13 Best Pakistani OnlyFans Featuring Pakistani Girls in 2024

OnlyFans is a novel social platform where fans can subscribe to their favourite content creators, like following someone on social media. Unlike all the major social media platforms, however, OnlyFans allows creators to post nude and adult content. OnlyFans has exploded in popularity over the last several years, and it’s not hard to see why; it’s completely changed how we create and consume adult content.

It will come as no surprise to those who think that Pakistani girls are the most beautiful on the planet and that Pakistani OnlyFans models are in the top tier of creators. These Pakistani OnlyFans girls dominate the OnlyFans Entrepreneurs scene worldwide, from Canada to the UK to Pakistan. We’ve compiled a list that encompasses the vast amount of beauty and talent Pakistani Only Fans models offer, so keep scrolling to see the hottest Pakistani OnlyFans models in the world.

Top Pakistani OnlyFans - Best Pakistani Only Fans

Pakistani OnlyFans - Best Pakistani Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Pakistani Girls OnlyFans Accounts With Pakistani Only Fans Content

1. Muslim Hotwife 🧕 — Undercover Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 2,200 Photos


  • 50 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Muslim Hotwife 🧕:

Muslim Hotwife is an orthodox Muslim housewife who is obedient and loving with two sweet daughters and a very kinky secret. Underneath her modest robes and headdress, Modest Hotwife is an unhinged sexual dynamo. Being a Pakistani OnlyFans star holds some risks for her since she’s not living in a free society, but she says she loves every experience. Her lucky husband enjoys playing the cuckold so that Muslim Hotwife can have her pick of lovers. See what this rising star offers for less than ten dollars monthly.

2. Desiree❤️‍🔥#1🏆 ARAB ON OF🕌 — Top Creator Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 741 Photos


  • 5,000 Subscribers

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About Desiree❤️‍🔥#1🏆 ARAB ON OF🕌:

Desiree is one of the more popular Muslim creators on OnlyFans, with thousands of subscribers. This stunning model may look high-maintenance, but her idea of fun involves getting down and dirty with her subscribers. Desiree offers all kinds of naughty content via her Pakistani OnlyFans account, including lesbian and kinky sex videos. She releases new videos weekly and would love to hear your custom content requests, so send her a message when you subscribe about your deepest fantasies.

3. Pakistani Goddess FREE — Barbie Doll Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 1,000 Photos


  • 26,000 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Pakistani Goddess:

Pakistani Goddess, aka Miss Meena, is a living, breathing Pakistani OnlyFans Barbie doll. A well-known public figure, this Pakistani hottie is expanding her online empire with an OnlyFans subscription service. Miss Meena’s curves are so dangerous that she should probably carry a warning sign around, urging motorists to proceed with caution. This stacked babe can’t be held liable for neck injuries either because you’ll get whiplash from turning your head as she walks by.

4. SouzanHalabi — Most Mysterious Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 599 Photos


  • 600 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About SouzanHalabi:

Souzan Halabi is a headdress-wearing dynamo who calls herself your kinky Arabic mistress. This natural beauty has zero problems showing off for your pleasure via her Pakistani OnlyFans account. Although new to the OnlyFans scene, Souzan has racked up tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of subscribers. Speaking four languages, Souzan also has many bedroom talents and uploads hardcore videos wearing the Hijab. She also offers many different types of adult content based on your favorite kinks.

5. Zara Sutra — Natural Hair Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 320 Photos


  • 400 Subscribers

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About Zara Sutra:

Sultry Zara says she’s your all-natural hairy Pakistani OnlyFans girl who loves to show off. With large, natural breasts and fully intact body hair, Zara is a naturalist's dream. Zara offers explicit content filmed in HD for pay-per-view but posts nude photosets and short-form videos to her wall. Zara loves sexting and personally responds to all messages. You won’t find collaborations on Zara’s OnlyFans, but you will find sexy solo content. Zara accepts custom content requests, or you can scroll through her hundreds of photos and videos to find what you’re looking for.

6. Pakistani_Kuri — Proud Canadian Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 362 Photos


  • 400 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Pakistani_Kuri:

Beautiful Pakistani Kuri seeks intimacy and close connection with her fans via her Pakistani OnlyFans page. You’ll find exclusive sexy content not available on any other platform when you subscribe, although she doesn’t post explicit nudes or porn. If you’re looking to form a human connection with a beautiful Pakistani babe, however, this is the place for you. If you’re feeling generous, consider sending her a gift from her wishlist.

7. Sanna and Selena — Hot Lesbian Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 36 Photos


  • 900 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Sanna and Selena:

Sanna and Selena are two gorgeous girls running a scandalously sexy Pakistani OnlyFans page. These babes love it all: domination, dirty talk, role play, and many more NSFW kinks are available when you subscribe. Sanna and Selena couldn’t tell you why, but they’re obsessed with sex: men or women or both; these two girls are documenting their sexual liberation to the delight of their many fans. See why Sanna and Selena are rising stars in the Pakistani OnlyFans universe at the unbeatable price of five dollars monthly.

