Chaturbate Review Things You Didn't Know

I had been curious about the Chaturbate website for some time now, probably right after I discovered the wonders of free porn on the internet. For anyone who watches Pornhub and its clones, those Chaturbate ads are inescapable, but until I dove deep I mostly viewed them as time wasting distractions, coming attractions if you like, before the main show began.

 After awhile I began to view those Chaturbate ads, and the Chaturbate website and business model, through a new set of eyes, one concerned with making money.

Could I really combine my passion for all things sexual with my need for cold hard cash? Was it really as easy as others made it look? Could I really just turn on the camera, reach into my growing toy box and get lots of tips just for getting off? It all seemed too good to be true, but as I continued my exploration it began to seem very, very doable.

 As I looked around for a place to land, the Chaturbate website appeared to be a perfect fit. After all, I love to chat, and I have been known to send a flirting (or dirty) text or two to those I love, like and lust after.

And like many people, masturbation had become my favorite hobby during the pandemic lockdowns, a way to relieve stress, pass the time and have some solo fun. Since both chat and bate were in the title, this must be the place to be. Read on for a more detailed look at what I found along the way.

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What is Chaturbate

If you are reading these words you are probably familiar with the Chaturbate website itself, or at least the ubiquitous ads on all those major porn sites. I will not belabor the point other than to say Chaturbate continues to be a leader in the live cam space, and it is undeniably one of the largest and best known platforms for performers.

Simply put Chaturbate is a big player in the live cams space. Girls, guys and trans folks can set up accounts on the Chaturbate website, upload videos and perform live for their viewers in exchange for tips. Viewers of the platform purchase the credits they use for those tips, and unlike some other sites I looked at Chaturbate allows the use of Bitcoin for those purchases.

I am not a guy, but I would assume the availability of Bitcoin purchases would be a big benefit for married folks whose spouses may not appreciate their extracurricular web cam activities. If they can purchase credits anonymously, they may be more likely to sign up, and I can only assume that would be good news for me as a future performer.

Who Owns Chaturbate

I am fascinated by the world of business in general and adult oriented businesses in particular, and I always want to know who I am working with when I choose to give up my time or my money. That meant I was anxious to learn more about the Chaturbate online experience, not only how it works and how much I could make but who would be sharing in the revenue.

While doing my research I discovered that Chaturbate online is owned by Multi Media LLC, a company headquartered in California. From what I could find the site operates worldwide with the exception of countries whre this type of content is blocked. That worldwide audience is another point in its favor, and for me another reason to sign up.

Quick Overview of Chaturbate: Pros and Cons

As I started compiling this review I wanted to do more than share my experience on the Chaturbate platform. I wanted to compare and contrast the site and what it has to offer with similar live sex cam sites. In doing so I was able to look at both the pros and the cons of the site, so readers can make a smarter decision for themselves, their time and most importantly their money. Here are the pros and cons of Chaturbate as I see them.


  •       100% free to view, which should attract more people
  •       The availability of private chats and the tipping that entails
  •       The custom emoticons look fun – I expect lots of eggplants and peaches
  •       Supporters get access to full screen viewing with multiple cams, as well as private messaging and other perks
  •       Bitcoin is accepted for the purchase of Chaturbate credits


  •       Chaturbate is one of the older sex cam sites out there, so it has lost its sense of novelty
  •       Since the site is free, there are bound to be lots of freeloaders
  •       The site takes a cut of the credits models earn in tips

Is Chaturbate Legit and Safe?

When I talk to my friends about Chaturbate the first thing they say is that I should be careful. I understand that – after all anything adult oriented can have a hint of danger, but then again so can the world. 

I have been on enough terrible dates and encountered enough creepy guys to know that the offline world is not always a safe place to be, so I approach Chaturbate and other live cam sites with an open mind.

What I found was that the strength of the Chaturbate platform, combined with its longevity and good reputation, have combined to make it one of the safest around.

The owners of the Chaturbate website are concerned about the safety of their performers, content creators and models, and the last thing they want is a scandal and a black mark on the Charbate history and name.

That having been said, it pays to exercise common sense and discretion when using the Chaturbate website or any other site for that matter. That means never sharing personal information with those you meet on the site, adopting a screen name like the porn stars do and taking smart precautions to stay safe.

Before you go live be sure anything that would reveal your real name or location is not visible – no pieces of junk mail lying around. With these simple precautions you should not have to worry about your safety should you sign up for the Chaturbate site.

