17 Best French OnlyFans Featuring Francophone OnlyFans Girls in 2024

Many French OnlyFans creators come from France but there are a lot of francophone countries out there who also produce amazing French OnlyFans creators all over the world. Whether you’re weak in the knees for a sexy French-Canadian or find a new love in a trilingual Swiss girl, French OnlyFans girls are known for being edgy, artistic, and very to the point when it comes to discussing intimacy.

From the juggernauts of the makeup and fashion industries to the most renowned bakers and chefs, French people never fail to make a lasting impact on the industry they are a part of and the same is true for OnlyFans. French creators have carved out a place where calm sensuality meets fiery passions to keep fans on their feet and their baguettes stiff. Say bonjour once to these girls and you may never say au revoir.

Top French OnlyFans - Best French OnlyFans Girls

Best French OnlyFan - French Onlyfans Models You Can Follow

The Best French OnlyFans Accounts With French Girl OnlyFans Content in 2024

1. AstridNelsia — Dark-Haired Beauty French Girl OnlyFans



  • Free to subscribe

  • Available daily and personally replies

Where to Follow:

About AstridNelsia:

Astrid stays connected no matter where she roams so you can always rely on her for personal responses daily whether you want to talk about life, love, or negotiate some deals. She’s very popular on Instagram with over two million followers but as you know, Instagram can’t let her share every little detail of herself and so you have AstridNelsia’s French OnlyFans account.

Her account is free to subscribe to so if you’re looking for a little peek into the behind-the-scenes world of an Instagram model, now’s your chance. Pop in for free and get to know a little more of this all-star in a whole new light.

2. Nikita Bellucci — Award Winning French OnlyFans Model


  • 53,000+ likes

  • Over 550 pics and videos

  • 180 live streams broadcasted

Where to Follow:

About Nikita Bellucci:

The AVN awards are the adult video equivalent to the Oscars in the adult industry and Nikita Bellucci has won twice. She was also an XBIZ nominee and it won’t be long before she’s recognized for her success as a French OnlyFans creator as well. As an adult actress you can see a lot of her for free on other sites but OnlyFans is the only place you can get to know the real her. See for yourself and gain access to exclusive content of Nikita you won’t find anywhere else.

3. Khalamite — Roller-Skating French OnlyFans Diva


  • Free to subscribe

  • 19,500+ fans

  • Over 25,000 likes

Where to Follow:

About Khalamite:

Khalamite is a French OnlyFans roller girl who isn’t shy of being a little rough. On the rinks she can be pretty aggressive, but in the bedroom Khalamite can turn on a dime into a sweet and soft lover. With a new video to look forward to every week, she’s always expanding her portfolio to include new and exciting content for her fans to enjoy. From cosplays and fetishes to multiplayer content and instructional videos, you’ll never know what she’s going to do next.

4. Matoushka — Trilingual French OnlyFans Girl


  • $9.99 / month and subscription deals

  • Approaching 200,000 likes

  • Over 2,000 pics and videos

Where to Follow:

About Matoushka:

Matoushka is a trilingual French OnlyFans creator from France who also speaks English and Deutsch. She has an Instagram as well but prefers OnlyFans because it is where she can be her true self, unfiltered and uncensored. Now among the top percentages of creators on the site, Matoushka shows everything behind closed doors and embodies exactly why French creators are so well loved on the site.

5. Angelina Foster — French OnlyFans Models with Kissable Lips


  • 116,000+ likes

  • Subscription bundles and deals

  • Almost 274 pics and videos to enjoy

Where to Follow:

About Angelina Foster:

High subscription fees are usually a safe indication of quality content on a VIP account but it’s also a big signal that the creator knows their worth. Angelina Foster is one of those creators who knows she’s attractive and what she brings to the site. If you’d like to judge for yourself look for her many bundle deals which drive prices down to as high as 80% off so you can get a few months for cheap and then realize just how worth it she is.

6. Wonderjuz — OnlyFans French Girl with Private Chat Sessions


  • Over 500,000 likes

  • Under $10 / month to subscribe

  • 380+ pics and videos

Where to Follow:

About Wonerjuz:

French OnlyFans girls are well known for being wild and very open to fetishes and kinks just like Wonerjuz. She creates an open space where you can feel safe and excited to share what you’re into no matter how out there you may feel it is. Let her cradle you into a state of relaxation with her sexy accent and kind words before turning up the heat where you both can get a great sweat on.

