69 Best Blonde OnlyFans Featuring Best Blonde OnlyFans in 2024

There’s a reason why the “blonde bombshell” is so popular in our culture. And the hottest blonde OnlyFans models certainly seem to enjoy creating content for their subscribers.

Some blondes are made that way by Mother Nature, but others use a little human-designed help with their gorgeous tresses. Whether it’s ash, buttercup, honey, platinum, or any other blonde color, these models will tease and tempt you with their own individual specialties.

We’ve developed this list of the creme de la creme of blonde content. There are a variety of body types and styles for you to choose from. Or you might want to subscribe to all of our delectable damsels once you read more about them!

Top OnlyFans Blonde - Best Blonde Only Fans

Blonde Only Fans - Hot Blonde OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Blonde OnlyFans Girls Accounts With Blonde OnlyFans Models

1. Blake — Best Hot Blonde OnlyFans Good Girl Gone Bad


  • Over 220 photos

  • 3000 subscribers

  • Currently on sale $3 for 30 days, normally $30

Where to Follow:

About Blake:

This model is open to exploring and trying new things that she’s never done before, and her subscribers get the benefit of her daring personality.

Previously, Blake was not just a good girl but a shy one. But now she’s come out of her shell to be more bold and adventurous. She likes to go all out on her OF account… which is all to the good for her fans.

She lives in Las Vegas, but when it comes to the hottest blonde OnlyFans pages, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there! She has a slim body with a few tattoos, and she creates content in the pool as well as in more intimate areas. She loves to hear from her subscribers in the DMs.

2. Blonde Adventurer — Top Curvy Hottest Blonde OnlyFans Page


  • More than 11900 photos and 1300 videos

  • 400 subscribers

  • Currently on sale $3.74 for 30 days, normally $4.99/month

Where to Follow:

About Blonde Adventurer:

Located on the east coast, this creator loves to make content in her happy place. You’ll have to subscribe to get all the details on the place and exactly what she likes to do when she goes there!

Blonde Adventurer likes to collaborate with other creators so you get to see some amazing models curated for you. She’s a model who loves to post and show off regularly, and includes roleplay too.

Even though she already has an outstanding library of material for you to peruse and enjoy, she also likes to hear from her fans about their naughty fantasies. She’s happy to create custom photos and videos and even give you a fun rating.

3. Fitness Blonde — Greatest OnlyFans Blonde In The Gym


  • More than 80 videos and 1300 photos

  • 300 subscribers

  • Currently on sale $9.10 for 30 days, normally $14/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Fitness Blonde:

While some fitness influencers are on OnlyFans with content that’s very safe for work, this model has the steamier material you’ve been looking for that displays her toned and honed body.

She’s muscular from all her gym work and proud of it, and she has a juicy little booty for you to admire as well. Fitness Blonde is located in the UK, so your viewing can go international.

She’s got plenty of different kinds of content in her library, from playtime with men to being on her own, often with toys. She also has feet content for those who are into it, and she enjoys chatting with her fans in the DMs.

4. Irena Blonde — Naughtiest Israeli Blonde OnlyFans Girl


  • Over 300 videos and 90 photos

  • 200 subscribers

  • $14.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Irena Blonde:

She’s in the top 1.9% of blonde Only Fans models, and once you subscribe to her you’ll see why. She’s Israeli and Russian, and she wants to be blonde for life! She won’t meet in person, but she does like to make custom photos and videos for her fans.

Irena Blonde likes to create all different kinds of material, and she also loves to shoot in scenic locations. She has plenty of adult toys to play with, and features some of them on her solo pleasure outings.

Don’t forget to ask for a fun rating (if you want one) while you’re chatting with her in the DMs. You’ll also find her enjoying time with male creators.

5. Blonde Amour99 — Perkiest Blonde OnlyFans Model In Pantyhose


  • Over 4100 photos and 1700 videos

  • 3000 subscribers

  • Currently on sale $4.19 for 30 days, normally $5.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Blonde Amour99:

The great thing about having a hot blonde OnlyFans model who likes all these things hosiery is that you don’t need to have a hose fetish to enjoy her content. This California girl is happy to strip down to nothing but stockings.

She may look like the girl next door, but Blonde Amour99 has a side to her that is definitely not safe for viewing at work. Even though she has an extensive library of material, she continues to post new scenes as well.

You’ll get access to all kinds of different content. In some, she looks like the sassy secretary, and she also does naughty schoolgirl, and more, as well as posing in lingerie.

6. my little blonde — Finest Fetish-Friendly OnlyFans Blonde


  • More than 80 videos and 60 photos

  • 500 subscribers

  • $12.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About my little blonde:

She has a lot of fun, whether she’s taking selfies or engaging with other OF models, and even when she’s having conversations in her DMs.

