What is a Webcam Model, Cam Girl or Camgirl and What is Camming?

With so many people looking for a new or extra stream of income they can earn from home, a camgirl is an increasingly attractive prospect for ladies who are confident in their bodies and personalities and want to increase their earnings. But for many who aren’t familiar with the industry, this begs the question, what is a camgirl? How does a cam girl earn that much money? And just how much can you make by camming? 

What is a Cam Girl or Webcam Model?

If you take a look at the most basic of definitions, a camgirl is a term that’s used to describe a woman who’s featured on webcams. They’re also known as a webcam girl or a cam model, and the job they do is either called camming, web camming, or even sometimes webcam modeling. To put it simply, a camgirl is a woman that works on a webcam.

Camming or cam modeling is a term that’s usually reserved just for this industry, and some people will know it as broadcasting. It’s pretty simple to understand, because that’s all a camgirl does – broadcast herself on the internet for her viewers to enjoy.

How Does a Web Cam Model Earn That Much?

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is a cam model,” the next burning question that many may have is, “How do they make that much money?” Is web camming truly a lucrative career? Well, the answer is usually yes, because if you’re good at it, there’s immense potential for cam models to make a lot of money.

A large part of working as a web cam girl is being entertaining. You don’t really need to do anything special, as in most cases it’s enough to be yourself, enjoy your time and have fun with your viewers. There are some camgirls that will entertain by teasing or dancing, others do so by just chatting. It’s a matter of being comfortable and engaging your viewers in order to turn them into paying customers.

As a webcams girl, the better you read your audience, the better you cater to their needs and the more you’ll make. We’ll get to the numbers in a second, but making a hefty income is definitely possible in many circumstances. 

What Do You Need to Become a Webcamgirl?

First and foremost, you’ll need to feel comfortable in your own skin. As a camgirl, you’re putting yourself on display for viewers from all around the world to see, and many of them will instantly notice if you aren’t all that relaxed and comfortable. And since you’ll be living (with most cammodel websites, at least) off your viewers’ tips, being uncomfortable will result in you losing money.

Thus, you’ll need a bit of patience. There is no shortage of camgirl websites that are oriented towards beginners that are just starting out. Although people earn less income on them, you also can’t expect to make thousands of dollars on your first day as a camgirl

If you are patient, however, and don’t mind investing a bit of time and effort in order to make this work, your income will start rising rapidly. You’ll find yourself dedicating a lot more time to being online, and you’ll start to feel more confident. Remember when we said your performance was key? This just gets better with time.

Next, you’ll need a basic setup to start with. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on an elaborate setup with high-end cams and displays when you’re first starting out. You could go as basic as just using your laptop’s built-in camera and work from the comfort of your own bed. Of course, you do need to make sure the area where you do your camming is well lit, but that’s about it. As you progress, you can invest in a higher quality webcam, better lighting, and even accessories and toys that your viewers suggest – it’s an easy way to earn more tips.

And last but not least, you’ll need to create your online persona and sign up to one (or multiple) camming sites. In order not to confuse your viewers and fans, you want to pick a name that’s memorable and cool, but one that’s not being used by another camgirl. Whether you go for something simple or something more risque, is completely up to you. Use that name to sign up on the webcam sites of your choice, and start camming!

What About Privacy Concerns?

This is a valid question, especially if this isn’t your main job and you’d rather keep this side of your life private. With a lot of companies and industries being a little less than open-minded about camgirl work, it’s easy to see why a lot of models would rather keep things to themselves.

The thing is, most of the websites you’d be modeling on offer extensive privacy settings that you can adjust and modify to your heart’s content. You can set things up so your streams are only available in certain areas across the world. Or, you can set them up so they’re invisible for people in your hometown and the surrounding area. There is a lot of versatility here, and you can pick and choose as you wish.

This allows for an interesting combination of a cam modeling job that’s public for a lot of people to see and enjoy, while still being private enough so that people you don’t want seeing your page don’t come across it.

On to the Big Thing – Earnings as a Camgirl

This is probably the key reason why so many women get into working as a camgirl - the earnings can be great. There are models that make upwards of $1 million per year, which is thousands of dollars per day. The key is to remember that you won’t be earning that much when you start, but as you progress and grow your viewership, your income has incredible potential to continue rising! 


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