How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Thanks to the worldwide web, it might seem impossible to do anything on the internet anonymously anymore. If you're considering becoming an OnlyFans model, but you value your privacy — not to mention your online safety — then achieving and maintaining anonymity is key. Luckily, the internet has given birth to all kinds of new ideas and one such idea is the 'No Face Model'. 

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While OnlyFans is by no means a porn site, it does provide a platform for a new, safer type of sex work. OnlyFans models can choose to keep things modest or spice things up on a spectrum of NSFW content. Regardless of the kind of content you want to share with your fans, staying anonymous and not showing your face will keep you safer while connecting with those fans over the internet. You don't know who is on the other side of the screen, but fear shouldn't stop you from keeping it 100. By choosing to be a No Face Model, you're staying safe and — yes — you'll still make bank.

How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

So, what is a No Face Model? It's pretty self explanatory, but there are different ways to approach modelling on OnlyFans without showing your face. 

  • Take photos that are zoomed in on a specific body part — or on your entire body up to your neck.

How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

  • Take photos with your back to the camera.
  • Obscure your face by editing the photo before posting.
  • Pose with your hair partially covering your face.
  • Try some fancy hat or prop work to block your face.

How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face


How to Start an OnlyFans and Make Money Without Showing Your Face

How to Start an OnlyFans and Make Money Without Showing Your Face

It's the reason we're all here — to be our own boss and make it rain that money! To trade in the daily grind for — well — another type of grind entirely. The key to making money on OnlyFans is attracting fans and offering them titillating content that leaves them wanting more. Why leave them wanting more? Let's break down the ways you can make money on OnlyFans.


1. Monthly Subscription Pricing: You choose the monthly subscription price your fans will need to pay to see any of your content. OnlyFans creators choose to make subscribing to their page free or they can set a monthly subscription price. Most creators set the subscription price between $4.99 to $49.99.

2. Pay-Per-View Content: Even if your subscription price is free, fans can pay you $1-$50 to view content that you set as PPV. You set the price per view and fans can decide how many times they want to pay to view your content!

3. Private Messages and Media: Many fans are looking for the excitement and intrigue of a personalized experience. That's where private messaging comes in. Fans can initiate private conversation with you or you can reach out to your fans individually and let them know that they can request private, personalized content (messages and media) that costs extra. As the creator, you can charge fans up to $100 for these personalized or extra "flirty" messages and media.

4. Tips: If your fans like your content and want to show their appreciation they can send you monetary tips, either for specific content or just to tip you in general. Tipping is completely at the fan's discretion and after being an OnlyFans user for 4 months they can rip you up to $200! Fans who are new to the platform and have only used it for under 4 months can tip up to $100.

Now that you know the ways you earn money as an OnlyFans model, let's explore deeper into how you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Before you get hung up on your face being the key selling point, stop and consider all the other enticing features and qualities you have to offer:

  • If you plan on staying anonymous, develop an alter ego identity to enrich your fans experience while following you. Your new identity might help guide how you model without showing your face. It could also be used to create anonymous social media accounts so you can further promote yourself. 
  • Maybe you're skilled at writing an arousing bio for your OnlyFans page. Not to mention private messages or personalized NSFW stories for your fans.
  • If you have a particular feature you're proud of, emphasize it! Whatever you have to offer, there's a fan who's going to love it! Feature-focused OnlyFans models include Big Booty, Big Boobs, All Natural, Luscious Lips, and so much more. Work it, girl!
  • Catering to fetishes often has nothing to do with your face and many OnlyFans models focus on a particular fetish, like foot fetishes.
  • Pose in ways that obscure or block your face. Think looking away from the camera, using your hair or a hat to cover the majority of your face, cutting your head out of the photo, using props or masks to hide your face, and so on.

Promote, Promote, Promote….And You'll Make Money on OnlyFans

The crucial factor that leads to success and making it rain as an OnlyFans creator is promoting your account. Unless someone knows your username, they can't search OnlyFans blindly and stumble across you. This feature is beneficial in keeping your content more private and less searchable, but how do you find fans and start getting paid if they can't find you themselves?

Many creators cross-promote their OnlyFans account link on social media by posting their OnlyFans account link in their profiles, bio sections, and content. Creators who have a blog or website, or who use forums, might post their OnlyFans link there too. Unfortunately, for creators/models who want to remain anonymous, posting your link on social media or other virtual spaces that are linked back to your true identity is far from ideal. Not to mention, if you aren't already somewhat of a social media influencer with lots of followers, sharing your link on social media won't create much traffic on your OnlyFans account.

Cross-collaboration with other OnlyFans creators, by creating content together or by advertising each other's links on your profiles, is another effective way to promote yourself on OnlyFans. Collaborating with other creators also helps you to find a community for yourself on OnlyFans and increases your chances of success. For creators who are new to OnlyFans, finding a fellow creator to collaborate and promote with can be next to impossible, since you won't have much to offer in exchange for them promoting you until you have fans following your account too.

So, what is the best option for effective promotion of your OnlyFans account when you are new to the platform and you don't want to show your face or reveal your identity? A niche market of OnlyFans promotion services has begun to emerge and it is by far the most straightforward, safe, and anonymous method for promoting your OnlyFans and accumulating paying fans. Before you know it, those fans add up to a satisfying payday.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans As a Guy

Can guys make money on OnlyFans without showing their face? OnlyFans isn't just for the girls! No matter your gender identity, anyone can make money on OnlyFans without showing their face if they are willing to consider what type of content their fans will want and deliver that content. Whoever you are, the basic roadmap for making money on OnlyFans without showing your face is the same.

  1. Decide what kind of content you want to create and how you want to avoid showing your face.
  2. Consider creating a new identity for the purposes of OnlyFans.
  3. Get to know your audience so that you can cater to them effectively.
  4. Promote your OnlyFans as much as possible to gain followers.
  5. Know that everyone's success looks different and the most important thing is having fun and finding ways to create content that you are comfortable sharing.

No Face Models on OnlyFans Who Slay All Day

No Face Models are already a well-established niche on OnlyFans, so you aren't forging new territory. In many ways, modeling on OnlyFans without showing your face can increase the intrigue and excitement for your fans. You can be the model of their fantasies. 

Here are three inspiring examples of No Face Models on OnlyFans already living their best life:

Shay Baby

No Face Models on OnlyFans Who Slay All Day

This MILF promotes herself as a hot wife with a fit bod. Her photos focus on her body and only show up to her neck, chin, or lips. She posts XXX content that is steamy, to say the least! With 1.8 million likes and counting, it's safe to say she's making a sizable income.

Kat Aphrodisiac

No Face Models on OnlyFans Who Slay All Day

Kat knows how to write a bio that turns up the heat. She shares just enough to draw fans in, like how she provides sexy content in both Spanish and English, without revealing anything too identifying. Her photos focus on a particular body part or only show up to her shoulders and neck — and they will definitely peak fans' interest. 

Samantha Ava

No Face Models on OnlyFans Who Slay All Day

Originally from California, but living it up in Bali, Samantha is a well-established No Face Model on OnlyFans whose bio is an excellent example of enticing new fans without revealing too much about her identity. Her photos are ultra-sultry, with her face turned away from the camera or obscured by an object.


Ready to become the next fire No Face Model on OnlyFans? Discover the bread and butter of successful OnlyFans models: promote yourself!



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