12 Models Featuring The Best Asses On OnlyFans in 2024

As the band Queen so famously sang, “Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round,” and we can’t imagine a better analogy than those wonderful words of tribute for the beautiful models we discovered rocking the best asses on OnlyFans.

The gorgeous girls who made our top best ass on OnlyFans list for their round, firm, peachy, bouncy buttocks can best be described as jaw-dropping, especially while walking away or twerking!

We barely scratched the surface of these best big ass OnlyFans girls, so make sure to check back for more, but in the meanwhile, enjoy these bodacious babes in all their wonder.

Top Big Ass OnlyFans Girls - Best Asses on OnlyFans

Big Ass OnlyFans Girls - Best Ass Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Big Booty OnlyFans Accounts With Big Ass Only Fans Content

1. Poppy — Best Big Ass OnlyFans College Cutie



  • 103 videos

  • 442 photos

  • $3.75 for 30 days

  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Poppy:

Meet Poppy, a big ass OnlyFans girl who loves to do yoga wearing nothing but a pair of tiny thong panties and a T-shirt — let’s just say her downward dog is a real eye-opener!

One of the best big booty OnlyFans creatives, Poppy enjoys lots of personal interaction with her subscribers, including intimate one-on-one chats, private phone, and video calls, and exclusive updates and fun stories about her day-to-day life as an open-minded college girl exploring campus life through the lens of her newly discovered sexuality.

Poppy loves to show off her beautiful bottom in steamy photos and videos on her page, which so far only features explicit solo performances, but she’s hoping to introduce some playmates very soon to help add to her already hot content.

Poppy’s daily posts include toy play and full-length self-gratification videos. Of course, custom requests are always welcome, so let your imagination run wild!

2. Ely La Bella — Largest Best Big Booty OnlyFans Girl



  • 257 videos

  • 836 photos

  • $4.16 for 30 days

  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Ely La Bella:

If it wasn’t for the fact Ely is so young, we’d be convinced Sir Mix-a-Lot was singing about this best big booty OnlyFans model when he rapped, “I like big butts, and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung…” Because Ely boasts a very itty-bitty waist, with a big round ass that will have you straining your neck to take a second look at.

But it’s not just her massive bubble butt that will have you looking twice; it’s also the content she offers on her best ass OnlyFans page, which includes some pretty steamy stuff, including explicit multiplayer experiences, fetish-friendly encounters, sexy solo performances, and of course, lots of bawdy bum fun.

Bring your beach towel, ‘cause it’s getting hot in here!

3. Luma Kardashian VIP — Biggest Brazilian Ass



  • 468 videos

  • 102 photos

  • $40

  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Luma Kardashian:

Luma Kardashian is a curvy Brazilian with one of the best asses on OnlyFans, who truly wants to be your long-distance girlfriend. In fact, subscribers to her OnlyFans page can contact Luma directly through her personal WhatsApp.

Luma loves to build close, intimate relationships with her followers to the point she mentors some of her shy fans by offering advice and tips on how to meet potential mates from a woman’s perspective. This beautiful brunette says her goal is to help fans unlock their full potential. Friendzone aside, Luma’s big, round bottom is all-natural and what dreams are made of.

Luma also has a free big ass OnlyFans girls page, where fans have access to some of her provocative photos and videos and are also able to drop her a DM as the first step in getting to know her.

4. Allie Blossom — Most Petite Model With Best Ass on OnlyFans



  • 322 videos

  • 1,500 photos

  • $3.03 for 30 days

  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Allie Blossom:

Looking at Allie head-on, you’d be confused as to how this slim, petite brunette could qualify as one of the best, big ass OnlyFans girls, but ask her to do a slow, 360-degree turn and, once you’ve picked your jaw back up off the floor, you’ll see how very deserving she is of this accolade.

This Italian beauty has long, dark hair, big brown eyes, and just enough carefully placed tattoos to draw your attention to all of the right places. Subscribers can see her sensuous body art in all of its gorgeous glory while Allie lays herself bare while experiencing passionate pleasure with both men and women.

Allie also loves to pleasure herself with the camera and offers custom content priced by request details and time. From the look of this best ass OnlyFans model, we’re guessing Allie is sure to be worth every penny!

