How Much Do Cam Girls Make? (2024 Cam Girl Salary Report)

Cam Girl Salary - How Much Do Cam Girls Make?


Want to know how much you could earn working as a webcam model? Use this calculator to find out!

2024 Webcam Model Salary Calculator


We conducted a survey of 655 actively-working webcam models between July - October 2022 and asked questions like: How much do you earn? Which cam site do you use? How long have you been webcam modeling for? How many hours per week do you spend camming?

The results are fascinating and we hope will provide helpful info for new cam models, people who are just getting back into camming, or anyone who's just curious about the latest data for the industry.

Special thanks to the community on the CamGirlProblems and SexWorkers subreddits for their contributions to the survey.

Without further ado, read on below to learn how much cam models make!

How Do Much Cam Girls Make in 2024?

The average webcam model earns $1,043 per week from an 18 hour work week. How much a cam girl makes varies based on the amount of experience a cam model has, how much time they dedicate to camming, which cam sites they use and a variety of other factors. The top-earning cam models in the United States earn as much as $6,000 per week, while beginner cam models can earn as little as $100 per week.

When we adjust for the different amounts of time each model dedicates to camming, the average cam model earns $58.77 per hour spent broadcasting. Hourly earnings for cam models vary widely as well, with top models raking in as much as $315.00 per hour, while the lowest-earning models average as little as $4.70 per hour.

Cam Girl Salary - Webcam Model Earnings By Years of Experience

Average Cam Girl Salary

The biggest driver of how much a cam model earns is their level of experience. Unsurprisingly, the more years of experience a model has, the more they tend to make.

New cam models with less than 1 year of experience make $804 per week on average, or $43 per hour. The most experienced models with 5+ years of camming under their belt earn nearly three times as much, raking in $2,875 per week or $103 per hour on average.

This is an encouraging result. If you're a new cam model and feel like you're struggling to earn as much as you'd like, you're not alone. Stick with it and know you'll get better and earn more over time!

How Much Time Cam Girls Spend Camming Per Week

Another major factor determining how much a webcam model makes is (again, unsurprisingly) that amount of time they dedicate to camming. 

While the average model cams for 18 hours per week and makes just over $1,000 from doing so, models who cam for 35+ hours per week typically make $2,500 per week or more. 

On the lower end, models who cam for 5 to 10 hours per week tend to make only around $350 per week.

One of the more powerful takeaways from this data is just how viable webcam modeling is as a full-time career. While most only cam part-time, the webcam models who treat it as a full-time profession make over $136,500 per year on average. That's nearly twice the median household income in the United States!


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How Much Do Cam Girls Make - Earnings By Time Spent Camming

Webcam Model Earnings Based On Hours Worked Per Week

 Hours Worked Earnings Per Week Earnings Per Month Earnings Per Year
5 hrs / wk $355
10 hrs / wk $787
15 hrs / wk $1,088
20 hrs / wk $1,200
25 hrs / wk
30 hrs / wk
35 hrs / wk
40+ hrs / wk


Which Cam Sites Pay Models The Most?

Based on our survey results, we found Chaturbate, Streamate and MyFreeCams to be the most popular choices for cam models, with Chaturbate accounting for nearly half of all respondents. 

That said, there were a total of 14 unique cam sites in the survey responses, and of those, 8 had significant enough usage for inclusion in the results.

Most Popular Cam Sites


When we analyzed the average earnings for models broadcasting on these top 8 cam sites, and adjusted for the amount of hours each model spends camming, we found the top-paying cam sites to be Streamate, Chaturbate, Xmodels and Stripchat -- all four of which came in with impressively high average hourly-adjusted earnings.

While Xmodels was the highest in average total earnings at $2,440 per week, on an hourly basis, Streamate comes out as the #1 choice, with average model earnings of $69 per hour.

Webcam Model Salaries

Job Title Hourly Pay Annual Salary
Streamate Webcam Model $69 / hr $143,520
Chaturbate Webcam Model $65 / hr $135,200
Xmodels Webcam Model $64 / hr $133,120
Stripchat Webcam Model $63 / hr $131,040
MyFreeCams Webcam Model $57 / hr $118,560
Camsoda Webcam Model $41 / hr $85,280
Cam4 Webcam Model $28 / hr $58,240
LiveJasmin Webcam Model $8 / hr $16,640

Highest Paying Cam Sites

Which Cam Sites Do Models Love The Most?

After collecting data about earnings, we asked models to comment on their level of satisfaction with their primary cam site. Models ranked their satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being extremely satisfied.

Surprisingly, our survey found Stripchat to be the most loved cam site, with models rating it 4.3 out of 5 stars on average.

Chaturbate, Xmodels and Streamate had solid ratings as well, all coming in with 4 stars or higher.

The most hated cam site (by a large margin) was LiveJasmin, with models rating it just 2.5 out of 5 stars on average. This make sense when we compare these results to the earnings data, as LiveJasmin was also the lowest-paying cam site.

With average earnings of just $8 per hour, LiveJasmin's effective model pay falls short of federal minimum wage standards in the United States.

