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I had been thinking about becoming a part time cam girl for some time, but I had always been reluctant to take the next step. I have all the requisite equipment, including a computer and a killer webcam. I have an ever growing box of sex toys hidden under my bed, and I really enjoy using them every day. The only thing missing, it seemed, was a way to turn that love of erotic fun into money, and that brings me back to the cam girl universe.

Now that I am seriously considering making my dream of cam girl stardom a reality, I have been looking at the various sites to see which one would give me the most bang for my buck – literally. After all there are only so many hours in the day, and only so many toys in my toy box. If I am going to get down and get off on camera I want to be paid fairly for my labor, as fun as it might be.

After compiling a few of these reviews and checking out a few of the most popular sites I think I have a good idea of what to look for, and most importantly how one site compares to another. With that in mind I looked at the Streamate website and business model not in isolation but how it compares with competitors like Chaturbate, Stripchat and OnlyFans. Here is what I found as I had a look around.

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What is Streamate


In beginning my Streamate review I will answer the most basic question first. Just what is the Steamate site, and what sets it apart from its many cam girl counterparts? First of all, Streamate is based in the United States, and it is currently one of the most popular of the premium cam girl sites.

In addition to the main Streamate name, the parent company also operates additional websites with an adult oriented nature, including SexyLadyShows and Cammodels. The site is known as one of the pioneers in the world of live cams and online sex shows, but the owners like to point out that they have been able to change with the times, adapting to trends like the growing use of mobile devices to access pornographic content.

Streamate was founded all the way back in 2003, making it one of the oldest and longest running of the cam girl sites. That could be a big plus for new Streamate models – girls can be reasonably sure that the site will not disappear overnight.

Who Owns Streamate

Streamate is based in the United States, and it is owned by ICF Technology, Inc.

How Much is Streamate Worth?

While it is difficult to put a precise value of the Streamate website and its subsidiaries, the longevity of the platform and its success lead me to believe that it is worth many millions of dollars.

Quick Overview of Streamate: Pros and Cons


  •       Long history means the site is unlikely to go away without warning
  •       Multiple chat types give Streamate models a number of ways to engage and make money
  •       The Cam 2 Cam features seems like a great idea
  •       Multiple payment options make it easy for Streamatemodels to cash out


  •       The three week lag time for payments is longer than some other cam girl platforms, making it difficult for new Streamate models to get started
  •       The payout ratio is less than the industry average, again making it harder for Streamate models to make any serious money
  •       The long history of the site also means there is a high level of competition, making it hard for new Streamate girls to get noticed

Is Streamate Legit and Safe?

The most common question I get when compiling these cam girl reviews is whether these platforms are safe. The second most common question is if they are legitimate. In the case of the Streamate site I can definitely say the platform is 100% legitimate – after all it has been around since 2003; that is practically a lifetime in the online world.

 The fact that the Streamate website and the others owned by the same company have been around so long also gives me a higher level of confidence in the safety of the platform. It should go without saying that every Streamate model should be proactive about his or her own safety, and that divulging personal details is always a bad idea, not matter how big the tipper. With a few simple precautions, however, aspiring Streamate models should not be too concerned about their personal safety.

How Does Streamate Work (and It's Main Features)

As I compiled this Streamate review and completed my research I wanted to look at the main features, i.e. what the site had to offer. The main features of any cam girl site are important for both users and aspiring models, and here is what I found to be the most notable:

Live chatting on camera – Not every cam girl site offers members the chance to chat on camera, but the Streamate website does. This is a notable feature, and I expect it to be a very popular one.

Group chats at a distance – The group chat feature is another one I can see being very useful, especially in an age of pandemic lockdowns and uncertainty. This handy features allows multiple people to be in the same virtual room, no matter where they are located in the real world. I can imagine this would be popular with couples.

Weekly payouts – Eligible Streamate models can be paid weekly, making it easier for them to get the money they deserve.

Free teasers – The availability of a guest membership seems designed to entice horny guys into signing up. Since total nudity is not allowed on the free level, I could definitely see guys kicking in some cash to get off.

All of these features seem well designed, and there is clearly a lot to like from both the user and the Streamate model perspective. Even so, I still feel that some other cam girl sites, including leaders like OnlyFans and Chaturbate, offer more value to their performers.

What are the Streamate Categories?

In my experience the layout of the cam girl site matters a great deal, especially for new models trying to get started and get found. The more precise the categories the easier it will be for members to find what they are looking for, and hopefully what they will be looking for is me.