5. Island Goddess 777 — Most Explicit Big Ass OnlyFans Girl



  • 276 videos

  • 421 photos

  • $6.75 for 30 days

  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Island Goddess 777:

While Island Goddess boasts thick thighs and a big booty, the fact that she’s a fitness model means her body is so perfectly firm — but not too firm — this best big booty OnlyFans model looks like a sculpture carved out of rare and expensive ebony wood! Her tiny waist looks even smaller, set against her strong thighs and luscious bubble butt, especially when they’re encased in lycra workout shorts or lacy lingerie.

Subscribers to this best big ass OnlyFans model should be prepared to see some of the most explicit content available, including close-up videos of some pretty wet and wild action! Island Goddess regularly posts a variety of spicy content, featuring everything from solo performances with toys to striptease dances to passionate experiences with men.

Island Goddess also wants to be your long-distance girlfriend and likes getting to know her fans through sexting. She’s also one of the big ass OnlyFans girls who enjoys making custom content — just for you.

6. Elbereth 123 — Best Free Big Ass OnlyFans Virgin



  • 260 videos

  • 761 photos

  • Top 5%

  • Free

Where to Follow:

About Elbereth:

Elbereth is a webcam model who ranks in the top 5% of OnlyFans content creators, which may have something to do with the fact that not only does she have one of the best asses on OnlyFans, she’s also a virgin. Gasp!

Elbereth has an all-natural, curvy body with a bodacious bust, so she is just as impressive on top as she is on her very round, very firm bottom.

Despite the fact Elbereth doesn’t have any actual sexual experience, she is very erotic, sensual, and sexy. She’s also into role-playing and loves to sext and chat about all things naughty!

Elbereth has the look of an innocent girl next door, which you can see for yourself during live video calls and her custom content. Elbereth has a free big ass OnlyFans account you’ll want to check out to see what all the hot hype is about.

7. Carli — Best Big Booty OnlyFans All Natural Model



  • 69 videos

  • 574 photos

  • $3 for 30 days

  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Carli:

The fact that Carli is so very beautiful — and has one of the very best asses on OnlyFans — forced us to do a deep dive to make sure she was a real woman before adding her to our “best-of” list. And, happily, we can confirm she’s real, and she’s spectacular!

Carli is an all-natural blonde bombshell with an hourglass figure so curvy you’ll forget all about the time. Fetish-friendly, Carli’s explicit content shows just how open-minded she is, especially when she’s creating spicy videos of her passionate experiences with hot boys and men.

This best big ass OnlyFans girl posts daily, offers free live shows too naughty to miss, and loves to pleasure herself in front of the camera. Throw in 24/7 sexting and chatting, and you’ve got yourself one very special best ass on OnlyFans model!

8. Busty Kimiko — Prettiest Tattoos On A Big Ass OnlyFans Girl



  • 17 videos

  • 204 photos

  • Tattoos

  • Free

Where to Follow:

About Busty Kimiko:

Kimiko is half-Asian, which she believes allows her the best of both worlds. It’s true because one look and it’s obvious this big ass free OnlyFans girl has a lot going on, including what she describes as a “huge booty.”

Kimiko’s milky white skin plays the perfect backdrop to her intricate body art, including delicate flowers that wind their way across her torso and arms, while her big bust balances out her soft, curvy body and large, firm butt.

Subscribers are in for a treat because Kimiko likes to sext naughty messages to her fans, describing her intimate moments and pleasurable toy time. Of course, they can also see her sexy, solo performances in the steamy videos and photos she posts on her page. But this free big ass OnlyFans model also plays well with others and shares those passionate experiences with fans as well.

9. Jessica Brooke — Most 420-Friendly Best Ass Onlyfans Model



  • 63 videos

  • 501 photos

  • Free

  • VIP page

Where to Follow:

About Jessica Brooke:

Welcome to Jessica’s world, where this 420-friendly model has won accolades for her curvy body, including best breasts and best ass on OnlyFans.

Jessica’s pretty size-seven feet also gain her a lot of attention, especially while she’s modeling sexy stockings and socks. Her free big ass OnlyFans account also features videos of Jessica’s intimate moments while pleasuring herself and some not-so-intimate moments when she lets a machine do the pleasuring!

Jessica has both a free and VIP page, which you’ll want to check out for some eye-opening videos and photos that are definitely not safe for work!