Sorry LJ, we'll be recommending most models stay clear of you!

Most Loved Cam Sites


Average Salary For Different Broadcaster Types

The final analysis we'll be providing in this report is how earnings varies for webcam models based on the type of broadcaster they are (e.g. Female vs. Male vs. Trans vs. Couples).

Overall, we found that female broadcasters spent the most time camming, and earned the most per hour on average, resulting in female cam models earning nearly double what their male peers make. Female models earn $1,093 per week on average, or $61 per hour, while male models earn just $409 per week on average, or $33 per hour.

Trans broadcasters came in at #2, with earnings nearly as high as female broadcasters on average, at $940 per week and $50 per hour.

Based on our survey data, couples seem to spend less time camming than any other broadcaster type, and earn just $205 per week or $35 per hour on average.

Cam Model Earnings By Type - Male Female Couple Trans

Webcam Model Salary - In Summary

The average cam girl in the United States earns $136,500 per year when adjusted to a standard 40 hour work week schedule, though most cam girls earn less than this due to working only part-time. The top professional models earn as much as $6,000 per week, while beginner models can earn as little as $100 per week.

How much a webcam makes depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. Which cam site they use
  2. How many hours they work
  3. How long they've been camming for
  4. How good they are at entertaining their audience
  5. Ability to build loyal followers

Cam Girl Hourly Pay

Based on the survey results, most experienced cam models (with 3 yrs of experience or more) earn between $80 - $200 per hour. A cam girl with this level of experience can take home as much as $1,000 from a full 8-hour day. Most cam models choose to work less than a full 8-hour day on average though, so earnings for a typical cam model are more like $300 per day for 2-4 hours of work.

Beginner cam models (1 year of experience or less) earn between $40 - $50 per hour on average. Models with a medium level of experience (around 2 yrs) tend to earn roughly $60 - $70 per hour.

How Much Should I Expect To Make From Camming?

The amount of money you make will depend on various factors we covered above such as your experience, clientele, ability to charm your viewers, the type of broadcaster your are, and how much time you dedicate to broadcasting.

Like any job, as a webcam model you will experience ups and downs. In particular, you’ll experience it with income. Some days you'll be well-paid very quickly, and others you may only earn a few dollars for a long day's work (especially when starting out). The important thing is that you prepare yourself for the best and the worst.

Should you quit your job immediately and start working solely as a cam girl? Maybe, maybe not -- that decision is up to you. However, make sure you use all the free time you have to learn more about being a cam girl and how to use all of the tools and resources available to you.

Have a question about the survey results? Ask us in the comments! 


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How much do cam girls make per week?

Cam models who work full time (40+ hrs / wk) earn $2,625 / wk on average, or $136,500 per year for full-time work. Earnings increase a lot as a camgirl’s experience goes up (models with 5+ years experience have ~3x higher earnings than beginners on average).

Can I make $10,000 as a cam girl?

Realistically, you should expect to make anywhere from a few hundred to $1,000 on a good night as a cam girl, but on especially good nights you can earn as much as $10,000. Here are some tips to earn $10,000 in a short time: 1. Use multiple platforms like Xmodels and Chaturbate for streaming, and use OnlyFans and Fancentro (best tool make money from your snapchat) for subscription income. 2. Promote your Onlyfans and Fancentro accounts while camming. This is the best way to grow your followers fast. 3. Work more hours -- in addition to the obvious benefit of more time = more money, most cam sites have algorithms that will promote you to the top of the front page if you're one of the most active models in a given week.

Pro tip: check out these cam girl profile ideas to improve your earnings.

How can I earn $1000 a day as a webcam model?

The best cam models do indeed earn $1000 per day or more. These are dedicated models who cam full-time and treat camming as a serious profession. The secret is to build up a base of loyal followers and repeat customers, and to come online at regularly scheduled times so your fans know when they can expect you to be on. There are many other tips and tricks you will learn over time as you get more experience camming, from how you dress, to how you set up your camming space, to what you do in your shows, to additional products you sell for extra sources of income. These are all covered in our complete How To Become A Cam Girl Guide.

What's the best webcam for streaming?

While you can get away with using the built-in webcam on your Macbook or PC laptop, you'll typically do better with a professional webcam specifically designed for streaming. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best webcam for streaming, including cost, resolution, focus, zoom and compatibility with your computer. You can usually find a good webcam that will do the job in the $50 - $100 range on Amazon. The best webcam brands are Logitec and Razer.


Bonus: Fun Facts & Tips From Our Research Team

Success stories from the camming industry

Like any profession, webcam modeling has its rockstar earners and celebrity-level personalities. While doing the supporting research for this article, our team came across some nice examples of already publicly available success stories in the industry. Want to know how much some of these cam girls earn on the best camming sites?
  • Jessie Lee - $240,000 per year
  • Lola-Rose Curtis - $191,000 per year
  • Clara Joy - $96,000 per year
  • Jayme Jones - $66,000 per year
  • Cecilia Renee Morrell - $36,000 per year.

