Everything Every Camsoda Model Needs To Know

I have been thinking about getting into the camgirl world for quite some time, and I know that time is not my friend in this industry. As a gal of a certain age I felt it was time to explore my wilder side and check out what these various live cam and sex cam sites had to offer.

That quest has now led me to the Camsoda website, with its cute name and online buzz. So is the Camsoda site worth your time, and should you bother signing up? Read on to learn more.

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What is Camsoda


The answer to the question of What is Camsoda is not as cut and dried as it may seem. At first I thought Camsoda was just another cam girl website, the same as others like Chaturbate, OnlyFans and Stripchat.

Upon closer examination, however, I discovered that Camsoda is more of a hookup platform, and that much of the action seems to be happening offline instead of on.

This hookup community is what sets Camsoda apart, but it also makes it difficult to evaluate from a potential model perspective. Do I really want to meet those guys on the other side of the screen, and if so how do I go about it?

The good news is girls can choose to stay on screen, and the design of the site means that those onsite gals can still make money.

In addition to the live cam performances, Camsoda models can also earn revenue by selling their own videos. If you have some hot sex tapes kicking around your apartment, you might want to dust them off, run off some copies and put them up for sale.

The same is true of photos – if you have some naked selfies on your phone you can share them with buyers on the Camsoda website and earn some extra money for your trouble.

Who Owns Camsoda

The Camsoda website is owned by Secure Live Media LTD.

Quick Overview of Camsoda: Pros and Cons

As I compiled this review I discovered that their business model definitely has its pros and cons. Here is what I found when I reviewed the terms of service, the payment model and other aspects of this popular web cam site.


  •       There is a cool remote control feature
  •       Wide selection of categories for gals, guys and trans folks
  •       Excellent mobile support – the Camsoda app is simple and easy to use



  •       Limited functions on the free side means some new users may not stick around
  •       Camsoda takes a cut of the profits

As you can see there are pros and cons of the Camsoda website, and many different answers to the question What is Camsoda. I am intrigued by some aspects of the site and concerned about some others, and I feel I may need to pass on this one for the time being.

Is Camsoda Legit and Safe?

Of all the questions I have received during my research, the most common all concern safety. Many people are concerned about the safety of these kinds of sites, and the unique nature of the Camsoda platform make these safety concerns even more important.

 You see Camsoda is more than just another cam girl site – it is also a hookup platform. That means the guys who watch you online may try to move their meetings offline, and that can present some security challenges.

If you are into these kinds of hookups, there is obvious profit potential, but a healthy dose of caution is definitely in order. If you do choose to meet up, you should proceed with caution, and maybe have a friend on speed dial.

How Does Camsoda Work (and It's Main Features)

As I delved deeper into Camsoda I quickly discovered that it is actually an online hookup site. There are web cams here, of course, and lots of hot models vying for the attention of horny guys on the other side of the screen.

What sets Camsoda apart is the chance to take the action offline, something many guys will want to take advantage of.

If that is your jam, good for you. For now, however, I am not comfortable meeting strangers IRL. I plan to take a pass, but I still encourage you to try it out and see what it has to offer. At the very least you may earn some money, and the videos you create can also be monetized in other ways.

What are the Camsoda Categories?

In my research I found that Camsoda offers a number of different categories, making it easy for new Camsoda models to get started. This categorization also makes it easy for the horny guys (and girls) on the other side of the screen to find exactly what they are looking for.

 There are categories for guys and gals of course, as well as categories for trans men and trans women. The trans community is a growing niche for Camsoda models, and it seems to me there is great promise in that category.

There are also categories for couples, both straight and gay. Lesbian content is always hot, and there are plenty of Camsoda models who fit into that category.

What are Camsoda Chat Types?

The Camsoda website offers a number of different chat types. Here are the chat types I found when doing my research for the Camsoda review you are reading.

Multi-cam chats – Available only to premium members, multi-cam chats are popular with viewers. These multi-shot sites can be fun to watch, and they can be lucrative for the Camsoda model as well.

Private chats – Camsoda models can set up private chats as well, meeting one on one with viewers and providing them with a more intimate experience. These private chats can also lead to offline hookups, and potentially additional revenue of the Camsoda model

How do Camsoda Tokens Work (and How Much are They Worth to a Model?)

Camsoda tokens work similarly to other web cam and cam girl sites, and users will find the system quite familiar. The cost of Camsoda tokens is also pretty similar to other sites, not much higher or lower than other places I have looked into. The pricing structure for Camsoda tokens is as follows: 

  •       $5.99 for 50 tokens
  •       $10.99 for 100 tokens
  •       $20.99 for 200 tokens
  •       $49.99 for 550 tokens

 This tiered pricing structure means the per-token price gets cheaper the more users buy, and that provides horny guys with an incentive to load up their virtual shopping carts with more and more Camsoda tokens. I see that as a good thing, and potentially a profitable one for the models who receive those payments.

Camsoda Member Types

In my research I found that Camsoda offers a number of different types of memberships.

Those member types include:

Free member – Camsoda makes much of its content available for free, and free members can see a great deal here.