How Does Chaturbate Work (and It's Main Features)

chaturbate features

In many ways I found Chaturbate to be similar to the many other cam girl sites out there, but there are some distinct differences as well. I will talk about both the differences and similarities in this review, and I will provide my honest feedback in the process.

In simple terms the Chaturbate website is a platform for amateur sex performers, including exotic dancers, couples, trans folks and anyone else with a voyeuristic streak.

Visitors to the Chaturbate website will find a wide variety of free amateur live cams. Girls on the site are free to host their own shows, and they can run their own chats with visitors. The only requirement is a suitable camera and the willingness to get naked in front of it.

Like other sites of its kind, the Chaturbate platform is free for viewers to use, and many people do come here and pay nothing. The site relies on its large audience for its revenue stream, and on the fact that a percentage of the viewers who stop by will stick around, buy credits and use those credits to tip their favorite girls.

What are the Chaturbate Categories?

From what I can see Chaturbate is pretty decent at categorization, but I did find that some users complained of inconsistent and inaccurate tagging. Since I am looking at the site with the eyes of a model and performer, I can see how this would be a problem.

When new performers sign up for a Chaturbate account they are categorized according to gender and a number of other factors. Models are sorted into girls, guys, trans and couples categories, making it easier for them to get started and easier for others to find their content.

On the user side viewers can search by things like breast size and sexual specialties, and I view that as a net positive as well.

What are Chaturbate Chat Types?

As I continued by exploration of the Chaturbate videos and Chaturbate webcam pages I wanted to know more, specifically the types of chats available on the site. This is important from a viewer perspective, of course – guys want value for their credits, and their money, but it is perhaps even more important on the model side.

The more chat types the greater the possibilities, so I was pleased to see that Chaturbate offers a number of different options for horny guys and the girls willing to get them off. Here are the various chat types offered and a bit about each of them.

Private Shows – The availability of private shows is certainly not unique to the Chaturbate website. Just about every other cam girl site I looked at and reviewed offers models and their clients the chance to chat one on one, and Chaturbate is no exception.

These private shows are great for attracting horny guys – and their money, and I expect this to be a very lucrative feature should I choose to sign up.

Password Shows – The password show is a cool concept, and one I did not find on many competing sites. As the name implies the password show is a room that can only be entered with the use of a password, and it is not visible to anyone who does not possess those credentials.

On the model side this is a great way for girls to connect with their biggest tippers one on one, without attracting hangers on, creeps and others who could spoil the fun.

Hidden Shows – This is another cool feature, and one I was happy to find on the Chaturbate website. With hidden shows content creators can actually issue tickets to their best shows, inviting viewers to purchase them to gain access.

This controlled access is important to me from a safety and privacy standpoint, giving me a high level of control over who is watching me and what they are able to see.

How do Chaturbate Tokens Work (and How Much are They Worth to a Model?)

As I looked around the Chaturbate website I found a lot of similarities with other sex cam outfits, and many of the differences were merely how things were worded.

Take tokens for example – on the Chaturbate site these payments are known as credits, but they work much the same way as any other platform.

Visitors to the site can purchase credits to use for tipping, and the current pricing structure is as follows:

  • $10.99 buys you 100 credits
  • $20.99 buys you 200 credits
  • $44.99 buys you 500 credits
  • $62.99 buys you 750 credits
  • $79.99 buys you 1000 credits

Once purchased those credits can be used to tip the girls n the site. If you love to masturbate and love to put on a show, you should be able to earn some easy cash on the site for doing something you already enjoy.

I like the idea that the credits can be used to invite girls into private chats. From what I understand this is where the real money can be made on these types of sites.

The availability of private chats is a big plus, as is the fact that the Chaturbate name is so well known and those pre-porn video ads are literally everywhere.

Chaturbate Member Types

I may be coming to the Chaturbate website with an eye to making money, but I still need to know what things are like on the other side of the screen. After all it is those horny guys (and gals) who will be essentialy writing my paycheck, so I need to know that the Chaturbate website will treat them well and give them what they are looking for.

Like many other live sex cam sites, the Chaturbate website offers several different membership types. Here are the options I found as I was having a look around.

Non-Recurring Tokens – Many users of the Chaturbate site choose to purchase tokens on an as needed basis. These so-called non-recurring tokens are purchased once, passed out and used as the viewer sees fit.

