19 Best OnlyFans Chastity Featuring Chastity OnlyFans in 2024

If you’re just discovering chastity, you may be surprised that it’s not taken on the honor system. That never works! Nope, when it comes to chastity OnlyFans content, only a cage that requires a key will do to ensure compliance. Finding the perfect chastity cage OnlyFans mistress isn’t always easy (though the search is always fun), so we’ve scoured the globe for the best of the best in this regard. From sensual to cruel, from cheeky to downright degrading, these keyholder OnlyFans stars might just lock you up and throw away the key. Better be nice to them!

Top Chastity Cage OnlyFans - Best Only Fans Chastity

Chastity Keyholder OnlyFans - Keyholder OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Chastity OnlyFans Accounts With Chastity Only Fans Content

1. Mistress Cleo – The Wildest Chastity OnlyFans Sissy Training


  • Garnered Over 461,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 170 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 670 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About Mistress Cleo:

It’s time to discover the one and only Mistress Cleo! This Arab Domme knows what you want, and if you’re good, obedient, and know your place, she might just give it to you. Cleo offers kink and fetish fun as the primary source of entertainment, specializing in latex, POV pegging videos, and full nudes. She offers hundreds of videos for every kink, and provides new slave tasks on a weekly basis. If you want some chastity OnlyFans sissy training, she’s your one-stop-shop. She ensures her videos are available in both Arab and English, because she’s a thoughtful Mistress. Her monthly live shows involve games, contests, and live pegging and cuckold content. There’s a lot more where all that comes from, so dive into the kinky world of Mistress Cleo if you dare!

2. Goddess Vida – The OnlyFans Chastity Tease and Denial Specialist You Crave


  • Garnered Over 48,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 230 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 390 Photos and Counting

  • Hosted Over 30 Live Streams with More Planned

Where to Follow:

About Goddess Vida:

You’re going to fall to your knees when you discover the amazing Goddess Vida. She’s the number one bratty findom specialist, specializing in female domination and financial domination. This tall, raven-haired petite beauty has more than a few kinks that she’s excited to explore, including clothed female naked male, tease and denial, body worship, cuckolding and OnlyFans chastity action. She offers customs and a lot more fun, so be sure to follow this New York kinkster today!

3. Goddess XLCR Moon – The Ultimate Gothic Chastity Keyholder OnlyFans Sensation


  • Garnered Over 7,100 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 330 Posts and Counting

  • Kinky Chastity Mistress Ready to be Obeyed

Where to Follow:

About the Goddess XLCR Moon:

Feast your eyes on the vibrant and kinky Goddess XLCR Moon! XLCR Moon is a natural photographer, having developed her skills since she was a child. She’s photographed all manner of people and events, and love being behind the lens. She’s also an avid model and has graced the cover of numerous magazines. Her skills come alive as a makeup artist, offering a wide set of skills in transforming a person. She’s as kinky as they come, and one of the many amazing women to offer Chastity keyholder services. Be sure to check her out!

4. Adda – The Best Free OnlyFans Keyholder Humiliation Account


  • Garnered Over 7,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 130 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 50 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About Adda:

You’re going to be very glad you discovered Adda! She’s a verified femdom goddess with a massive bust, pouty lips, and a confidence and style that can’t be beat. She’s an OnlyFans keyholder through and through, offering humiliation as her go-to specialty. She loves sissies and beta bois, pay pigs, cucks, and more. If you want instructions on how to take care of yourself, she’s the Domme for you. All fetishes are catered to with this exotic goddess – and you can follow her for free. Be sure to check out the amazing Adda!

5. The Queen of White Bois – The Best Chastity OnlyFans Queen who Loves to be Mean


  • Garnered Over 23,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 1,300 Posts and Counting

  • Latex Domme with a Free Account

Where to Follow:

About the Queen of White Bois:

Check out the Queen of White Bois, hailing from England, who describes herself as a curvy queen who loves to be mean! This raven-haired delight offers loads of hot latex outfits for you to drool at the sight of, as well as some of the best chastity OnlyFans teasing you could want. She offers small humiliation, satisfaction instructions, and foot worship for all those fetishists who can’t get enough. With the Queen of White Bois, there’s plenty of denial and body worship. She’s got curves in all the right places, and loves to interact with her naughty little subs. What are you waiting for? Also, since the best things in life are free, so is Her Majesty’s OnlyFans account. Yep, you’ve hit the jackpot, so go check her out!

