The Streamray Review All You Need To Know

I have been thinking of trying my luck as a cam girl model for some time now, and during the pandemic I vowed to make it a reality. After all I was home all day anyway, and I had lots of time to practice my favorite erotic activities.

The only thing left was deciding which cam girl sites to focus on, and that quest took me to places like Chaturbate, Stripchat, Streamate and now to The Streamray cams certainly looked interesting, so I felt the site deserved a full on review. Read on to learn about what I found.

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What is Streamray


I will begin this review at the beginning – just what is Streamray, and what does it have to offer? If you are familiar with other cam girl sites, you will find the Streamray model quite familiar. After a fast and easy set up process Streamray models can turn on their cameras, turn on their viewers and make money just by masturbating.

The setup is similar to other sites I have looked at, so I will not linger on how the site works. As the review continues I will provide a brief overview of what you can expect when you sign up.

Who Owns Streamray

The website is owned by FriendFinder Network. The company is a leader in the world of online entertainment and connection.

How Much is Streamray Worth?

Given the fact that the FriendFinder Network is a larger organization with many other properties, it is a bit hard to put a hard number on the value of just the domain. Even so, based on its success I would not be surprised to find that the domain is worth more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Quick Overview of Streamray: Pros and Cons

I like to break things down into a quick list of pros and cons, making it easier for new cam girls do decide if a given site is really worth their time. Here are the pros and cons of as I see them.


  •       Easy signup process
  •       Multiple ways to get paid
  •       Several types of chats with a chance to earn more and more money
  •       Multilingual support


  •       Complicated payout formula
  •       Some other sites pay better
  •       Relatively low daily page views and visitor counts

Is Streamray Legit and Safe?

I am often asked if these types of sites are safe for the models, and also if they are really legitimate. I can report that is 100% legitimate, and it has been around for some time now.

As for safety I would encourage all aspiring Streamray models to exercise caution and common sense. That means never giving out personal details or information about where they live or who they interact with in real life.

This is fantasy, after all, and things are safer when the action stays online. The good news is Streamray does its part to hide the real world identities of their models, so safety should not be too much of a concern.

How Does Streamray Work (and It's Main Features)

Streamray works similarly to many other cam girl sites like Chaturbate and Stripchat, so if you are familiar with them you get the idea. Streamray does have a few notable features that sets it apart, however, including:

A video chatting function called Cam2Cam. This provides direct interaction between Streamray models and their viewers and gives a higher level of interaction and interactivity

Multiple payout methods, including electronic payment platforms, direct deposit and even physical checks

Several member types, including lots of free functions to get new members onboard

Excellent Streamray help features

What are the Streamray Categories?

Streamray cams run the gamut, and there are multiple categories set up to make searching fast and easy. There are categories established for Streamray models who are male and female, gay and straight, trans guys and trans gals. There is also space for couples, and from what I saw there is a thriving couples community on the site.

What are Streamray Chat Types?


Like Chaturbate, Stripchat and other cam girl sites, offers a number of different types of chat. I wanted to know how these chat types worked, and of course what was in it for me. This is what I found.

Free Chat – This is the place where members can view and interact with Streamray models, but for the most part those models are still fully clothed. Nudity and sexual exploits requires a higher level of interaction, and in most cases some cash, paid in the form of tokens.

Nude Chat – These types of chats take place with fully nude Streamray models, and for the most part only paying members can see them. If you are willing to get naked on camera, you could find success in this part of the website.

Private Chats – Sometimes a member will want a higher level of intimacy with a Streamray model, and that is what the private chat function is designed for. Streamray models can potentially make a lot of money by catering to member requests and gathering up those tips and tokens. Private chats begin in the free chatroom, and models can invite their visitors to join them in a more intimate and personal space.

Tipping Chat – I found this feature very interesting, and potentially very lucrative. In this feature viewers set a goal for the Streamray model, asking how many tokens it would take to perform that action. For instance, a model may be asked how many tokens it would take to flash her feet, or her boobs, and she can answer back with a figure. I can see this being a very useful feature, and I am anxious to try it out.

Private Cam2Cam – As I have looked around at the various cam girl sites I have noticed this feature more and more, and I find it very intriguing. Camming has long been a one-way street, with models getting naked on cameras and horny guys watching. With Cam2Cam, however, the viewer can turn on their camera as well, setting up a two-way video chat that looks fun for everyone involved. This is another good way for a Streamray model to make money, and again I am looking forward to checking it out.

I was impressed by the large number of chats available at There appears to be something here for everyone, model and member alike, and I put that clearly in the plus category.

How do Streamray Tokens Work (and How Much are They Worth to a Model?)

Streamray uses a token system like other cam sites, and the pricing structure is similar to those of other websites I have looked at and reviewed. Here is a quick rundown of how the Streamray tokens work and how much they are worth.

  •       $11.99 buys 100 tokens
  •       $20.00 buys 185 tokens
  •       $50.00 buys 500 tokens

These tokens are used to tip the models and the number of tokens earned will have a direct impact on how much a given Streamray model earns.