Once the tokens are gone, those horny guys can buy more, and unlike other sites they can be purchased using cryptocurrency.

Supporting Membership – The supporting membership is another popular option on the Chaturbate website, and many regular viewers choose this method for getting online and talking to their favorite girls.

For one monthly fee viewers can gain unfettered access to their favorite performers, and as of this writing that fee is just $19.95 a month. New subscribers also get free tokens, another incentive to sign up.

How Much Can You Earn?

Now I am getting down to the nitty gritty, the information every prospective cam girl will want to know. What I wanted to know was how much I could expect to earn from my masturbatory efforts, and what I could earn when I entered my very first chat and collected my very first credits.

What I found were the usual disclaimers put out by sites of this type, the kind that say earnings are not guaranteed, and that those huge payouts are not typical.

I understand that, and I know that as a new user I probably will not be rolling around in piles of dollar bills, at least not right away. I was happy to learn, however, that the earning potential on the Chaturbate website was higher than average, and here are some goals to shoot for for girls, guys, couples and trans folks.

Girls: It should come as no secret that the vast majority of Chaturbate members are horny guys looking for a place to get off. That makes cam girl sites some of the only places where girls actually earn more than guys.

It is entirely possible to earn $30 to $60 an hour on the site, and that means daily earnings will depend on the number of hours put in. From what I see most girls work about 3-4 hours a day, putting their daily earnings in the $120 to $160 range.

That is not bad for a part time job, and with a little luck some have even quit their day jobs and gone full time.

Guys: Web cam sites are some of the only places where men earn less than women, a fact not lost on the ardent feminists. The good news is guys are also in demand on the Chaturbate site – just be aware that the folks watching are likely to be gay men and not heterosexual women.

If that is fine with you, it is possible to earn a similar, if slightly smaller, hourly wage on the site – think $20 to $50 perhaps instead of $30 to $60 for the girls.

Couples: While the Chaturbate website is mostly geared to live on screen masturbation sessions, some of the models do like to put their partners in front of the camera and let them join in the fun.

There is a thriving couples category on the Chaturbate website, and lots of men and women like to share the fun, and the proceeds.

Couples can expect to earn similar money to to the girls, think $30 to $60 an hour and a typical 3-4 hour day. If you and your spouse spend more time in the bedroom you can open up additional shows, and additional earnings for your joint bank account.

Trans: There is growing interest in trans folks on the various web cam sites I have reviewed so far, and the combination of curiosity and novelty could present some unique earning opportunities for both pre-op and post-op trans men and women.

Many folks are curious about what goes on below the belt, so to speak, and if you are wiling to show the world you could be paid handsomely for your efforts.

From what I was able to find out the average earnings for trans folks are similar to the girls, and the average of $30 to $60 an hour is a good guideline and starting point.

It can take time to build a fan base on the Chaturbate website, but once built the structure of the site tends to keep those viewers coming back for more.

Chaturbate Payout Methods, Percentages, Frequency and Chargebacks

Once I learned how much I could earn on the Chaturbate website, I had a few more questions – like how and when those payments would come. After all, I am an average person with lots of bills to pay, and I need to know that there will be money coming into my account before those deadlines have passed.

I was happy to see that the Chaturbate website pays its models twice a month, more frequently than some other sites I checked out and reviewed. This twice a month payment structure is good for providing stability, something not often seen in this line of work.

 As far as payment methods there are a number of options. This is also an important considerations, as online web-based payments are becoming increasingly popular in the online world in general and the world of adult entertainment in particular.

These are the four payment options Chaturbate models can use to grab their dough:

  •       Direct deposit
  •       Firstchoice Pay
  •       Paxum
  •       Check
  •       Wire Transfer

The large number of payment options is another point in favor of the Chaturbate website, and another reason I am strongly considering signing up.

Does Chaturbate Support Different Languages?

I am a native English speaker, so I do not personally worry about the multilingual capabilities of the Chaturbate website and its support services.

Even so I know that many people reading this will be coming from other cultures and other countries, so I did want to find out if the site supports other languages, and I am happy to report that it does.

In exploring the Chaturbate website I found accounts from literally all over the world, and the page view statistics show that traffic to the site is just as multinational.

If you are not based in the United States and not a native English speaker, I encourage you to sign up anyway – the site and its viewers are a truly cosmopolitan bunch.

