Introducing LiveJasmin

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Introducing LiveJasmin

LiveJasmine is an adult camming website that primarily features models who put on live shows. This means they are actively in front of a webcam and broadcasting to their page in real time, not pre-recording content and posting it. Models do have the ability to upload still photos and videos that remain on their page for fans to enjoy but the live streaming feature is certainly the main event.

These Live Jasmine webcam streams, called shows, are how models earn their income either by fulfilling requests for tips, going to a private chat, or hosting a VIP show that is only viewable to patrons who buy in. 

In 2001, Hungarian businessman György Zoltán Gattyán created LiveJasmin, making it one of the oldest adult camming websites in the world. It does indeed have worldwide reach, with language options available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Magyar.

There is even a chat translation option, so you can interact with models who don’t speak your native language. This is a major contributing factor as to why this $5 billion company is so successful, but users also report coming back for the user-friendly interface, easy registration and payment process, and extensive variety of models to enjoy. 

As a User of LiveJasmin

This live stream site sets itself apart from other similar platforms by creating an interactive user experience, not only with the models but within each individual’s own account. Once you go through the brief registration process, you are automatically enrolled in Club Elite, a loyalty program that rewards you for being active on LiveJasmine. As you use their service, you accrue points that advance you through 6 ranks — Crush, Lover, Sweetheart, Lancelot, Romeo, and Casanova. With each rank you have a chance to earn free credits, your profile will be marked with a unique badge, and models become more responsive since they can see you are a generous participant. 

Membership Benefits

After signing up you can also enroll in a number of options that determine your access status and credit amounts. The way membership works, when you create an account for free you are considered a Basic Member and are allowed to view free live streams, add models to your favorites, chat with models using preset messages, and view public items on model profiles.

Once you purchase credits, you are considered a premium member and can use those credits to start private shows with individual models, join VIP shows, send gifts, make requests, and use LiveJasmin’s Cam2Cam and 2way audio feature. Premium members can also type their own messages in LiveJasmin chat. 

Another interactive feature of LiveJasmin is called a Fan Club, where for a monthly fee users can support their favorite models while earning credit discounts, access to custom items to send to models during streams. Fan Club has three tiers — Gold, Silver, and Bronze — with benefits that increase with each level.

The downside of LiveJasmin’s interaction-focused platform is that a member’s status is not permanent. If you do not make a purchase for 30 days, you will be reverted back to a basic membership and can only perform interactions allowed at that level. Luckily, once you make a purchase your status will be restored and your rank in Club Elite is not affected. 

Member Support 

If you run into any issues, there are multiple online and phone support options, available 24/7. Most questions can be answered by reading the FAQ but you can follow prompts on the online support page to get technical support, ask billing questions, send a detailed email, or file a refund claim if you believe you did not get your credit’s worth from a model. 

As a Model on LiveJasmin


The registration process to become a Live Jasmin cam model is one of the more intensive across adult camming sites today, ensuring a higher quality of performers on the site. Once you become a LiveJasmin model, you agree to be held to their code of conduct but you also benefit from their superior 24/7 support system.

LiveJasmin models also enjoy the freedom and control of running their page on their terms, on their time. You have the final say in what acts you perform and how much access members are allowed to have to you. When you decide to sign on and how long you stay is entirely up to you too. 

Registering to Model


There are two model account options — single and studio. Single accounts only allow one person to perform on the account and it must be the person who registered. Studio accounts allow two or more but every person must be registered. If you are caught with unregistered persons on your live shows, you are subject to a ban from the platform. 

In order to be a model you must be over 18 years old (or over 21 in some countries) with a valid email address and some form of government issued ID. Once you fill out all the requested information, your account can take up to 24 hours to approve.

You may be asked to correct incomplete items such as if the photos of your ID are not clear enough, and then the approval process begins again. Once approved, you are clear to create your profile and start earning money. 

Model Profile Standards


Believe it or not, that 24hr approval process is the easy part — here is where it gets selective. In order to be active on your profile you must have an approved profile picture that accurately advertises you as a LiveJasmin model. A selfie or any cell phone quality photo won’t make the cut, and disorganized backgrounds are not allowed. LiveJasmin encourages a professional quality photo and at the very least, one taken on a digital camera. 

There are technical requirements as well in order to stream on LiveJasmin and you will not be allowed to continue to put on shows if these standards are not met. Your webcam needs to be able to stream 1080 Full HD with continuous 30 frames per second at minimum and more if you want to be featured on HD streaming pages. 

You can also face penalties for having an unpleasant background in your videos. Models on LiveJasmin are held to a higher standard and are expected to depict themselves in a high quality manner. A messy room or bed, trash in the background, and pets roaming around are all examples of unacceptable features. 

Model Categories


To support their streamlined interface and famous search capabilities, LiveJasmine has each model register to perform in a specific category and they must adhere to each one’s category guidelines. You could write a whole article on just the categories so we’ll just cover the most popular ones here. 


