. For only $7.50 per month and over 1600 photos as soon as you subscribe (not to mention almost 200 videos as well), this is one of the best OnlyFans couples pages on the platform.

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But wait, there’s more

We hope you find your new favourite couple to watch on OnlyFans through this list, whether it be one of the marvelous married couples who love to share their intimacy with their fans (and sometimes share each other with other sexy co-stars), or one of the more ravenous, raunchy couples who have a very healthy sex life.

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