What is the Chaturbate Support Like

Customer support on an adult oriented website can be hit or miss, with some sites great and others terrible. In compiling these reviews I ran into it all, so I was pleasantly surprised with the high level of support I found on the Chaturbate website.

During my research I spent a LOT of time on the Chaturbate website, a fact my Google search history will quickly reveal. What I found was a site with lots of support for both models and viewers, with a frequently asked question section that was comprehensive, well laid out and incredibly informative.

Based on what I found I can say customer support at Chaturbate appears to be among the best around, and it should not be hard to get help with whatever question or concern you may have.

Chaturbate is trying hard to set itself apart from others like Stripchat and OnlyFans. 

Who Can Become A Chaturbate Model?

chaturbate model profile

It should go without saying but I will say it anyway. Since the Chaturbate website is geared toward adult viewers, new models must be at least 18 years old before they can sign up. If you are underage and thinking about creating an account, do not waste your time – the site will require you to verify your age.

 That age verification is done by uploading official documents – think driver’s license, passport and the like. The owners of the site will check, and they will know if new models are underage and trying to slide by.

Other than that age verification, however, there are few requirements for becoming a Chaturbate model, You will obviously need a computer, either a desktop or a laptop will do, along with a high quality webcam to get started.

You do not need professional grade equipment to become a Chaturbate model, but it does help to have good gear. You can always funnel your earnings into buying better equipment, so do not let a lack of gear hold you back.

Potential Chaturbate models will also need reliable high speed access – those horny guys are not paying to watch spinning wheels – they want to see hot models masturbating and getting it on. If your high speed internet is less than optimal, you might want to upgrade it before you sign up.

How to Become a Model on Chaturbate And What are the Requirements

Signing up as a Chaturbate model is pretty easy, and I was pleased with how simple it was. There are a few hoops to jump through, but nothing too serious. All of the various requirements are designed so that the Chaturbate website can stay on the right side of the law, and that begins with the age verification process.

If you want to sign up as a Chaturbate broadcaster (their word for a cam girl), you will need to upload age verification documents. These can include things like your drivers license or your passport, basically any official document that shows your age.

Once your age has been verified by the Chaturbate website you will be granted access to the site and you will be able to get started. You will need a desktop or laptop computer, either Windows or Mac, along with an internal or external webcam.

The better your equipment is the higher quality the results will be, so keep that in mind when setting up your account. You do not need to invest a ton of money to get started, but you may want to purchase a standalone webcam to produce better and hotter videos.

If you want to get paid through one of the payment apps offered you will need to create an account on those sites. These accounts are easy to create, and it generally only takes a few minutes. You also have the option to get paid through direct deposit or even with a check, so payouts should not be a problem once the money starts rolling in.

Chaturbate Website Traffic Stats


According to the most recent statistics I could find, Chaturbate was number 65 on the list of top websites, a pretty impressive figure when you consider that there are literally millions of websites out there. Making the top 100 is a big accomplishment, and it is also testament to the popularity of the Chaturbate website.


In terms of daily visitors the statistics are even more impressive. As of this writing the Chaturbate website boasted nearly 5 million daily visitors, and the site had a stunning 35 million page views. That was good news for me as a prospective model, and it is one more reason I am seriously thinking about signing up.

In compiling this Chaturbate review I wanted to provide something of real value to other prospective models. I have seen my share of Chaturbate reviews, and I wanted this one to be different. Most notably I wanted this review to be from the model side, and I wanted to provide an honest look at what new cam girls (and guys) can expect when they sign up.

What I found was a site that was easy to navigate and user friendly, a place where a good chaturbate model can make some serious cash and a place where safety is a top priority.

I cannot predict what your own experience will be, but I can share what I have learned along the way. What I learned was that some of the top Chaturbate models do indeed earn five figures a month, quite an impressive haul for simply masturbating in front of a camera and chatting with eager fans.

Of course everyone’s comfort level with sex and sexuality differs, but if you are considreing being a cam model I assume you do not have a problem getting naked and having fun.

Another thing I found was that Chaturbate mobile is more than up to the task. I know from my own experience that watching porn on mobile devices is lots of fun, so I made sure the Chaturbate website looked good on my phone, my tablet and every other device I carry around.


If you are intrigued by this review, I do urge you to explore further. Getting started on a sex cam site can seem intimidating, but once you dig into it you will find it is easier than you think. Chaturbate can be a good place to start your erotic exploration, and if you like what you see you just might want to make it a business.








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