25 Best Celebrity & Famous OnlyFans Accounts

When it comes to providing engaging content directly to fans — OnlyFans doesn't discriminate. The popular adult content platform literally has something for everyone, which we love. No matter what kind of content you're looking for — you're bound to find it on OnlyFans.

Besides rising to fame for being the next best thing for empowering safer sex work, OnlyFans has also allowed content creators with no existing following to use their personal expertise to make, share, and get paid for a whole array of different kinds of creative content. Many creators have become "OnlyFans famous" thanks to the platform, but there's also a solid number of already famous OnlyFans creating cheeky content for their fans.

Celebrities with OnlyFans have lots of good reasons to be there. Some are looking for more personal ways to connect with fans. Some want to provide their fans with NSFW content — and we are here for it!

Many enjoy the creative and financial control that OnlyFans gives them — so they can be who they want to be for their fabulous fans. During the era of a pandemic, celebrity OnlyFans accounts also allow those celebs to keep working and connecting with their fans, regardless of the studio or set being open or not.

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The 25 Best Famous & Celebrity OnlyFans of 2024

1. Cardi B

Best Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

This woman kills it at everything she does. Let's be clear here. Cardi B is by no means using OnlyFans to show off her WAP, boobs, or butt and she's been straight with her fans about that from the get-go. Her OnlyFans is strictly for connecting on a more personal level with her followers and, in her words, share "just straight up real-life content sh*t". Even so, Cardi B's OnlyFans account is one of the highest earning and her subscription rate is affordable at $4.99 per month. She doesn't post often, but her fans love her and with good reason!

2. Rubi Rose

Best Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

Rubi Rose is an Atlanta-based rapper, songwriter, and model. She might only be 23 years old but she has already made a big splash in the music industry. The multi-talented artist first came on when she was featured in Migos' music video, "Bad and Boujee". Rubi has continued to make a name for herself in cameos from mainstream music videos, like Cardi B's, "WAP". She is also a rapper in her own right after releasing her first successful single in 2019, "Big Mouth". Lucky for all of us, she is now adding best OnlyFans model took her resume and her bio is a simple shushing emoji. We like her style! After offering a free subscription promotion, she coaxes us in to come find out if she is for the streets or …? Better hurry and subscribe while her promotion is still available! Her regular subscription rate is $16.99, which we can still get behind!

3. Safaree Samuels

Best Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

Safaree Samuels found fame as a rapper and by starring on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" and has since cultivated that fame by developing a substantial social media following. He announced his decision to join OnlyFans to his followers on Instagram. The subscription price for his page is a bit expensive, but we are sus that whatever is behind that paywall is well worth the price. In his own words: "Welcome to the World of Safaree. Every night @ 9 pm EST join me for AfterDarkTALK! No CAMERAS ALLOWED..". See ya'll after dark!


4. Pia Mia

Best Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

Pia Mia is branching out from her music industry roots to share some sexy lingerie shots on her OnlyFans. She lives up to her Princess title. You'll find cute photos of Pia Mia in tiny bikinis and other barely there ensembles. Her OnlyFans bio keeps it simple, teasing fans to come play. Her page is free to subscribe, so why not?


5. Austin Mahone

Best Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

The pop singer, who was discovered on his YouTube channel where he performed covers and is best known for 2013's "What About Love", explained his decision to join OnlyFans as a desire to connect with his fans without limitations. Austin feels that he is now at an age and place in his career where he is ready to be more open and honest with his followers than he has been on other social media platforms, and OnlyFans is just the platform to do it on. He might be a bit shy at first, but he's slowly coming out of his shell...and his clothing. Best of all — his page has a free subscription.


6. Bhad Bhabie

Best Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

Originally known for her outlandish appearance on Dr. Phil, Bhad Bhabie is one of the youngest celebrities to launch an OnlyFans, just one week after her 18th birthday. The rapper currently charges $23.99 to subscribe to her page, but she hints at a LOT of racy content, so depending on what you're looking for, her price might be worth it to you. Her posts get thousands of likes and she is one of the highest OnlyFans earners, so she's doing something right! If she created such a buzz on Dr. Phil, who knows what's going to happen behind that paywall! Things are going to get wild.


7. Aaron CarterBest Music Industry Celebrity OnlyFans

We'll be honest. Aaron Carter is on here for all the 90's babies who grew up wishing he was their boyfriend. The 00's pop singer launched his OnlyFans along with COVID-19 in March 2020. He initially changed a lot for his Pay-Per-View content, but quickly received annoyed reviews that his content was not worth the hefty price tag. His monthly subscription is currently $15 and he promises NSFW content. Who knows? Maybe the $15 is worth it and pop stars from the 2000's get better with age? We're willing to find out. 


8. Bella Thorne

Best Movie and TV Celebrities OnlyFans
Controversy seems to be a thorn in Bella's side wherever she goes, and OnlyFans is no different. The pansexual former Disney actress did so well when she first joined OnlyFans — making $1 million in 24 hours and charging $200 for PPV pictures — that the platform changed its policy to cap PPV content at $50, which negatively affected the amount that sex workers and smaller content creators could earn. Bella apologized for this on Twitter, explaining that her intention was to help normalize sex work, not to take away from those who rely on it to make a living. Her page is free to subscribe and she posts free selfies and videos and will share sultrier content behind a paywall.