Similar to what we covered above, the main reason these numbers vary so much from person to person is due to working hours. Keep in mind that cam models rarely work a full eight-hour shift. The majority of them work four or five hours per day, and may not even work all the days of the week. Of course, becoming popular in the camming world will positively affect your income but as a beginner, it would be wiser to stick to the “more hours, more money” formula.

How Do You Earn Your First Paycheck?

In order to get paid, you will need to know the rules of your chosen cam site. Some of the best cam girl sites might seem too good to be true when you’re doing research, but that’s only because you may not have considered the commission rate. That is how the system works - you charge for a service you’ve provided on the website, and that website takes a commission for your service.

Usually, the commission ranges from 40 to 50%, but make sure to check that detail before signing up on a site. After all, it will have a tremendous impact on your earnings. Once a webcam girl signs up on a cam site, she is expected to set up her payment details. You should provide your bank account details or other payment details and ensure this method is approved by the website.

Once your account has been verified, you will be able to start your first live show and earn money. However, setting up your prices is vital before you dive into all of this. A good piece of advice would be to talk to or watch other camgirls to find out how much they charge and what works best for them.

How to Manage Your Income 

Prepare yourself for a wild ride! There is lots to expect once you start working as a cam girl, from the chance to earn an incredible amount of money, to being connected online for hours, and watching the number of your viewers rise. However, it’s important to know all the things you can do to protect yourself financially.

Don’t be a model who neglects her finances and then blames it on the industry because she wasn’t able to succeed. To help you make the most out of your income, make sure to follow our tips so you always have money in your bank account:

  • Have an emergency fund of at least 3 months of living expenses deposited into your savings account. 
  • Once you start earning a significant amount of money, think about consulting fund managers and invest in mutual funds. 
  • Track your expenses and determine your monthly budget. All the items you decide to purchase should be included in your budget, as well as your other costs.
  • Prepare a one-year financial calendar by setting realistic targets and goals. 

Another thing you should consider is expanding your services. Don’t limit yourself to just live shows and private shows on the website. Think about extra streams of revenue and create your own camgirl starter pack where you can offer various services to your audience. 

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Despite knowing the answer to “How much do cam girls make?” it’s difficult to determine the average income because it depends on the hours worked, time of day, platform, skills, appearance, target audience, etc. This means you shouldn’t compare yourself to other girls in the industry, especially at the beginning of your career. 

Stay true to your individuality, and if you want to learn something useful from experienced girls, it’s smart to ask them for advice and connect their performances to their income. Income is a consequence of your work and it shouldn’t be the first thing you think about. You’ll need to figure out many aspects of your performance before you even think about receiving big paychecks. 

Be objective and set personal goals. Decide how many hours you will work and on which days you will perform. Think about the maximum number of hours you can dedicate weekly to your new job. Don’t forget to include your preparation time, such as shopping for clothes, preparing your show, setting up your room, etc. 

Accept that things take time and do the best you can with the tools you have at your disposal. Learn and grow on your cam journey and make sure that if you want to make changes or improvements, write them down and incorporate them into your shows. Once you start earning, you may want to purchase items to contribute to your performances. Consider them an investment instead of a cost. Most importantly, have fun along the way. It’s a crazy ride, but it’s worth it!

For further into on the best cam sites, check out our sister site for their cam site review.

Have a question about the survey results? Ask us in the comments! 


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  • Are these results before or after commissions?

  • Are these results really accurate? Before or after commissions?

  • Unfortunately the results of a survey like this are skewed by the fact that it is only active cammers that have taken the survey. With tracking Australian accounts on CB I’ve found about 20% delete their profile or are banned and many others abandon it after awhile without deleting it. For example in the last year there were 829 Australian female and couples that broadcast but only 425 in the last 6 months, 203 in the last 2 months and 163 in the last month. The majority of them give up because they are not earning well as they expected to. In fairness some never put in a decent amount of time to get to earn better but that is not always the case. Having cammed consistantly for over 2 years I can say I never earned amounts near what you have posted. My best day earned around $400 but that was one day in 2.5 years and the next best was $300. Most days it was a struggle just to make $100. That was with camming almost every day several hours a day sometimes on two platforms at once.
    So once you factor in all the people that are not in the communities and all the people that gave up your statistics are only really showing successful cammers. That said the rate of successfull cammers based on my data is around 2%-3% of those that start.
    My data is only from the last 3 years, but involves models that started as far back as 2014. I may be missing data from some that started and ended before I saw them online which makes my figures optimistic. Of the deleted and banned profiles tracked, 30% of them were gone within 7 days of starting.
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    While cam models can be both feminist and college educated, you seem to have not made any real point with your comment.

    The reason women and AFAB people make more money in the sex industry than cis men do is because cis men collectively have more wealth than women and AFAB people, and therefore they have the additional money to spend on sex — which is, unfortunately, heterosexual sex typically.

    Wanna make more money as a cam model Anton? Start asking for equal pay in the traditional work place, and stop slut shaming, so women and AFAB folx have money and feel confident buying that hot boy ass on Chaturbate.

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