All of the subsections are split into two defining categories, Nude and Not-Nude. In the Nude section, you are allowed to show your body in its entirety but Jasmine live models are encouraged to limit explicit content in the free chat so members are encouraged to buy private time. Certain explicit acts, such as the use of sex toys, are prohibited in free chat and will earn a penalty against models who engage in these activities. 

Models in the nude category are asked to create a ‘Willingness’ list, which are all the explicit acts they are willing to perform upon request and receipt of the corresponding credit amount. Models are in full control of what they are willing to do on their profile, but when it comes to the willingness list and credit payments for those acts, LiveJasmine looks out for patrons.

Models must be sure they will follow through on requested items after members pay credit. Refusal to do so interferes with the integrity of LiveJasmine and their promise that no scamming will be allowed, so models will be warned and then start earning penalties. If you say you’ll do something, you should, right? That’s only fair. 


For women wishing to register in the LiveJasmine best models category, they can perform in the Girl category, which is open to any single woman. If they are over 30, they can register in the Mature Female category. The Lesbian Couple category is for two women working together (they must both be present when live streaming at all times), and the Amateur category is for single females who are just starting out. This category has lower technical and quality requirements such as a professionally taken profile picture and background standards.  


LiveJasmine has been trans inclusive since its inception and features its own Transgender category where anyone fitting that description can register here and perform with a solo account.


Men are somewhat limited on LiveJasmine. Straight single men cannot have a solo account and put on live shows. Gay men however, are welcome to run solo accounts but not couple accounts. Straight men may only perform on the site with another woman in the straight couple category. 


LiveJasmine features one of the most popular Fetish platforms thanks to the strict rules in order to register and perform in this section. In this instance, this category specifically caters to the dominatrix style and services. For starters, you can’t fake it here with just a leather corset and heels.

Fetish performers are expected to embody the confidence and environment of a Domina and all photos, videos, profile pictures and streams must be professional quality. All outfit and background colors must be on-theme with dark reds, blacks, and purples. Latex and leather are accepted and encouraged as well as corsets, fishnets, chains, restraint accessories, and high heels. 


Only one category on LiveJasmin leaves nudity up to the model and that is in Hot Flirt. The goal of this popular section is for the model to provide an arousing interaction that seduces the member the way an interaction might occur out at a bar or nightclub.

Models avoid being nude in the free chat area and rely on their personality and conversation skills to entice members into a private chat where the “date” can go to the next level. This section is also populated by models who would perform in the Non-Nude categories but want to be able to introduce nudity for extra credits.


The Non-Nude section is for members and models to chat and create experiences depending on the category they register for. Nudity is strictly prohibited both in free chat and private shows and members come to this category to express themselves, combat loneliness, ask for advice, and view the unique content in categories such as DJ, Fitness, Dancer, Fashion, and Cosplay. 

The most popular non-nude category is Soul Mate, where models form intimate emotional connections with members and often remember details about each person they interact with to form a long term relationship. Members can also talk to models in the Love Life Adviser category and get emotional support after a bad breakup or figuring out their sexuality. While any of these categories can come across as sexual, explicit sexual content and discussion, such as fantasy roleplay discussions, are not allowed. Those are free to occur in any of the Nude categories, though. 

Model Support 


LiveJasmin’s 24/7 online and phone support system is well known and there to answer any technical or account questions and handle problems that may arise with members who attempt to scam or harass models. They have a rapid response time and are vigilant about upholding the website standards to create the best user experience for both member and models. 

Enjoying LiveJasmin


One of LiveJasmin’s best features is the amazing search option, where users have the ability to find models matching their preferences down to the smallest of specifications including age, ethnicity, body type, hair color, eye color, physical characteristics, size of those physical characteristics and even more. They also have a fetish database that model’s use keywords from to label their profile and shows with tags to guide members to them. You can also browse all models currently live streaming on the Live Cams page or the general categories like Girl, Mature, New Models, Soul Mate, etc. 

Interacting with a Model

When you find a model you like you can view their profile where they have a bio and possibly a few public stories, photos, and videos for you to enjoy. Premium media will be hidden but can be unlocked with credits. 

Stories are clips and videos that a model posts that can be viewed for up to 24 hours. For a flat fee, members can subscribe to a model and enjoy all stories posted for the next 7 days. Prices to unlock premium photos and videos are set by the model and will remain unlocked for 90 days after purchase.  

Model Live Shows 

Once your model of choice becomes active online is when the real fun begins. They all typically start out in a free live stream where they will interact in the chat until one of three things happens. Premium members can send credits and make requests for the model to perform certain actions, usually sexual in nature.

Models will typically have a price list of how much credit is needed before they make their move. Some models will give members the option to control an interactive toy that they are wearing on their show and credits determine how long you can be in control. 

Private Chat

The next feature is where premium users can start a private chat and pay credits by the second to talk one-on-one with the model. Prices increase depending on whether the member stays in the message chat, or requests to turn on their audio — so the model can hear them — or video — so the model can hear them — for a more personalized experience.

The final decision for this kind of access is completely up to the model and can be changed at any time. While a model is in a private chat, they cannot be seen by other members on their page. 

