19 Best Only Fans Free Videos Featuring OnlyFans Models Free Videos In 2024

Is there a better price than free? Whether you’re getting a coffee paid for in the drive-thru or getting a free drink at the bar, free just feels good. That’s why OnlyFans model’s free videos are so enjoyable — they cost nothing and make you feel like you’ve struck gold. Videos like these are often obligation-free and can come completely unexpected, like showing up in your inbox as a special gift or as a post shared openly on their page.

The creators on this list all love to post free content for their fans to both wet their appetite and satisfy their hunger for lusty, salacious media. It’s important to note that free videos does not necessarily mean free accounts, as some of these ladies still want some compensation for their efforts. After paying a small subscription fee, however, there are often loads of free videos to enjoy without any signs of PPV.

Top OnlyFans Free Videos - Best OnlyFans Free Videos

Free Videos Only Fans - OnlyFans Model Free Videos with Accounts You Can Follow

  • Yasbaker — Gorgeous Cosplayer with Free Videos Only Fans

  • Lucy — Model with OnlyFans Free Videos and Daily Posts

  • Laycee — OnlyFans Models Free Videos and Zero PPV

  • Bailey Ann — OnlyFans Best Free Videos and Private Texting

  • Majestic No PPV — Insatiable OnlyFans Free Videos Creator

  • NINA LEE — Collaborative OnlyFans Free Videos Account

  • Heidiv — Most Popular Free Videos OnlyFans Page

  • NO SUGAR — Sweet Like Candy OnlyFans Models Free Videos

  • Kathy — Spicy Latina Free Videos Only Fans Model

  • Brantley — Always Available OnlyFans Girls Free Videos Creator

The Best OnlyFans Free Videos With Free Videos Only Fans Content

1. Yasbaker — Gorgeous Cosplayer with Free Videos Only Fans


  • Almost 250,000 likes

  • Approaching 5,000 pics to see

  • Under $10 / month with subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Yasbaker:

Read between her legs and you’ll see a story of a girl who loves traveling, cosplaying, and sharing intimacy online. As a creator, Yasbaker has some of the best OnlyFans free videos right on her wall so you can get straight to the action right after subscribing to her account. Lots of her posts come from when she’s traveling to warm climates which means tons of bikini shots and poolside escapades for you to enjoy.

2. Lucy — Model with OnlyFans Free Videos and Daily Posts


  • 180,000+ likes

  • Subscription bundles and deals

  • Regularly updated content

Where to Follow:

About Lucy:

When you’re tired of phony accounts, paywalls behind paywalls, and lackluster content, Lucy’s account is like a breath of fresh air. Not only does she promise a fully explicit and collaborative free video on her feed, you’ll also receive one free video monthly as a minimum. You can feel the passion she has for her page through the screen because everything is tailored towards fan appreciation and being real and authentic at every opportunity.

Lucy posts new content every month, keeps PPV to a minimum of once per week, has loads of OnlyFans free videos on her feed, and still has the bandwidth to never post the same picture twice. That's a real commitment.

3. Laycee — OnlyFans Models Free Videos and Zero PPV


  • 70,000+ likes

  • Over 3,600 pics and videos

  • Daily videos and weekly updates

Where to Follow:

About Laycee:

Depending on if you found her page during her bundle season or not, her price may seem steep at first, but finding the best OnlyFans model’s free videos sometimes requires a little bit of financial commitment first. You can get her account for the price of a coffee at the right time which will gain you access to all of her free videos.

With new videos coming out every day, you get 29-31 videos every month all before even mentioning the videos you can buy if you choose to. You’ll never be pressured to buy or experience any spammy sales tactics, there’s more than enough free videos on her OnlyFans to keep you happy and you both know that if you want more, then you’ll happily pay for it.

4. Bailey Ann — OnlyFans Best Free Videos and Private Texting


  • Uncensored pics and videos on feed

  • Almost 45,000 likes

  • Approaching 200 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Bailey Ann:

While Bailey Ann does charge for a subscription, you’ll get a free video included with your subscription as well as free weekly videos sent to your inbox for rebilling. If that doesn’t sound like the kind of OnlyFans free videos you’re after, consider that Bailey also has free photos and videos on her feed to increase the value of her account. Subbing to this sexy minx is also a one way ticket to her DMs where you can chat with her every single day if you want.