6. The Chastity Queen – The Ultimate Canadian Chastity Only Fans Lifestyle Domme


  • Garnered Over 11,500 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 930 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 8,300 Photos and Counting

  • Hosted Over 440 Live Streams with More Planned

Where to Follow:

About the Chastity Queen:

Get in here and discover the Chastity Queen! This lovely Canadian cutie and lifestyle Domme starts her day with a hot coffee. From there, she produces and directs all her OnlyFans content for her thirsty fans. When we say she’s a lifestyle Domme, we mean it! She lives the life to its fullest, offering BDSM educational instruction and even the occasional pro-Domme session if she’s feeling like it.

The majority of her content features herself, but when she wants to exercise her submissive a bit, she features him as well. Her submissive, Bunny, is a full-time Chastity Only Fans submissive. Occasionally you’ll see the Queen collaborate with other masked subs as well. She loves men in chastity, and thoroughly enjoys feminization, sissies, foot worship, domination, humiliation, and keyholding. The Chastity Queen believes that men need structure and pinpoint focus that only female dominance and chastity can bring to their lives. BDSM adds a unique element to anyone’s sex life, and the Chastity Queen can’t wait to introduce you to a real world of female domination. Get comfortable, since you’re never going to want to leave!

7. Chastity April – The Wildest Beta Training Sessions from a Keyholder OnlyFans Superstar


  • Garnered Over 114,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 200 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 640 Photos and Counting

  • Hosted Over 30 Live Streams with More Planned

Where to Follow:

About Chastity April:

Tune into the tempting Chastity April and prepare to become addicted! Chastity April, who wears your key around her neck at all times, is eager to have you join her on her kinky adventures. She offers over two hundred videos that unlock upon subscribing to her page. She provides personal keyholder OnlyFans content, and even hosts a live monthly stream for her fans. Each week, you can expect new chastity, tease, and denial content coming your way. April even has her own special video series for training betas, which you definitely need to check out for yourself! Not only is Chastity April’s DMs open for chatting, she offers other interactive features as well, including sexting sessions, task voice notes, and a whole lot more. Don’t miss out on April – she’s going to take control and put a smile on your face.

8. The Humiliating Chastity Mistress – The Ultimate Chastity Keyholder OnlyFans Mistress


  • Garnered Over 9,300 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 40 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 80 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About the Humiliating Chastity Mistress:

Meet the Humiliating Chastity Mistress – or as she prefers to call herself, Your Keyholder and Chastity Mistress. This tattooed, blonde bombshell replies to every message that comes her way, all in due time. No, she’s not rushing to read what you have to say. Patience is important in a submissive of hers. The Humiliating Chastity Mistress has a variety of interests, some of which include chastity, control, anal play, tease and denial, inflicting pain, sensory deprivation, and electrical play. Men who take pleasure in satisfying her desires really catch and keep her interest.

She poses an interesting question. For those stuck behind your keyboard, scared of getting out into the real world of kink, what’s holding you back? She’s seen plenty of shyness or social anxiety, but points out there’s plenty of ways past these roadblocks. The first step is reaching out and saying, “Hi Goddess!” Once you do that, your new Mistress promises you’ll never look back. Go ahead, check this chastity keyholder OnlyFans star out. You know you want to!

9. Trixie Banks – The Bustiest Only Fans Chastity Latex Model


  • Garnered Over 27,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 1,100 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 3,900 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About Trixie Banks:

You’re going to be very happy you discovered Trixie Banks! This busty brunette is an Only Fans chastity specialist! She’s a top-notch humiliatrix, and one wild kink and fetish model. When she shows off her pantyhose or latex, the whole world turns to check her out. Fans can’t peel their eyes off of her. She’s into sissy training, chastity, and being a naughty keyholder you won’t be able to stop thinking about!

10. Alice White – The Most Community-Minded Chastity Cage OnlyFans Specialist


  • Garnered Over 199,000 Likes and Growing

  • Produced Over 180 Videos and Counting

  • Posted Over 1,200 Photos and Counting

  • Has a VIP Account for Spicy Premiere Content

Where to Follow:

About Alice White:

You’re going to love Alice White! This petite little knockout has two accounts that you’re going to fawn over. One is completely free to follow, and the other is her VIP account. Alice makes content with her partner, Michael, who is 100% Dom. Alice is a former ballet dancer and farmhand, a current model, and considers her accounts a community in which you’re all welcome. She’s a true degenerate, and loves to ensure her fans are satisfied – which in turns leaves her satisfied, and the cycle continues. Alice specializes in findom and chastity, as part of her role as a switchy brat. You’re going to love her, so check her out!

OnlyFans Keyholder - In Conclusion

These chastity OnlyFans sensations know how to keep you locked up and always wanting more! Whether they’re training you to suit their every need, or just enjoy a man in a cage, there’s plenty of kinky action in store for those that want more. Whether you prefer sensuality or humiliating cruelty, there’s plenty of keyholder OnlyFans fun in store. Be sure to enjoy it!

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