18 Best JOI OnlyFans Featuring The Best JOI OnlyFans Content in 2024

If you’re new to the genre, JOI is specifically instructions for how to pleasure yourself. When you’re spending time alone there are a lot of videos and photos you can use but it’s a very impersonal experience. OnlyFans JOI content is very different as it includes videos or even video chats where the girl will tell you specific instructions on speed and grip while helping turn your crank with teasing and seduction.

Whether you’re on a call with someone or watching JOI, OnlyFans is a platform that makes adult content more personal. On OnlyFans, you can also request custom content which means you can receive tailored instructions to use anytime your creator isn’t available for a call. This could include videos where she says your name or have her wear particular outfits to make your fantasy a reality.

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Best OnlyFans JOI Content - JOI OnlyFans Models You Can Follow

The Best JOI OnlyFans Accounts With Great JOI OnlyFans Content

1. SARA RETALI — JOI OnlyFans Adult Star


  • Over 522,000 likes

  • Only $5 / month to subscribe

  • Just under 3,000 pics and videos

Where to Follow:


Latina baddie and famous adult star Sara Retali is here to make your dreams come true, and her account comes with a happy ending guarantee. She loves people of all shapes and sizes and happily collaborates with men and women, sometimes simultaneously. Her JOI Onlyfans content is also unmatched, as she uses her voice to describe exactly what she wants you to do with yourself.

For the same price as a deli sandwich you can have access to a slew of spicy photos and videos, the price of meat is included. Go to Sara’s page now to place your order, make sure to ask for it extra spicy.

2. PRINCESS PINEAPPLE — Collaborative JOI OnlyFans Page


  • 720,000+ likes

  • Almost 2,000 pics and videos

  • $10.99 / month and subscription bundles

Where to Follow:


This isn’t Princess Peach getting stuck in Bowser's castle, it's Princess Pineapple taking off her bikini bottoms. As far as JOI OnlyFans go, this account is one of the best, and it’s filled with spicy daily content that will make you hungry for more.

A good girl gone bad, Princess Pineapple loves to break the rules and end up in situations she shouldn’t. She has a reputation for turning her enemies into fans, and many of them stick around on her page day after day. For the subscription price you’ll be treated to lots of live streams, hundreds of media items, and sexy solo tapes, to name just a few of her menu offerings.

3. Kum4Kayla — Youthful JOI OnlyFans Creator


  • Almost 1M likes

  • Subscription bundles and deals

  • Responds to all DMs

Where to Follow:

About Kum4Kayla:

Kayla only has one command for you, and it’s in her name. She takes this request very seriously and will be extremely disappointed if you fail to meet her expectations. Kayla relishes in helping her fans pass the finish line, so don’t let her down. If you are looking for content that will make you squirm, then look no further.

The forecast tends to be rain down in Kayla land — we recommend an umbrella. Kayla’s JOI OnlyFans page is approaching one million likes, and she just keeps racking up the numbers, so subscribe while you can to get the conversation started.

4. Big Titty Goth Egg — Zero PPV JOI OnlyFans Model


  • Under $10 / month to subscribe


  • 2,300+ pics and videos

Where to Follow:

About Big Titty Goth Egg:

She’s big, bold, and beautiful and this egg is ready to be hatched. Big Titty Goth Egg, or better known as Leah, is one of the most popular models on OnlyFans and she creates irresistible JOI OnlyFans content. Beyond the subscription price you won’t find any additional costs on her page, all of the full length videos are available for free.

Leah is selfish, and prefers to pleasure herself rather than collaborating with other models. So you won’t find much partner content on the page, but you will be treated to tons of intimate solo moments with toys and other devices. Her OnlyFans community is so open and friendly that you will right at home as soon as you subscribe, so don’t wait to connect with Leah and other fans.

5. Baby Tatiana — Most Affordable JOI OnlyFans Subscription



  • An incredible 32,000+ pics to see

  • $5 / month and subscription discounts

Where to Follow:

About Baby Tatiana:

Tatiana is a middle child that often felt unseen growing up so she’s using her JOI OnlyFans platform to regain a sense of self. This is incredible news for current and future subscribers because Tatiana isn’t holding back, in fact, she’s already posted thousands of pictures and doesn't intend to slow down anytime soon. Why else do you think she has over one million likes on her account?

All of her content is available to you for only $5 a month. If you do the math, that’s much less than one penny per picture, a value that cannot be rivaled. So run, don’t walk, to Baby Tatiana’s page and get the value you so deserve.