There’s a variety of scenes that my little blonde enjoys shooting, including toys. She gets a kick out of material that features just her, but in addition, she’s a fan of having other women join her in the fun.

As a fetish-friendly creator, she occasionally spices things up with a little bondage or other kinky fun. With all this, you don’t want to miss out on what my little blonde is up to at any given moment.

7. Ya fav Blonde — Kinkiest Petite Blonde Only Fans Page


  • More than 400 videos and 700 photos

  • 5400 subscribers

  • Free

Where to Follow:

About Ya fav blonde:

If you’re an admirer of petite models, kinky models, or petite AND kinky models, you’ve come to the right place to check this creator out. She’s ready to fulfill your fantasies, and takes custom requests if you don’t see what you want in her large library of posts.

Ya fav blonde likes to roleplay. She enjoys those with a mommy kink and is happy to cater to you if that’s your thing. In the bath and out of it, you may see her playing with adult toys.

In addition to all that, you’ll see plenty of body and feet worship as well as other fetishes. Best of all, she enjoys live streaming so her fans can watch in real time.

8. Blonde Gabie — Sauciest Yorkshire Blonde OnlyFans Creator


  • More than 530 videos and 740 photos

  • 1200 subscribers

  • Currently on sale $5 for 30 days, normally $10/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Blonde Gabie:

Located in Yorkshire in the UK, this creator already has lots of posts for you to enjoy once you subscribe. She likes to collaborate with both male and female models, so you’ll see plenty of variety here.

In addition to feet, she’s also a big fan of taboo roleplay. Blonde Gabie likes to video call with her loyal admirers. She’s so into video that she prefers the videographer to use high-quality high-resolution film.

You’ll see all kinds of costumes (before they come off, of course) as well as lingerie and some toys as you check out her content.

9. That Blonde Nurse 2% — Hottest Blonde OnlyFans Nurse With Tattoos


  • Over 2200 photos and 740 videos

  • 400 subscribers

  • $8/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About That Blonde Nurse 2%:

If you’re into thick women with ample ink, you’re definitely in the right place with this hot blonde OnlyFans nurse. She likes to chat with her fans and get to know them in the DMs, as well as giving you fun ratings.

That Blonde Nurse 2% has already shot a lot of scenes for her subscribers that you can enjoy as you peruse her page. Nurse roleplay and scenes with scrubs are also on the menu.

You’ll get to see her shapely body in lingerie as well as in her birthday suit. In addition to shooting with men, she also likes to play solo, often with toys made for adults.

10. Blonde Queen — Finest Feet For Blonde OnlyFans Models


  • More than 170 photos and 10 videos

  • 600 subscribers

  • Currently on sale $7.35 for 30 days, normally $14.69/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Blonde Queen:

She’s very proud of her majestic mammaries, along with a tight round behind. She manages everything herself, so you’ll be interacting with Blonde Queen and not an agency or a stand-in.

She has a big library of foot content for your viewing pleasure, should you choose to accept this mission. Not only does she enjoy teasing, but she’s also got ASMR content.

Yet it’s not just about her and what she wants because she likes to treat her subscribers like VIPs. You can ask her for custom material and fun ratings, or you can just chat with her in the DMs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hottest Blonde OnlyFans Accounts

Who are the top blonde OnlyFans girls creating content today?

Blake is a good girl gone bad; Blonde Adventurer is tops for curvy women and Fitness Blonde for gym bunnies.

Irena Blonde stands out as an Israeli creator, and Blonde Amour99 is best for hosiery fans. My little blonde is fetish friendly and Ya fave blonde is kinky. Blonde Gabie is the sauciest in Yorkshire (UK), and That Blonde Nurse 2% creates the tattooed nurse content you didn’t know you needed. Finally, get your feet pics on with Blonde Queen.

Why are the blonde Only Fans models the best?

Whether or not blondes actually do have more fun, they definitely make a lot of premium OF content! Each of the models on this list has a little something that makes her stand out, not only in terms of her hair color but also in the way she creates content and connects with her fans.

With different body types and tattoo patterns (or none at all), there’s something here for almost anyone who enjoys blonde OnlyFans scenes.

What kinds of videos and photos do the best blonde OnlyFans creators make?

It depends on the model since each woman makes the material that she enjoys, in addition to responding to custom requests as some do. Many enjoy solo play in addition to collaborating with other OF models who can be male or female.

You might also see adult toys employed, though this also varies with the model. Subscribe to your favorites and enjoy what they create for you.

Blonde OnlyFans - OnlyFans Blonde In Conclusion

If you like models with blonde hair, and even if you don’t, the creators on this list all have something special about them. There are a variety of blonde tones, and some are naturally flaxen while others are not.

While the creators on this list are all outstanding in their own unique way, we continue to keep an eye out for more hot blonde OnlyFans models. The platform continues to grow, and we want to make sure that we bring you the best of the best.

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