Token based membership – The ability to purchase tokens gives Camsoda members access to a more intimate experience with models on the site, including you if you choose to sign up. Tokens can be used to tip models, request private shows and chat one on one.

Premium subscriptions – Camsoda also offers a premium subscription model, one that comes with a number of benefits. This premium membership costs $19.95 a month, pretty average for this type of site.

The monthly premium subscription also gives users a bonus of 200 tokens every 30 days, as well as access to an ad-free Camsoda website. Premium users can also change their tip amounts and exchange private messages with their favorite Camsoda models.

I found this membership structure very similar to that of other sites, but I also feel that Camsoda offers so much for free that some guys will be reluctant to pay for tokens. If this feeling is true, it could impact my earnings, so I think I will take a wait and see attitude for now.

How Much Can You Earn?

I always find the question of how much people can earn on the various cam sites to be a bit fraught. After all there are many factors at play, from how many hours you devote to camming to what the horny guys on the site are looking for. I am always a bit suspicious of those huge earning claims, but it does seem that some girls are doing quite well with the Camsoda platform.

 That may be because Camsoda gives models alternative ways to make money on the site. If you have videos of your sexual exploits, you are free to sell them on the site, and that could earn you a pretty penny. You can also sell photos if you like, another revenue stream that can provide ongoing cash payments to your account.

Then there are the offline activities, something that Camsoda actively promotes. Escorting is big business and those earnings could truly be exceptional. So how much can you earn, and what are the averages?

While that question is a bit hard to answer, here is what I found in my research.

Girls – The girls tend to do much better than the guys on these kinds of sites, and that is the case with the Camsoda platform as well. From what I can see top performers on the site are pulling down thousands of dollars a month, while others who do camming part time are earning hundreds to a thousand or more.

Guys – If you do not mind the fact that most of the people watching will be gay dudes, you can find success on Camsoda as a proud penis owner. The market for guys is more limited, however, so the earnings will probably be a bit less.

Couples – Horny guys love to watch other couples fuck, and there is a high demand for real lovemaking on the site. That means the earning potential for couples on Camsoda could be as high as several thousand a month or even more. The amount a given couple earns will depend on things like time on site, video quality, traffic and other factors, so your mileage may vary.

Trans – Members of the trans community have been embracing the cam sites for some time, and Camsoda could be a good place to get started. The amount trans folks can earn will vary depending on how much time they spend on cam, what they are willing to do and the specific demand for what they have to offer.

Camsoda Payout Methods, Percentages, Frequency and Chargebacks

The payout ratio for Camsoda models is better than some and worse than others. Camsoda models receive roughly 65% of the revenue they generate, which is slightly more than Stripchat and far less than OnlyFans. Payouts are sent out weekly, which does make budgeting easier.

Payment methods vary, from direct deposit to a U.S. bank account and wire transfer to physical check. Payment processor Paxum is another option for online payments.

Does Camsoda Support Different Languages?


Camsoda recently upgraded its interface to support multiple language, making it easier for new Camsoda models to sign up and get started.

What is the Camsoda Support Like

Customer support can be sporadic on some cam sites, and as I looked around I was happy to see that there is a thriving community of users here. Even if the formal support does not answer right away, chances are someone in the community will be able to provide the information you are looking for.

What I found as I compiled this review was that Camsoda is more than a cam site – it is also a thriving user community. In addition to the hot models and online action there are engaging articles, guides and more.

It seems like Camsoda is trying to distinguish itself by offering something more, By putting an emphasis on real sexual experiences Camsoda is trying hard to set itself apart from others like Chaturbate, Stripchat and OnlyFans.

Who Can Become A Camsoda Model?


I would first like to point out that Camsoda models must be 18 years of age or older. The site does verify age, so if you are underage you will have to wait a little bit longer. Other than that age verification process, virtually anyone can become a Camsoda model. The signup process is fast and easy, and the site provides new Camsoda models with the tools they need to get started.

Becoming a Camsoda voyeur is easy as well – the site is free for users, but they can always purchase tokens and enjoy a higher level of intimacy and interactivity. The Camsoda live site is user friendly, and it is easy for new models to get started.

How to Become a Model on Camsoda And What are the Requirements

In order to become a Camsoda model you will need a few things, but chances are you have those things already. To get started and be successful on the site you will need:

  •       A suitable desktop or laptop computer, Windows and Mac are both supported
  •       A quality Camsoda webcam
  •       Age verification documents
  •       A private place to get online
  •       The desire to perform onscreen

 If you have all of these things you can get started as a Camsoda model.

Camsoda Website Traffic Stats


Traffic numbers are always important considerations for Camsoda models, and it is something I wanted to monitor carefully in compiling my Camsoda review. What I found was a site with average daily visitors of just over 14,000, far less than sites like Chaterbate and Stripchat and totally dwarfed by industry leader OnlyFans. Daily page views are similarly small at just over 58,000, a big limitation and definitely something to think about.



In compiling this Camsoda review I have tried to be fair and open to the site and its intention. I am intrigued by the idea of combining a hookup platform with a cam girl site, and I will be anxious to see how this all plays out. A few of my friends are thinking about signing up, and I am strongly considering it as well.




























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