VIP Shows

Lastly, a model can decide they will host a VIP show, which is essentially a private show for multiple members who join in and gain access by contributing a minimum amount to the show’s credit goal. Once the goal is met, the stream goes private and the show begins.

This can last as long as the model wants and members with access can enjoy, interact, make requests, and send surprises. While the model and their audience is waiting for the credit goal to be reached, the model will be visible in a pre-show where they can talk about what they will be doing once the VIP portion begins.

The model does have the power to cancel the VIP show at any time during the pre-show, but then any credits paid in an attempt to meet the credit goal will be returned to each contributing member. 

Making Money on LiveJasmine

Earning income on this adult camming site is more extensive than most websites, giving models the opportunity to earn more money than they would on a typical fee-for-service platform.

LiveJasmine Currency

Members don’t pay models cash directly, they first purchase credits that can then be used to buy time in private shows, send gifts, tips, and buy into VIP shows. The exact conversion amount of how much a model earns per credit she is paid is difficult to put in definitive terms, since $1 does not equal 1 credit and the cost of credits varies depending on how many you buy. For example, the largest credit bundle available to purchase comes down to $1.13 per credit where the smallest bundle is $1.29 per credit. 

LiveJasmine does report a tiered income program where models earn a percentage, or commission, of the cost of how many credits they earn based on how successful they are on the site.

Beginners and low income earners get to keep 30% of what they are paid in credits where higher income earners earn up to 100%. Thirty percent sounds low but the threshold is low as well, in cam model income terms. In order to earn at the top level percentage, you need to be bringing in $3,000 every two weeks.

Other Ways Models Get Paid

LiveJasmin’s payment program is competitive because the platform encourages and promotes active and engaging models that members can form relationships online with and become repeat customers. This stimulates website traffic and boosts income for everyone overall, including LiveJasmin. Models are encouraged to participate in weekly Awards competitions where you earn a bonus for ranking 1st-10th place on their leaderboard for things like number of live shows put on, messages answered, gifts given, etc. 

LiveJasmin Models also get their own referral code. When a member signs up with your code, you earn 20% of whatever they spend on the site for life, even money on other models. 

Payout Process

LiveJasmin has a payroll period of 2 weeks, or 14 days. The income earned during this time is what models will receive in their preferred payment method 25 days after the end of that payroll period. So yes, once you start working, it will be 39 days until you receive your first payment but if you work consistently after that, you can expect a deposit every 2 weeks. LiveJasmin takes pride in the efficiency of their payroll system and payments are never delayed once everything is set up. 

There is an income threshold that must be met in order to receive payment, but that is only $100. If you make less than that in 2 weeks, the amount will roll over to the next pay period and be deposited with the income earned during that time. 

Models can choose to receive payments sent directly to a MasterCard card, by bank wire transfer, via paper check, or to an eWallet account. No payment method is faster or slower once payroll is sent out so it’s really up to your preference, unless you plan to use the immediate payout option. For a 1% fee of the current period’s income, you can receive the amount the same business day with an e-Wallet account, within 2-4 days with wire transfer, and 3-10 business days for paper checks. 

LiveJasmin Competitors 

Livejasmin is competing against others in the industry such as:

Final Facts

LiveJasmin as a company is worth a whopping $5 billion and earns over $20 million per year just in profit. The top model earners on the site are earning over $2 million a year and there are hundreds of thousands of active model accounts. The website gets almost 7 billion pageviews per year with 1.5 million active members.

Members and Models can also interact on the LiveJasmin app which is available for Android or use the LiveJasmin Mobile site on iOS systems.

Is LiveJasmin Safe?

Yes! For both members and models, LiveJasmin is a safe, legit, scam free, pleasant experience and one of the highest quality adult camming platforms on the web today. The website’s extensive registration process makes it impossible for scammers to make fake accounts and live shows are constantly being checked to make sure the person(s) registered to the account is the only one appearing on camera.

There are a number of safeguards to ensure that services paid for are services received with a 24/7 customer support line to file claims if anything was to go wrong. If a member’s claim turns out to be true, they are refunded in full and the model account is submitted for review. 

There is a 7 tiered penalty system where if a model repeats infractions within a 30 day period, they face account suspension and ultimately closure after the seventh event. To ensure high quality content on LiveJasmin, actions that incur minor penalties are things like being on your phone or eating while on camera, appearing off screen while live streaming, being online without an active camera feed, and refusing Willingness requests.

Even stalling for time can earn a penalty, what an incredible standard for models to be held to. These minor penalties do expire after 30 days but you can face a 24 hour suspension after your fourth infraction. 


LiveJasmin is a high quality adult camming site that prioritizes both the user and model experience through high standards and guidelines that are strictly enforced. Their extensive search engine makes it easy for members to find and enjoy exactly the kind of model experience they are seeking and the site has an incredible return member and satisfaction rate.

Models are safe from unsavory content and requests and are rewarded for their engagement with the chance to earn 100% commission from the credits they are paid during shows. There is also a bonus referral program and weekly competitions that can earn additional income. Despite being one of the longest running adult live stream websites, LiveJasmine continues to dominate the industry, and for good reason. 

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