9. Tyler Posey

Best Movie and TV Celebrities OnlyFans

This one is for the fan's of Teen Wolf and STARZ's Now Apocalypse. Tyler Posey loves a good shirtless selfie pose for Instagram. Now he's stepping things up on OnlyFans. He plans to use OnlyFans as a way to connect more closely with his fans and to collaborate with his friends to bring unique content and a fun experience to his followers. His subscription price is $5 a month and he posts a variety of content that all appears to be SFW, but unique to OnlyFans from his other social media. Tyler also uses his OnlyFans to raise money for charity, most recently raising $24K for awareness of bullying and cyberbullying. Be still, our hearts!


10. Shea Couleé

Best Movie and TV Celebrities OnlyFans

Shea Couleé is well known as a Hall of Famer from Drag Race and the winner of All Stars 5. She joined OnlyFans to provide her loyal followers with behind-the-scenes content that is exclusive to OF. Shea promises to post photo shoots, videos, and live makeup tutorials on her OnlyFans. Her page is $4.99 to subscribe and she is all about sharing her love and appreciation for her fans. In the wise words of Ru Paul: “When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.” We can't think of a better description of what OnlyFans is all about!


11. Megan Barton-Hanson

Best Movie and TV Celebrities OnlyFans

Megan's content is fire from the start. Her profile and banner pics alone will have you sold on her $24.99 per month subscription price. The Love Island star has pivoted seamlessly into becoming a model — both on and off OnlyFans. Her bio lures us in with the promise of exclusive content showing her doing what she loves most! Taking sexy photos in lingerie with amazing photographers. Sign us up!


12. Erica Mena

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

Erica Mena's subscription price is steep at $25.99, but she does offer bundle deals. And if her bomb profile pic is anything to go off of, her paywall content is going to be well worth the cost. The Love & Hip Hop star, and recently separated wife of Safaree Samuels, invites fans to be a fly on her wall in her OnlyFans bio: "We about to get personal".


13. Daniel Newman

Best Movie and TV Celebrities OnlyFansDaniel is well known for his role on Walking Dead, but he is very much alive on his OnlyFans page. The bisexual actor decided to give his fans a late Christmas present at the end of 2020 and created an OnlyFans page where he shares exclusive content and promises to reply to DMs with tips. While he is using OF as a form of income — no hate from us — he also uses the platform to collect donations of items for the unhoused and other thoughtful social justice endeavors.

14. Black Chyna

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

Black Chyna was born to be a content creator. So guess who is rocking the OF earners chart? No surprise here. The model and influencer's content is good enough to charge $19.99 a month without complaints. She offers themed days and some very sexy NSFW content. Foot Freaks on Monday anyone?


15. Jordyn Woods

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

Jordyn Woods is proof that not all OnlyFans content has to be NSFW to make money. Her page is free to subscribe and then she offers PPV content to her fans via their inboxes. Jordyn focuses her content on sweet and sexy things like yoga poses, photoshoots, and autographed photos. She is proof that more than just sex sells, earning over $250 in tips for photos of her beautiful smile.


16. Lottie Moss

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

Lottie Moss, the younger sister of Kate Moss, joined OnlyFans to have more autonomy over how and what she earns. The model's page is free to subscribe with explicit PPV content. Fans who tip $200 will become one of her VIPs and are promised custom content requests, unlimited free chats, exclusive posts and PPV messages, exclusive weekly PPV Lives, and pantie purchases. Yep, that's right. Lottie's got OF on lock and is taking it to the next level.


17. Shanna Moakler

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

Shanna, AKA former Miss USA, joined OnlyFans to share content with her followers that isn't anywhere else. Subscribe to the model's page for free and then enjoy paid content. Most of all, Shanna is here to chat with her fans and get to know them better. What are we waiting for?


18. Amber Rose

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

Amber Rose is a feminist and she wants you to know it. There's no room for slut-shaming in her world, which is why she joined OnlyFans. She focuses on body positivity and posting confident NSFW photos. Amber believes in flaunting what you've got and never apologizing for being you. Her subscription rate is $9.99. If you're a fan of redheads, quality photography, and nudes….look no further.


19. Jem Wolfie

Best Famous Models on OnlyFans

This Australian goddess is fed up with the restrictions other social media put on what she can post. For $9.99 (or less when she has a promotion!) you can subscribe for exclusive, explicit content from Jem. Her profile and banner photos will tell you all you need to know about what to expect after you subscribe. If you love Jem Wolfie or you lust after the two B's, you'll enjoy her OF.


20. Mia Khalifa

Best Famous Influencers on OnlyFans

The Lebanese-American webcam model and influencer is one of Pornhub's biggest successes. Mia has shifted to OnlyFans as her platform of choice and her bio informs fans that it is the only place you'll currently find content she has consented to posting. Her posts are spicy, but safe for work. Mia has one rule: behave. No trolls in the DMs please!