Streamray Member Types

I always try to look at these cam girl sites through the eyes of the average viewer. It is, after all, those viewers who will keep my bank account full and my body happy. Streamray offers its new members a 100% free account, and that account comes with 100 tokens. These tokens can be used to interact with the models, and that is how those models, and the site, makes money.

How Much Can You Earn?

I am always asked how much a cam girl model can make, and the answer to that question is always a tricky one. There are so many factors to consider, from the quality of your video production and your webcam to when and how often you go live. From what I have seen most Streamray girls are live a few hours a day, and many have reported earnings of several thousand dollars a month. Your mileage will vary, of course, so take the figures below with a grain of salt.

Girls – The gals routinely outearn the guys on these types of site and from what I have seen average earnings range from around $1,500 to $3,000 or more. This assumes a model that is active for several hours a day.

Guys – There is demand for cam guys as well, but the demand is not as strong or as consistent. Based on that fact it looks like average earnings for the guys might be more in the $1,000 to $1,500 monthly range.

Couples – Earnings for couples would be more in line with that of the ladies – roughly $1,500 to $3,000 a more. Couples who are online often and those who have built up a solid following may be able to make a lot more money.

Trans – There is a great deal of curiosity about the trans community, and that is good news for trans Streamray models. I am not sure about average earnings, but my best guess would be $1,500 to $2,000 a month or perhaps a bit more.

Streamray Payout Methods, Percentages, Frequency and Chargebacks

I naturally wanted to know how much of a cut the Streamray website would take in exchange for providing a safe and easy platform for my sexual playtime. In reviewing these types of cam girl sites I have seen payout percentages all over the place, from as little as 30% to 35% to as high as 80%.

Streamray has a complicated payout formula, and that means the percentages can vary widely. Models may earn as little as 32% for prerecorded shows, or as much as 70% for live private chats with heavy tipping.

When you sign up at you can choose how you are paid. The site offers a number of popular payout options, including:

  •       Payoneer
  •       Paxum
  •       Epayments
  •       N26
  •       Direct ACH deposit
  •       Check

Streamray provides a number of easy ways to get paid, and that is another point in its favor. Not everyone has a bank account, and I was happy to see the availability of these electronic forms of payment.

Does Streamray Support Different Languages?

Multilingual support is an important feature for these types of cam girl sites, and I was happy to see that does indeed support languages other than English. That should make it easier for non-English speakers and those for whom English is a second language to find success as Streamray models.

What is the Streamray Support Like


As I looked at the various cam girl options on the internet, I found that customer service can sometimes be a sticking point. Some websites have tricked out FAQ sections that answer every conceivable question anyone could other have, while others cover only the basics.

Response times were also sketchy at times, with some websites responding within minutes and others taking multiple days. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that Streamray help is better than many others I have looked at. There are plenty of questions answered right on the website, but if you do have a query you can expect to have it answered pretty quickly.

Who Can Become A Streamray Model?


I will say at the outset that the number one requirement for setting up a Streamray account is that prospective models must be 18+. That is the law, and you will have to provide age verification in order for your new account to become active.

Other than that the requirements for becoming a Streamray model are:

  •       You need a webcam – the higher quality the better
  •       All gender identities are accepted, including male, female, trans men and trans women
  •       Couples and single accounts are welcome
  •       High speed internet connection
  •       An account with a payment provider. Accepted forms of payment include Paxum, epayments, n26 and Payoneer.
  •       A love of sex, or at least masturbation, and a desire to get naked and get down on camera.

How to Become a Model on Streamray And What are the Requirements


Other than the 18+ age, there are not many requirements to become a Streamray model. You obviously need to have a computer and a webcam, but beyond that the only real requirement is an email address and high speed internet access.

I probably should not have to say this, but prospective Streamray models will also need to be comfortable with nudity, and in most cases with semi-public masturbation. Cam sites are known for their live sex and masturbation sessions, and that is what viewers are coming to see. If you are not comfortable getting down and dirty on camera, you might want to look for other ways to make money.

Streamray Website Traffic Stats


I always like to look at the daily traffic stats for websites like this, so I made sure to check out how many people are making their way to What I found was an average unique visitor count of 1,930 and more than 4,000 daily page views. That is respectable, but it is also far less than some other sites I have looked at and reviewed.

I really enjoyed looking at the Streamray cams and having a look around the website. I found the layout of the Streamray site clean, sharp and easy to navigate, and from what I saw the customer service was top notch, with lots of help available.

The payout schedule was a bit confusing, and the fact that I could earn as little as 32% or as much as 70% of the revenue I generate was a bit disconcerting. I am hoping that as I continue to gain experience I will find ways to maximize my earnings, and I will be sure to report back on what I find. For now, however, this looks like a good way to make money, and I can report that is one of the most intriguing cam girl sites I have looked at so far.












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