The site uses a matrix system to categorize its Streamate models. The basic categories of girls, guys, couples and trans are pretty standard, but Streamate takes it a step further by allowing additional filtering, including:

  •       Body type
  •       Sexual orientation
  •       Age range
  •       Language
  •       Features
  •       Fetishes – The fetish category includes 19 easy to use check boxes

 I was very impressed by how wide ranging and precise the categories were, and I expect that would make it easier for a new Streamate model to find success. While it may still take time to build up a loyal following, sometimes getting found is the biggest hurdle.

What are Streamate Chat Types?

One of the things I looked at in compiling this Streamate review was the types of chats members can engage in. This is an important thing for potential Streamate models to know, and I was happy to learn that this cam girl site provides a number of different options.

The Guest Chat – The Guest Chat is the basic form of membership and it is free to everyone. Users do not even have to register to use the site, giving those aforementioned horny guys the chance to try before they buy. It is notable that below the belt nudity is not allowed on the Guest level – for that guys will have to pay up, and that brings us to the next category.

Exclusive Shows – The real action on the Streamate website, and for the Streamate models, takes place in the form of exclusive shows. The Private Premium chat feature is the bread and butter for those models, and the site does a good job of funneling visitors into the paid version of the platform.

The group chat function provides the option to have the messages visible to everyone or just the Streamate model, giving users a high level of control over how the conversation ultimately unfolds.

Gold Shows – Gold Shows are special events that allow more than one member to be in the Streamate model’s room at the same time. I can envision this feature being used by couples who are separated by distance but still want to watch the show together.

I would imagine this must have been very popular during the pandemic, but hopefully the habit will be a hard one to break. With the Gold Show the Streamate model is free to set the length and the base price, an important consideration for cam girls looking to make the most money possible.

Cam 2 Cam – The Cam 2 Cam feature is one of the most intriguing for both members and for the Streamate model. The Cam 2 Cam experience allows the horny guy in question to turn on his camera, essentially creating a video chat with the model of his choice. This feature is only available if a private or exclusive show has already been arranged, and it takes interactivity and engagement to a much higher level.

I am impressed by the number of chat types available, and by the chance to chat one on one with video interaction. I would imagine this feature would facilitate higher tipping, a big plus for the enterprising Streamate model.

How do Streamate Tokens Work (and How Much are They Worth to a Model?)

Streamate does not use a token system per se. Instead they use their own unique online currency, known as Gold. This makes them different from the other sites I have looked at and reviewed, including popular competitors like Chaturbate and Stripchat. The exchange rate is simple – 1 Gold is the equivalent of 1 US Dollar, making the site a better or worse value depending on where members are coming from and the current exchange rate with the dollar.

Streamate Member Types

In compiling this Streamate review I wanted to do more than look at the site from the perspective of a potential Streamate model. I also wanted to get a feel for what the site was like for the users – after all these cam girl sites must rely on a steady stream of horny guys to make their money, and that goes for the cam girls as well.

I looked at the various member levels for the Streamate website and this is what I found.

Pay per minute – Horny guys who long to watch their favorite Streamatemodels in action can choose to pay by the minute, giving them an incentive to get off quickly and the models in question an incentive to draw things out.

One time fee – Guys who want to take their time can choose to pay a one time fee for their chosen Streamatemodels, and many of them do jut that. Since Streamatemodels are free to set their own rates, this seems like a win-win for everyone involved.

It should also be noted that credit cards are not required to get started, but having one on file makes it easier for members to buy additional time. The Streamate website accepts both credit cards and PayPal, but as of this writing it does not look like they accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How Much Can You Earn?

Aside from safety considerations, the most frequent question I get is how much money Streamate models can earn. This is always a tricky question to answer, since the amount of time, talent and dedication can vary quite widely from girl to girl and model to model.

In my research I found that most Streamatemodels seem to spend around 3 to 4 hours live streaming their shows. That makes sense since many of those Streamatemodels will be trying to earn a solid part time income or seeking to supplement the money they earn from their other, more traditional employment.

As you look at these earnings estimates, please keep in mind that they are just that – estimates. It is impossible to tell in advance how much Streamate models will make, and the free live cams Streamate provides may provide varying levels of revenue from month to month and year to year. With that having been said, here is my best guess at how much those aspiring Streamatemodels can expect to make.

Girls – It has often been said that sex work is the only place where girls routinely make more than guys. That is a blow for feminism, but it is also a useful fact for would-be Streamatemodels. From what I have been able to ferret out, girls may be able to make as much as $3,000 to $4,000 per month for an average 3-4 hour day. Top Streamatemodels certainly earn much more, but they have been at it for a long time as well.

Guys – The good news is that guys can find success as Streamatemodels. The bad news is that they can expect to earn considerably less than the ladies. Since the main target audience for the Streamate website is the horny strait male, the market for guys is much more limited. I would expect male Streamatemodels to make around $1,000 or $2,000 a month, though that will probably vary widely from guy to guy.