Subscribers to Jessica’s pages have access to plenty of provocative photos featuring her nude or modeling barely there lingerie, as well as custom content by request. Jessica offers an authentic girlfriend experience with stoners welcome, so what are you waiting for. Put down that bong, and go check her out!

10. Latin Lil Kitten — Most Demanding Best Ass OnlyFans Dominatrix



  • 11 videos

  • 57 photos

  • Free

Where to Follow:

About Latin Lil Kitten:

Kitten is a fiery redhead who isn’t asking but, instead, is demanding that you worship her best OnlyFans ass! This Latina dominatrix also likes to humiliate men with small (private) body parts — and make them pay for the pleasure, or should that be the pain of it all. An imposing Goddess, Kitten is happy to hand out sissy tasks to submissive men and expects those menial jobs to be done properly and on time!

Petite, with a perfectly round bubble butt, Kitten is always ready for some hot and steamy action, and subscribers are the beneficiaries of her constant state of arousal because it makes for some extra spicy content. Kitten also likes to put her best OnlyFans ass on display as a professional twerker, so when someone hollers, “Shake that ass!” she’s ready and willing.

Kitten is happy to create custom content for a price. Just remember, no pay, no play.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Ass On OnlyFans Accounts

Can I View A Best Ass On OnlyFans Model’s Account Without Subscribing?

The entire point of OnlyFans is to gain subscribers, so there’s no way the platform is going to let curious fans check out the merchandise without some kind of commitment — it is a business, after all.

The good news is, it’s free to join so long as you have a valid email address, and, once you’re a subscriber, you can check out many best big booty OnlyFans models for free.

Can Best Big Ass OnlyFans Girls Have Multiple Accounts?

All content creators on OnlyFans are limited to two accounts, which allows many models with the best asses on OnlyFans to operate both “free” and paid “VIP” pages.

Creators often use their free page to tease the more exclusive content available on their paid subscription account, maximizing their exposure.

Free pages give fans an opportunity to check out the best big booty OnlyFans models before committing to a monthly subscription.

What Does it Mean When Big Ass OnlyFans Girls Have a % In Their Bio?

A model with the best ass on OnlyFans displaying a percentage sign in her bio or user name indicates she’s one of the top creators in that genre and is worth checking out.

A percentage sign confirms the content creator has enough subscribers and “likes” to set a record that influences the percentile. In other words, percentage signs to OnlyFans are what a gold medal is to the Olympic Games.

Can Fans Get a Refund After Subscribing To A Best Ass On OnlyFans Account?

It’s not easy to get a refund from OnlyFans — unless a subscriber can prove they’ve been misled by a best ass OnlyFans model — and that can take some time and effort. In other words, changing your mind is not reason enough.

But if a subscriber can prove they’ve been misled, it is possible to get a refund. Tips, on the other hand, can never be refunded.

Is Subscribing To A Best Ass OnlyFans Account The Same As Cheating?

If you don’t think your significant other is comfortable with you watching and interacting with a beautiful model with one of the best asses on OnlyFans, but you do it anyway, it could be considered cheating — of course, that just depends on whether you get caught.

It could also be considered cheating if you’re secretly spending part of your household’s income on best ass OnlyFans subscriptions, tips, and gifts.

Can I Use A Prepaid Card To Subscribe to a Best Ass On OnlyFans Account?

There are many reasons fans might not want to use their main credit card to subscribe to OnlyFans — and confidentiality and privacy are right at the top of that list.

According to OnlyFans, despite their popularity, the platform will not accept most prepaid credit cards, gift cards, or even PayPal to pay for subscriptions to best ass on OnlyFans accounts.

What they will accept includes Visa and MasterCard, Discover, Maestro/debit cards, and some prepaid Visa cards.

Best Big Ass OnlyFans Girls In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our best big booty OnlyFans list as much as we did researching it! And, what a range — we found curvy women of all shapes, including Ely La Bella whose waist seems impossibly tiny compared to the size of the massive golden globes that make up her beautiful butt.

Then there’s Allie Blossom, who from the front looks to be a slim, petite brunette, but just wait until she turns around — all we can say is get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor.

So, you’ll find no stereotypes here, just amazing women showing off their best assets as best ass OnlyFans models.

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