21. Tana Mongeau

Best Famous Influencers on OnlyFans

Where Bella Thorne goes, Tana Mongeau is likely to be! OnlyFans is no exception. The pansexual influencer describes her OF as "the only place I'm allowed to get naked and crazy". Subscribe for free, then tip or PPV your way to exclusively explicit content! $200 tips get you into her VIP club, where you can enjoy unlimited messaging and access to the uncensored Tana. If $200 is too much, you can still enjoy the "censored" Tana with more underboob than her other social media.


22. Bec Rawlings

Best MMA OnlyFans

The Australian MMA fighter shares some very sexy photos with MMA flare on her OnlyFans page. During the pandemic shutdown, when professional fighting was a no-go, many MMA fighters turned to OnlyFans as another way to earn a living. Lucky for us, many of them are here to stay! Bec promises to show us how she is a bad b*tch errr day! Fans can subscribe to her OF for $10 per month.


23. Tai Emery

Best MMA OnlyFans

Tai has our attention as soon as we see her banner photo, where she is wearing boxing hand wraps. Just hand wraps. She promotes beauty (titties) and violence (bare knuckle fighting) as two things that go together like PB & J. For $10 a month fans can find out how she will promote those two things in her OnlyFans content.


24. Cindy Dandois

Best MMA OnlyFans

Cindy is a pro-fighter and teacher from Belgium. And an OnlyFans model who boasts some very hot and artistic lingerie photos. This woman does it all! Her regular subscription price is $15.99, but she makes a habit of offering BIG promotional discounts. Her bio tells fans that she's ready to get to know them better — so are we!


25. Arianny Celeste

Best UFC Ring Girl on OnlyFans

Arianny is a woman of many talents. While she isn't an MMA fighter (and she will tell you herself that she is a lover, not a fighter), she is one of the top UFC Ring Girls. She's also a TV personality and host, a model, a mother, and more. You can subscribe to her OnlyFans for $9.99 a month and get to know her — intimately.


BONUS: Best Celeb OnlyFans Coming Soon?

A good tease can really spice things up. Two celebrities provided some much needed pandemic relief by teasing us with the possibility of an upcoming OnlyFans in their future. Before you dive into your nearest gutter, their proposed content is all SFW — or as safe for work as Madonna has ever felt the need to be. So, Madonna is obviously one of these two teasers. Which other celeb has teased a future OnlyFans? Michael B. Jordan. Pretty sure the B stands for Bae. And if you didn't love him enough already — he plans to join OnlyFans for charity work!

Michael B. Jordan

Not only is he our favourite pretend NFLer, sexy Black Panther supervillain, Creed, and so much more, Michael B. Jordan was named the 2020 People's Sexiest Man Alive. If you've perused his social media, you'll be well acquainted with his thirst traps — so a celebrity OnlyFans seems like a logical next step.

In November 2020, he told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview that he was thinking about creating an OnlyFans for his moustache. Yes — you read that right. His moustache, which was conceived during quarantine, is named Murphy (Murphy for short). Michael B. Jordan said he planned to create an OnlyFans where things were going to get wild with his moustache and that the proceeds from his OnlyFans will help to fund a barber school. We'll be here waiting for the launch of your OF, Michael Bae Jordan. We'll be here


In March 2020 Madonna posted a video to Instagram teasing that if nobody wanted to buy her upcoming show documentary for the Madame X Tour, she thought it would be perfect for OnlyFans. As of yet, she hasn't joined OnlyFans, but we can be patient for the Queen of Pop. Or at least we can respectfully wait impatiently. Our favourite Material Girl keeps shattering the glass ceiling of the entertainment industry and challenging the patriarchy-imposed views on what "aging gracefully" means. And we are HERE FOR IT!

How Did We Choose The Best Celeb OnlyFans?

We kept it simple. You're not here for algebra. Our choice OnlyFans celebrities meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • They are a top earner on OnlyFans.
  • They strive to make themselves more accessible to their fans through OnlyFans.
  • Their OnlyFans content is downright drool-worthy.
  • They've already made a name for themselves pre-OnlyFans in the worlds of music, movies and TV, modeling, social media influencers, and/or sports.

You'll find a whole range of celebs with OnlyFans on this list. It's by no means an exhaustive list, but — damn, Gina — it'll get that heartbeat going like a super bass. These celebs are fly as f***.



Since OnlyFans came onto the scene it has provided a much needed new way for adult content creators to more safely sell their NSFW content, protected by a paywall. As mainstream and internet celebrities join the OnlyFans craze, we are excited to see the different types of content famous OnlyFans will share with their fans. So far it seems to be a mixed bag: some celebrities are taking the opportunity to make Prince proud by showing their true Sexy MF selves. Others are using their OnlyFans page to connect on a more personal level with their fans. We can't wait to see which new celebrities OnlyFans manages to snag and what kind of content those celebs will share with us!

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