7. Annie Lust — Hot Free French OnlyFans Account


  • Over 500,000 likes

  • 263,000+ fans

  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

About Annie Lust:

You may be surprised to find a Columbian on our list of the top French OnlyFans accounts but French is actually one of the major languages spoken there. That means you get to meet a French girl who is also a spicy latina with all the hallmark curves you've come to know and love. If that hasn’t won you over already, she’s also a 19-year old fashion model who gets a kick out of sharing her experiences and exposing her secrets online.

8. Mistress Nikky French — Dominating French Girl OnlyFans Page


  • Almost 3,000 pics to see

  • 425,000+ likes

  • $10 / month and subscription discounts

Where to Follow:

About Mistress Nikky French:

A big part of French adult culture is domination and Mistress Nikky is alpha female. You can converse in English or French, that is if she lets you speak at all. You might be gagged, berated, and controlled to your heart’s desire and if you try to step out of line she’ll be the first to put you right back in place, firmly.

If you don’t like to be the subject, that’s okay, she also has hundreds of videos of her on her own or collecting other men who’ve submitted to this French OnlyFans mistress of misery.

9. Lexie — OnlyFans French Nurse Fantasy


  • 346,000+ likes

  • $10 / month and subscription discounts

  • Approaching 3,000 pics and videos to see

Where to Follow:

About Lexie:

When you first meet Lexie she might seem a little shy and unconfident but that’s really just a ploy to mask her overwhelming desire for pleasure. Nurse by day, French OnlyFans creator by night, Lexie enjoys sharing her personal life that her coworkers don’t get to see and shares her adventures with fans online. She meets new people everyday in both professions and finds that it gives her a perfect balance rooted in helping people any way she can.

Let her pull out her stethoscope and give you a full check up because your heart may stop after you see her page. With thousands of photos and hundreds of videos, you’ll not have to scroll far before you’re into the deep stuff.

10. Fawne — Natural French OnlyFans Babe


  • Free to subscribe


  • 630+ pics and videos

Where to Follow:

About Fawne:

If you didn’t already have a nurse fantasy you might now. As the second nurse on our list, Fawne is an entirely different type of French OnlyFans creator. Fawne is likely to come across as very socially-awkward which just adds to her charm and personality that she owns so passionately. She shares everything on her feed from fully explicit material to funny photos that show deeper layers of her quirks.

Even as a nurse, Fawne is chronically online and loves meeting new people in her DMs from all over the world. She likes to be silly on camera but knows how to drop the smile for model-level looks in her high quality home photoshoots.

Frequently Asked Questions About French OnlyFans Accounts

What are French OnlyFans creators known for the most?

French OnlyFans girls are not a one trick pony or easily put into a box. They are a dynamic group of content creators who range from artsy performers to working professionals and so much more. If you have a particular kink or favorite type of content, there is almost certainly a French OnlyFans girl out there that does what you’re after. We’ve chosen a wide selection for you but if you’re hungry for more check our related articles below.

Do French creators speak other languages?

French is one of the most spoken languages in the world but if it’s not your spice of life, you’ll be happy to know that many French OnlyFans girls speak English among other languages. Being a creator online means meeting people from all over the world every day so don’t be shy about reaching out in someone’s DMs. French or not, you’ll be able to have an amazing time meeting a new girl on OnlyFans.

I heard French girls are snobby, are French OnlyFans girls too?

Stereotypes exist all over the world for every single type of person, and while you can catch people on a bad day, French OnlyFans girls are welcoming, kind, and lovely as a whole. They embrace their fans and those who show interest in them because they genuinely enjoy sharing their intimate side online. Meeting new people is always exciting as they get to explore new activities and interests while bonding over similar interests.

Best French OnlyFans - French OnlyFans Girls In Conclusion

If Paris is the city of love, France would be the country of all things lust, passion, and intimacy, and while not all French OnlyFans creators are from France, they all share an undeniable talent for knowing a thing or two about being in the bedroom. Many French women are open to new adventures and are kink friendly as a whole, but each creator is different so enjoy the experience of discovering new people on the site and seeing what similarities lie between you.

Sipping on a glass of wine and fine cheese is a good time, but doing so while chatting to a French girl one-on-one is an elevated experience you can have every night with French OnlyFans girls. Take a look at our lists, pick the right vintage for you, and enjoy every sip.

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