6. Brittanya VIP — JOI OnlyFans Creator with Nice Ink


  • Over 2M likes

  • Subscription bundles and deals

  • 230+ media posts

Where to Follow:

About Brittanya VIP:

If you’re looking to up your adult content experience Brittanya is the place to do it. You’ve likely imagined hooking up with an adult actress and now is your chance to feel like you’re in the room with her. Brittanya does JOI on OnlyFans, amongst many other activities, which pull you into the experience and make it feel real.

You know that hourglass figure Kim made so famous? Yes, she has that, middle so small a grain of sand could barely fall between her stunning top and bootylicious bottom.

7. Sophie Dee — Hottest JOI content on Onlyfans


  • Approaching 3M likes

  • Over 7,000 pics and 1,300 videos to watch

  • Only $4.99 / month to subscribe

Where to Follow:

About Sophie Dee:

There isn’t a thing Sophie Dee doesn’t do well, but her JOI OnlyFans videos are on another level. As a Vegas girl she might appreciate you rolling the dice on her other content like her collaborative videos or naughty live shows, but any bet you make on her is a winner.

If you want JOI OnlyFans content you can get it on her free page but to unlock a full experience try her VIP. It’s the only place you can get to know her one-on-one and get the full instructional, live video adventure.

8. Lou love — Alternative JOI OnlyFans Babe



  • $7 / month and subscription discounts

  • Almost 500 pics and videos to see

Where to Follow:

About Lou love:

Lou Love can be your new heavy metal girlfriend but you might have to share her a little on her OnlyFans. She will make time for you every time but she runs her account herself and has many adoring fans competing for her attention. As a result, Lou is chronically online answering messages, rating fan’s twigs, and texting intimately to everyone who can keep up.

9. Lexi — Sweet as Cherry Pie JOI OnlyFans


  • Almost 2.4M likes

  • Subscription bundles and deals

  • Big content menu

Where to Follow:

About Lexi:

Lexi is like a cinnamon heart, kind of sweet on the outside but really spicy and fiery on the inside. She fired up the account to give her wild side an outlet but also just to make her parents mad. As you could guess, she’s full of sass and crass, and after seeing her posts you’ll see a whole lot of assets.

Lexi won’t spam your inbox with ads, buy this, or buy that, but she will turn up the heat if you let her. You can ask her for custom content but whether she listens to you will depend, she tends to walk to the beat of her own drum.

10. Jennifer Rae Fox — Free to Subscribe JOI OnlyFans Account


  • Free to subscribe


  • Over 7,500 hot pics and videos to enjoy

Where to Follow:

About Jennifer Rae Fox:

Jennifer Rae certainly is a stone cold fox, and has a body that can make even the strongest people weak. Her curvaceous hips are tantalizing, moving in circles hypnotizing you with every swing, and her dark hair gives her a sense of scandalous allure.

She considered herself to be a jack of all trades, excelling at everything from JOI OnlyFans content to multiple partner collaborations and all the fun in between. Choose between her free OnlyFans page that provides hot teasers or her VIP page for extra special treatment. This is a girl you won’t want to miss, and she’ll make a subscription worth your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions About JOI OnlyFans Accounts

What Kind of Content Will I Find With JOI on OnlyFans?

JOI on OnlyFans primarily includes content with self-love instructions, often shot from a point of view angle, where the performer could be in cosplay, role playing, or using props. More often than not, the OnlyFans model will tease with their body and speak into the camera to keep you on the edge for the full length of the video.

Is ASMR the Same as JOI on OnlyFans?

Both ASMR and JOI on OnlyFans can be content which includes seductive whispering and teasing but they are not the same. You could have a combo video which does both, but to be instructed the performer has to give specific instructions on what the viewer should do while ASMR focuses on the specific sound and quality of noise to elicit an intimate physical reaction.

Do I have to pay for JOI on OnlyFans?

On OnlyFans, JOI content may be accessed for free, PPV, or through paid custom content. OnlyFans puts each creator in charge of their own content which includes how they want to charge and promote their own content. Look at their bio to see if they charge for instructional content or offer it for free on their page.

The Best JOI on OnlyFans - JOI OnlyFans In Conclusion

Feel an authentic girlfriend experience, have an intense ASMR reaction, or simply enjoy being told what to do with JOI OnlyFans content. Reach out to creators on this list for custom content or browse their pages for videos and follow their every instruction. Custom JOI content is one of the closest experiences you can have to being in the room with your dream girl without actually being in the room. See for yourself with these top JOI OnlyFans creators or try some of the others on our other lists below.

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