Couples – There are a huge amount of couples working as Streamatemodels, and they seem to be earning a great deal of money. From what I have been able to find out the earnings of those couples is similar to that of the girls – roughly $3,000 to $4,000 a month. That is not a bad days work for doing what you already love to do.

Trans – There is also a growing trans contingent among the Streamatemodels I looked at when compiling this review. As with the guys the market for trans models is a bit more niche, but that does not mean those Streamatemodels cannot still earn a pretty penny. I would expect a talented trans person on the site to be able to earn as much as $3,000 a month or possibly more.

Streamate Payout Methods, Percentages, Frequency and Chargebacks

As with other cam girl sites I have looked at, this site offers Streamate models a wide variety of payment options. That is a good idea, especially since some sex workers have expressed their frustration when trying to open a traditional bank account. I was heartened to learn, therefore, that Streamate models can choose to be paid by check, bank wire transfers, direct ACH deposits but also through online venues like Paxum, Cosmopayment, and ePayments.

I was less heartened to find out that the payout percentages at Streamate are quite skimpy compared to other sites like Chaturbate, OnlyFans and Stripchat. Indeed, the payout percentage for Streamate models is between 30% and 35%, literally less than half of industry leader OnlyFans.

The good news is that Streamate models can be paid on a weekly basis, making budgeting easier and keeping the cash rolling in. The bad news is that those payments are on a three week delay cycle, meaning the money those Streamatemodels earn today will not show up in her bank account for nearly a month.

That long lag time can make getting started and earning money even harder – if you are looking for an immediate payout, you might want to look elsewhere. The fact that there is #100 to $200 minimum for payouts (depending on the payout method used) further complicates the matter, and the $30 added fee for FedEx check payments does not help either.

Does Streamate Support Different Languages?

Having a multilingual site is always a big plus in the cam girl universe. After all, there are hot girls all over the world, and many of them want to make some bank no matter what country they choose to call home.

The good news is that the Streamate site is definitely multilingual friendly, with online documentation available in a wide variety of languages. This multilingual feature makes it easier for the aspiring Streamate model to get started and get answers to any questions she may have.

What is the Streamate Support Like

In compiling this Streamate review and other reviews of this type I found that customer support can be a hit or miss affair. Some cam girl websites provide more than enough information for both aspiring models and prospective members, complete with an exhausting FAQ list and all the details anyone could ever want.

Other cam girl sites are far less generous with the info, so I was happy to see that the Streamate website appears to provide excellent customer support. The site itself is laid out well, and it was easy to find quick answers to my various questions. I would not be hesitant about signing up as a Streamate model based on my positive customer service experience.

Who Can Become A Streamate Model?


It should go without saying, but I will mention this at the top nonetheless. In order to be considered as a Streamate model girls must be at least 18 years of age. If you are underage and thinking about signing up, you might want to think again, as the site uses a robust system of age verification.

Beyond the age limits there do not seem to be any limitations on who can be a Streamate model. In looking around the site I found guys, girls and trans folks of every age, body type, sexual orientation and attitude. The fetish community appears to be quite robust here as well, with more than a dozen categories for members to choose from and plenty of Streamate models willing to fulfill even the wildest and most off the wall requests.

Of course Streamate models do not have to fetish gals – there are plenty of horny guys out there with plain vanilla tastes. I am just pointing out that Streamate seems to be a bit more fetish friendly than some other cam girl sites I have looked at.

How to Become a Model on Streamate And What are the Requirements


There are not many requirements to become a new Streamate model, but there are some basics you will need. It goes without saying that you will need a computer and a way to go online so reliable high speed internet access is a must. If you want to succeed you might want to upgrade your slow internet – you do not want to leave those big tippers hanging.

The aspiring cam girl model will also need a quality Streamate webcam to do all those live streaming shows. The better the camera quality the easier it will be to do those high paying shows, so investing in new equipment would not be a bad idea. If you have a good CPA you may even be able to deduct the money from your taxes.

Streamate Website Traffic Stats


The amount of traffic is always a big consideration, so I wanted to include some relevant stats when compiling this Streamate review. Since the Streamate website has been online for nearly two decades, I expected its daily unique user counts and page views to be impressive, and that is exactly what I found.

The most recent statistics I could find showed a unique daily user count of 69,000, a quite appropriate figure, and daily page views of just over 419,000. That high level of traffic should be good news for the new Streamate model, and it gave me another reason to think about signing up.


As I bring my Streamate review to a close I must say I was impressed by many features of the site, so much so that I am seriously thinking about setting up a Streamate account. The account setup appears to be fast and easy, so I figure I will give it a go and see how it works out.











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