Chapter 1: How To Choose The Best Cam Site to Work For

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To become a top cam girl, you will need much more than your computer and a good webcam. More often, the factor affecting your success the most is the cam site you choose to work for. You will have to choose a good cam site that will grant you the desired benefits - a satisfying income, wider audience, and security.

To choose the best cam site, you will first need to determine what is important to you. Some girls will look for a low cam site commission or will only want to work on highly secure platforms with a lot of transparency, while others will be drawn to the most popular websites, such as Chaturbate, without even considering alternative solutions.

That’s why we’ve decided to gather all the information to help you make the most of your cam girl experience and show you how to use all the opportunities these sites offer for their members.

How do I choose the Best Cam Girl Site?

You should never choose a cam site without exploring all the options out there. What is the right cam category for you? Will that category provide the webcam modeling experience you hope to have in the near future? Let’s take a look at the two primary forms of cam sites and the features they offer. 

Token Sites

By signing up on a token website, such as Chaturbate or MyFreeCams, you will be expected to entertain an audience in front of your webcam and perform while your fans interact with you and tip you with tokens. Although these sites have private and group options, meaning only one person or a small number of the audience can see you, your primary form of income will likely be through public tips. 

Token-site girls will be more personality-based and will lean towards a more mixed interaction - chatting and performance. When comparing token sites with private ones, income for cam girls is usually higher, especially for those who become successful through a niche or their personality and performance. It also needs to be emphasized that token sites will require more intensive work and may be more stressful for beginners. 

Private Sites

If you decide to sign up on one of the private sites, such as Streamate or Live Jasmin, expect a platform that operates much differently. There, you will have to present yourself, be chosen by somebody, and then that person will take you into a private room at a fixed rate. As mentioned above, private sites are usually less stressful than token sites because your main objective is getting someone to take you private which can stabilize your income.

This also means that private sites may not earn you money as much as, for instance, Chaturbate would. One of the main characteristics of private sites is that the emphasis is not placed as much on the cam girl’s personality, so if you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to socialize as much, you should consider signing up on a private webcam site.

PRO TIP: For the beginning of your webcam modeling career, use private sites to learn and determine what you want to offer people looking for these services. Once you feel more comfortable in your role, you can switch to token sites and start making more money!

How Things Work on Cam Sites

When going through the list of cam girl sites, you need to keep the commission rate in mind. Don’t be too easily seduced when you see a website offering you an unreal amount of money because most of the time this means their commission is quite high, sometimes even up to 50%. So, how do you choose the right site?

Let’s be clear, one style doesn’t fit all. That’s why you will have to decide what is relevant to you and how you want to build your cam modeling career. To give you an idea of how things work on the majority of cam sites, we’ll provide you with information about the two most popular webcam sites - Chaturbate and Myfreecams. 

Ranking on Chaturbate is determined by the number of people in your room relative to the time you have spent online. However, you will not experience any long-term consequences on your rank when you have low-earning days as ranking is only conducted daily for those who are online. On MyFreeCams, girls performing on their webcams will experience more pressure, as their rank is determined by their income per hour over the past 60 days. So, if you are not earning money, your rank will fall, which will prevent you from earning a higher hourly income. 

Neither of the sites above has to be the one you sign up to. That’s why we have prepared a thorough Top 10 list where you can find the best cam sites that suit your interests and objectives.

How Cam Girls Get Paid

After finding the best cam site for you, the next question you’ll probably ask is, “How will I get paid?” Knowing that commission on these sites can be high, you might have the idea to use other methods for external income. In reality, this type of payment may only make up a small percentage of overall earnings for the majority of your cam modeling career. The main reason for this is the cam sites often ban mentions of any type of external payment, but those who capitalize on promotion using social media like Twitter can become successful.

Cam websites will incentivize tipping through the site through immediate feedback options to prevent girls from earning their money off-site, but if you’re eager to find methods of external income, you should consider options such as clip sites, gift cards, and encouraging fans to purchase gifts for you off wishlists. 

When thinking about how to become a cam girl, take at least a week or two for your research and planning. Blindly signing up on a website without checking if it has the feature you are looking to use to build your career might terminate it before it even starts. 

Never Settle

If you’re already active on one of the cam model sites, keep in mind that you can always stop working on that site and sign up on a different one. There are various reasons why cam models might not be satisfied with the platform they chose to work on. For instance, the number of members on the site may be low and therefore you can’t earn an income that is sufficient for you. Another reason could be that you are unable to improve your rank even if you work extra hours and perform at your best, or, you find the features and format of another site more appealing.

Besides being stuck on a website you don’t enjoy working on, you should never settle when it comes to your income either. Models with experience on webcams can make more money if they spend a little time thinking about additional services they can offer to the members of their audience. 

Once your personality is recognized and you start gaining fans that regularly visit your page, it will be easier to recognize what your audience likes and the methods you can use to deliver it to them, and consequently make more money. 

Start Right Away

If you’ve done your homework and you’re ready to become a cam model, sign up on one of the best cam sites and start earning your first paycheck. Your income will likely not be as high as you want it to be (unless you’re lucky!), but keep in mind that you are just starting out and you will need some time to start running your cam page like a boss, princess, or whatever your cam girl persona may be! 

To help you get started, we’ve gathered some advice from experienced cam models. Grab a pen and write them down, we know you’ll need them!

  • Your income will not be stable, especially in the beginning. Try to set a monthly goal for your first few months that is significantly lower than the ones you will aim for after that period. 
  • Treat your initial experiences as learning lessons. You are still getting to know the industry and you have the right to make a mistake and change your mind if you don’t like something.
  • Always look for information about commission before signing up on a website. Everything might look perfect at first, but not understanding how much money you will actually make is a common problem for most camgirl beginners. 
  • Try to avoid revealing your personal information, especially when you are first starting out. Once you feel more comfortable with your fans, you can decide what you want to share with them and to what degree. 


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