8. Priya Patel💃— Most Hardcore Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 706 Photos


  • 1,500 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Priya Patel:

Sexy Priya Patel has little time for those who frown on Pakistani OnlyFans creators but welcomes those who find desi babes irresistible. OnlyFans is the only place Priya posts content of any kind, making her OnlyFans incredibly exclusive. You’ll find just about every kink on Priya’s OnlyFans, including group scenes. Priya is known on the platform for being one of the best sexters, and she also offers video calls to her lucky fans. Priya posts new content daily and has full-length explicit videos and nude pics posted to her wall.

9. Amber Johal — All Natural Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 350 Photos


  • 45,000 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Amber Johal:

Stunning Amber Johall is a UK-based Punjabi Indian babe who has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on her Pakistani OnlyFans page. University-educated, Amber says she has a naughty exhibitionist streak that her OnlyFans page helps her express. Amber is here to make all of your sexual fantasies come true, and her 32DD measurements and hourglass figure will drive you wild. Amber accepts custom content requests and will rate your photos with the appropriate tip.

10. Ms.sethi — Kink Friendly Pakistani OnlyFans


  • 618 Photos


  • 144,000 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Ms.sethi:

Beautiful Ms.sethi describes herself as an Indian babydoll who can take what you give her like a champion. This New York-based Pakistani OnlyFans model features enormous assets, highlighted by her narrow waist that is sure to turn heads. It’s no surprise to anyone that this gorgeous young woman runs a ridiculously successful OnlyFans with close to 150,000 subscribers. If you factor in her millions of followers on other platforms, Ms.sethi is a true superstar and the perfect choice to cap our list of best Pakistani OnlyFans models.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pakistani OnlyFans Accounts

How Does A Pakistani OnlyFans Transaction Appear On My Credit Card Statement?

If you’ve decided to purchase a paid subscription or tip your favorite Pakistani OnlyFans creator, you might wonder how the charge will appear on your credit card. And with good reason: your privacy is important. If you link a credit card to your OnlyFans account, any purchases you make via the site will appear as “OnlyFans.com” or “OnlyFans” as a descriptor in your credit card statement. It may vary slightly, but “OF” or “OnlyFans” will always be visible. A prepaid card is your best option if you don’t want OnlyFans to appear on your credit card statement.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted For Pakistani OnlyFans?

OnlyFans offers a couple of different methods to pay for subscriptions and tipping. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, Debit, and some prepaid credit cards are all accepted payment methods. Unfortunately, OnlyFans does not accept PayPal. This is because PayPal’s terms and conditions prohibit purchasing NSFW adult content, explicitly excluding photos, videos, and subscriptions.

The other reason is that PayPal has no protection for digital goods, meaning subscribers could demand refunds. OnlyFans does not refund subscriptions, making this a direct conflict between the two corporations. A prepaid card is the best way to purchase content without OnlyFans appearing on your statement.

Is My Financial Information On OnlyFans Safe?

Protecting your information online is essential to using the internet safely. You might wonder if linking payment to purchase a subscription to your favorite Pakistani OnlyFans model is safe. Rest assured that OnlyFans is safe to use, and that’s because OnlyFans doesn’t store your financial information on their site. Instead, they use a third-party payment processor called CCBILL. CCBILL are experts at securely handling monetary transactions online for over 20 years.

How Does A Free Trial To My Favorite Pakistani OnlyFans Model Work?

Many Pakistani OnlyFans models will offer free trials or discounted subscriptions to grow their fan base. This lets you see if you are into the creator's content with minimal risk. If you accept a free trial, the auto-renew feature is turned off by default, meaning you won’t automatically incur charges when the subscription ends. If you want to stick around and develop a connection with that creator, you’ll need to manually enable auto-renew to access their content.

What Are OnlyFans Wallet Credits?

To give fans the option to make multiple transactions like subscribing or tipping without incurring individual credit card transactions, OnlyFans offers a wallet function. Fans can load up their wallet balance and spend their credit transactions freely on the site. The main limitation is that wallet credits can’t be divided, meaning that your connected payment card is charged the total amount if you have insufficient funds in your wallet. The bonus of the wallet feature is that transactions are instant and effortless, with no processing time.

Pakistani OnlyFans Models - Best Pakistani OnlyFans In Conclusion

Pakistani Only Fans girls are a worldwide phenomenon now that word has gotten out about their erotic talents, their beauty, and their devotion to their fans. These babes mix ultra-traditional visuals into their decidedly NSFW adult content for a sensual juxtaposition that can’t be ignored. From obedient, docile hotwives to modern, sophisticated sirens, these empowered babes are capitalizing on their sensuality and flipping traditional power balances. We think you’ll be thrilled with this thorough list of the best Pakistani girls on OnlyFans, and stay tuned for even more hot content from the top creators on the platform.

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