5. Majestic No PPV — Insatiable OnlyFans Free Videos Creator


  • Almost 30,000 likes

  • Subscription discounts and deals

  • 1,100+ pics and videos to enjoy

Where to Follow:

About Majestic No PPV:

As far as OnlyFans girl’s free videos go, it’s hard to be Majestic No PPV’s account which despises PPV with an obvious passion. She prefers to simply charge a subscription fee and then give away everything for free without ever charging an extra dime. It’s as close to free videos as you can get while having a subscription. In her own way, she playfully advertises goopchute pics on the daily and free boink tapes and bean flicking action forever so you’ll never go a day without something free from Majestic.

6. NINA LEE — Collaborative OnlyFans Free Videos Account


  • 112,000+ likes

  • Almost 3,000 pics

  • Daily posts and regular content

Where to Follow:


Get your controllers together, it’s time for some four player couch co-op as Nina Lee rounds up her best three friends for some multiplayer action. She’s got innocent looks but devilish intentions and loves to post it all up front on her feed. With very few boundaries, Nina Lee likes all colors of the rainbow which you can see as a free video for subscribing or as one of the many freebies sent out to rebillers.

7. Heidiv — Most Popular Free Videos OnlyFans Page


  • 400,000+ likes

  • Almost 1,000 videos to watch

  • A staggering 10,000+ pics to see

Where to Follow:

About Hediv:

Heidiv is on a mission to become your new lover from down under by giving you access to about 100 free OnlyFans videos just for subscribing. Her already large portfolio continues to grow with new content being added weekly including solo content, collaborations, and kinks like tails and pregnancy.

Heidiv is one of the creators who celebrates sharing her intimate side online and getting the most out of what OnlyFans has to offer. She likes getting to know her fans almost as much as sharing intimate moments and letting loose on camera. As a one-woman content machine, you’ll have tens of thousands of content to keep you busy.

8. NO SUGAR — Sweet Like Candy OnlyFans Models Free Videos


  • Subscription bundles and discounts

  • 61,000+ likes

  • Over 700 pics to see

Where to Follow:


No Sugar doesn’t sugar coat anything and keeps things very straightforward and simple for her fans. As a bit of an enigma online, you won’t get to know much about her unless you take the jump into her VIP. While she does have a free account with very limited posts, it’s clear that her VIP is her real priority.

Her OnlyFans free videos are available through her VIP account based on the type of subscription you choose. Three months will get you one video, six months for two videos, or three videos of her going all the way for going all the way yourself and committing to a year.

9. Kathy — Spicy Latina Free Videos Only Fans Model


  • 100,000+ likes

  • Specializes in custom requests

  • Almost 20 live streams broadcasted

Where to Follow:

About Kathy:

Kathy is proof that sometimes quality can outweigh quantity. With only a few posts to her name, she’s still managed to get over 100,000 likes on what’s out there which includes all of her new OnlyFans free videos to date. If you’re interested in spending a little more, she also specializes in custom content which you can bet will be outstanding if her regular content is getting a few tens of thousands of likes per post.

10. Brantley — Always Available OnlyFans Girls Free Videos Creator


  • 1,300+ pics

  • Over 75,000 likes

  • Subscription bundles and deals

Where to Follow:

About Brantley:

Welcome to Brantley’s account, please stand here for your free welcome videos as a thank you for subscribing. This line is for her free account where you can see explicit posts of what to look forward to as well. Collect your access pass to her DMs where you can talk to this texting queen and don’t forget your special newbie code found on her bio for another sweet treat.

Frequently Asked Questions About OnlyFans Free Videos Accounts

Are there any free OnlyFans videos on free accounts?

You can find free OnlyFans videos on any account whether they charge a subscription or not. You might find that some girls post lots of videos for free on their free page and keep certain content limited to PPV or VIP accounts while others like to only charge a subscription fee and give free videos as bonuses.

Are free OnlyFans videos really free if I’m paying a subscription to see them?

Free OnlyFans videos really refers to non-PPV content in which you don’t have to pay to see a specific piece of content. While you could argue that the price of the subscription means you’re paying for the content, in the case of creators like Laycee — who post a new video every day of the month — each video works out to be mere cents each which at that point, is basically free.

Do free OnlyFans videos stay free forever or will I one day have to pay for them?

Creators ultimately have full control over what and when they charge for their content but it is very rare to offer a free OnlyFans video and then charge for it at a later time. Free videos tend to remain free forever and if a creator feels the need to start charging they are more likely to keep their old videos free and begin charging PPV for their new content only.

Only Fans Free Videos - Best Free OnlyFans Videos In Conclusion

Finding the best free OnlyFans videos is actually quite easy as many of them come to you. As special DMs in your inbox or as posts covering their wall, free videos present themselves in all sorts of ways. Even if you have to pay a small subscription fee, you often gain access to hundreds, if not thousands, of backlogged free videos so you can catch up on all the action you’ve missed.

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