A Steamy Review of SlutRoulette

Let’s all be honest. If we’ve used ChatRoulette, then we have thought to ourselves ‘this would be so much better if all my chat matches were women, and wanted to get naked.’ SlutRoulette heard these thoughts, and brought that exact concept to life.

SlutRoulette is among our top adult cam sites for its simplicity, transparency, and XXX private hookup experiences.  On its face, it is a sexy Chat Roulette - this site places you with random models from across the globe twenty-four hours in a day. If a model isn’t your style, simply hit ‘next’ and move along, or search the various categories for someone specific.

You get all the thrill of a blind date at the click of a button, only with a lot less clothing, and you don’t have to cough up dinner if she’s not to your tastes.

SlutRoulette: Overview

SlutRoulette is a legit site where models from around the world cam with you. The site claims to have an estimated 130,000 girls (and other genders, if you’re interested) connected. There are a variety of search and advanced search functions for specifics including age and body type. The cams all run at high quality, and as with any excellent cam site, there’s a wide scope of models of various ages, ethnicities, and body types.

The site’s pride is being the foremost place to enjoy a randomized cam experience. As a result, there’s usually an average of 1,400 models online at any given time. There’s no explicit content in the basic chats, though you can join private and exclusive chats (exclusive chats are 1 on 1 between you and your streamate).

Their site is powered by ‘SlutRoulette live,’ which attempts to match top quality models to its customers. The simple “next” button is always an option, should you want to move along. Finding a desired model is pretty easy.

Once a premium member (which is free, read below). You can add models to a favorites list, check out your ”recently viewed” list, or use the search to narrow down what you are looking for. This site is straightforward, and includes all the regular cam features you could want.

The strength of SlutRoulette is its pricing transparency. I mean, naked sluts are great, but transparency really gets me going. More details below, but it is free to register, and they don’t hide the costs in ‘tokens’ or other such gimmicks. You can buy gold, but unlike most token systems, it’s 1:1 (equating 1 Gold to $1 US). 

SlutRoulette is a chat-roulette-style themed site, but at its core it is also a high-quality cam site, and can be used like one. It’s free to chat with models. Teaser videos on their profile pages might show some tits or ass, but it won’t be explicit. You’ll want to join a private or exclusive chat for all the best naughty naked fun.

Exclusive means you’ll be with your model 1 on 1, whereas Private means you’ll share the fun with others. All exclusive chats allow you to Cam2Cam with your date. You can search for specifics, or let the random mechanic work for you. You’re guaranteed to match up with a girl, every time. Other chat sites are completely random, and that includes gender and kink. Not SlutRoulette.

Since it’s live camming, you can talk to the girls. A little charm and respect go a long way. You can ensure you know what you’ll get by asking questions beforehand. If you want something specific, you can search through the model’s profiles and see what they offer, or ask. The site has a simple interface, making it very user-friendly so you can get straight to dirty dates. 

The models do have their own profile pages, which features their basic information, and may include some pre-recorded videos for sale. This is a great place to find their cam schedules. You can bookmark your favorite girls, and send private messages through the site’s e-mail system. The site also offers events and featured shows most days.

The site also features Cam2Cam. Before you enter a private chat, it’s recommended you okay it with the girls first. All exclusive chats include Cam2Cam. You can tip your girls with a type of tokens, called Gold (don’t worry, it’s a 1 Gold-$1 ratio), if you choose.

The site features Gold Shows, in which a model sets a donation goal, and if you contributed your gold to the goal, and the goal is reached, you’ll get a show at a discount. If the goal isn’t met, your gold is returned. You can also use block spending, to get some good cam-time deals.

For more on pricing, read below. Of course, you can also search the various categories for what you’re looking for, including different ethnicities, fetishes, and genders. We cover this below as well. If you’re a premium member, these search filters become much more specific. Want to search for a specific style of pubic hair? SlutRoulette knows you do, and is ready to do so.

The registration process

Registration is simple. They require a credit card and a verified email address. That’s it. It’s completely free to sign up and start checking out the girls. From here, you can opt to add funds to your account, purchase gold (1:1 ratio), or join some private shows. 

slutroulette registration process

What are SlutRoulette categories?

Your experience doesn’t have to be completely randomized. SlutRoulette comes with a number of categories you can explore (and premium members get even more search options and filters).

You can select gender as well as specific age, from (legal) teens to milfs. You can specify certain body types, from big tits to BBW to pregnant women. You can find couples or lesbians. Perhaps you need some BDSM, or some anal play? SlutRoulette’s got you covered. You can also filter models specifically via ethnicity (Latina, Asian, Ebony) or hair color (Brunette, Red Head, Blonde).

slutroulette categories

What is the price of SlutRoulette?

Registration for the site is free. Once registered, you can check out all the gorgeous naked models you want. For a show, be it private or exclusive (1 on 1), the girls set their own prices, which can range on average from $0.99 - $8.99 / minute, depending on the girl. For an exclusive show, this range is $4.95 – $44.95 / minute, depending on the girl. Since the ladies set their own prices, these numbers can fluctuate or rise, but this seems to be the average highs and lows.

The girls can also create a Gold Show. Everyone donates gold to see a private show, with a specific amount as the goal. This puts the onus on the group to spend, but many hands make light work. Usually if enough people are in the chat, you can get a sweet deal. Best of all, if the donation limit isn’t reached, your donation is returned. Gold can also be used to tip the ladies. While Gold may resemble tokens you’ve seen on other sites, remember that it’s a 1:1 ratio. 1 Gold is equal to $1 USD.

Block Spending will assist with costs as well. You buy a block of time, and get a discount. 15 minutes gets you 5% off, whereas 60 minutes gets you 20% off. There are three types of memberships available: guests (unregistered users), free premium users (those who have registered with a credit card on file), and premium users (or various other tiers), which simply means you’ve chosen to spend over $25 on the site. Any tiers above free premium is out of your control, and mainly used as a data-point for the models.

Is SlutRoulette legit and safe?

SlutRoulette is not a scam. You are not charged unless you choose to be. The FAQ covers some of the basic questions in this regard, such as what happens if your connection drops while in a room with your model. The site is also secure, as one would expect from a premium world adult entertainment site. It’s built on the top cam-site engine available, and runs exceptionally well. The site is very transparent in how it runs, what shows will cost, and what to do in the event of an issue. You’re in good hands.


SlutRoulette is a solid random-adult-chat site which ranks top among its peers. The interface is simplistic, the payment system is very transparent, and the site is clear cut for users. Whether you’re searching for something specific, or going random, there’s no shortage of models.

The site is built on quality. All the shows run without lag, and each model uses an excellent internet connection. Head online, meet a model. When you’re ready, tap next and meet a new one. Someone on there is sure to make you stand at attention. It’s a sexy place to have some naked thrills. Get over there and check it out!

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