Stripchat Review - Everything A Model Needs To Know

I had been wanting to explore the world of online adult entertainment for some time now, but I had also been unsure of how to start. There are so many sites and platforms out there, each one promising easy money, lots of fun and an endless stream of rich clients just waiting to part with all that cash. As I got down into the trenches, however, I quickly discovered that many of these sites were not just offering something too good to be true – they actually were too good to be true. 

Over time I started to develop a sixth sense, a kind of BS detector I relied on to ferret out the scam sites and focus on the ones that were offering me something truly valuable. I should point out here that I did not have any previous experience in the world of adult entertainment, so professional porn films, no pole dancing, not even a secretly leaked sex tape from a long forgotten relationship.

I was coming to this world as a virgin, so to speak, not in sexual terms but definitely naïve about the various cam girl sites, hookup platforms, sugar daddy meetups and the like. 

In doing my research one of the first places I looked was Stripchat. I had heard a lot about the platform from friends, social media followers and guys who loved to log on and get off to the hot looking girls.

After having a look around, a began a deep dive, and the result of that research is the review you are about to read. I hope you will find this information useful, and that you will use it to make your own decision.

As a believer in personal liberty and an overall sex positive person I would never dream of telling you to join or not join a particular platform. All I can do is lay it all out, provide you with the facts and let you make your own informed decision. 

Best Cam Sites - How Does StripChat Compare?



What is Stripchat

stripchat homepage image

The first thing I want to go over is the most basic, but also the easiest to overlook. Just what is Stripchat, and what is this platform all about? In the simplest terms, Stripchat is a live sex camera site. And with thousands of performers already signed up and doing their thing, Stripchat is among the most popular of this growing category. 

As I did my research and continued to learn about the site, it struck me that the owners of the platform must be doing something right. After all those guys, gals and trans performers would not be getting down and dirty for the camera unless they were seeing some return on their investment. 

I was also struck by the fact that Stripchat is truly an international community, with live sex performers from all over the world. By creating content from the privacy of their own homes and sharing it with the world, these folks are literally making money doing something they love. The only thing left was to look at how this site compares with others you may have heard off, including Cam girls and OnlyFans. 

Who Owns Stripchat

The Stripchat platform is owned by the Pentland Group. The Pentland Group is a privately owned company that invests across a number of online and offline industries, including those involved in sports, entertainment and gambling. 

Quick Overview of Stripchat: Pros and Cons

From what I can see the website strives to make the Stripchat online experience seamless and easy for members and models alike. That is good news for me, since the member experience will play a large role in my potential future earnings.

As I researched how to go live on Stripchat I was pleasantly surprised to find that the site provides many of the tools I need, and that I could start uploading and profiting from my videos as soon as my account was verified. 

As with other sites I looked at, the Stripchat model provides both pros and cons compared to its competitors.

Here are the pros and cons you can enjoy when you research Stripchat and become a model:


  • Super easy setup
  • Account verification takes less than 24 hours
  • Excellent customer service and exhaustive on-site FAQ
  • Various membership levels
  • Opportunity for private chats and shows
  • The site takes safety very, very seriously


  • The 60/40 revenue split is not as generous as other sites
  • Token prices are midrange, with some sites cheaper and others more expensive
  • Generic site layout will not win any awards
  • High level of competition due to the popularity of the site

As I delved deeper into the pros and cons of the Stripchat platform I was struck by just how similar this site is to many others in the category. That is not necessarily a bad thing – there is a lot to be said for a generic user friendly design and a short learning curve.

At the same time it means the Stripchat site needs to work that much harder to distinguish itself, and if it fails to do so it could find itself at a competitive disadvantage. 

For the time being however, I think the Stripchat site has a great deal to offer for both members with money to spend and models looking to earn a decent part time or even a full time living.

As of this writing I am not quite sure how much I will be able to make, but some of the top performers on the site seem to be making serious money doing what they love. 

Is Strip Chat Legit and Safe?

Ever since they found out I was doing this research, my friends keep asking me if Stripchat is legit or just a scam. The good news is that the Stripchat site is 100% legit, and lots of performers are already making money here. This is definitely not a scam site, and the high level of customer support and transparency has been very reassuring.

I was also happy to learn that Stripchat goes above and beyond to create a safe online environment for their members and their models. Safety is always an important consideration online, but even more so when adult content is involved, so this was also reassuring. 

All Stripchat payments are done using an encrypted server, and the site works hard to keep the details of those payments, and the accounts in question, away from hackers and spies. Login information is also protected and encrypted, giving the site a high level of safety for everyone involved. 

How Does Stripchat Work (and It's Main Features)

In compiling this Stripchat review I looked at a number of factors, from how the site works and how to sign up to how much I might be able to make and how best to get started. I also looked at the main features of the site, comparing and contrasting to competing platforms in order to make a better decision for myself. 

When members enter the Stripchat site they can look around for free, but if they want to tip the models and engage in private chats they will need to purchase tokens. Those token purchases, and other revenue generated by the site is split between the performers who have accounts and the people who own the website.

Some of the notable features of the Stripchat website include:

  • A variety of membership levels designed to keep viewers engaged and encourage them to purchase tokens
  • A pricing structure that provides reduced costs for tokens as the number of tokens purchased increases
  • Private chat areas for models and members, giving them a space away from other prying eyes
  • A safety first approach designed to keep models and performers secure on the site
  • Easy signup with just an email address
  • Secure payouts via an encrypted server

Each of these features has a great deal to offer, and so far I have been quite impressed at what I have found. I am still exploring the various ins and outs of the Stripchat website, so read on to see what else I discover along the way. 

What are the Stripchat Categories?

stripchat categories

As I continued to do my homework, one of the most impressive things I found is that the platform does not cater to a single sexual taste. Instead, the owners of the Stripchat platform understand that there is no such thing as normal or abnormal when it comes to sexual desire.

One of the things that sets Stripchat apart from many of its competitors is the way it caters to the more unusual sexual tastes. No kink is too wild, no fetish too obscure, to find a place on the Stripchat platform. 

As for the design of the Stripchat site, I found it quite similar to other sites I looked at. Girls (and guys) who have spent time on other adult oriented platforms will find the look and feel of Stripchat quite familiar. In my experience that it is a net positive, as it helps to reduce the inherent learning curve of these types of sites.

I for one would rather spend my time playing with my toys, playing with my boyfriend and filming it all for my fans that sorting through endless pages of details. 

I am a relatively tech savvy gal, but I can safely say that even the most computer literate models and performers will have no trouble navigating the Stripchat website. The site is laid out in an intuitive manner, making it easy to find what you are looking for and get answers to your questions. 

On the other hand, I found the site pretty generic, something the average user may not notice but the more discerning performers certainly may. While highly functional and easy to navigate, the Stripchat website will not be winning any design awards any time soon. 

What are Stripchats Chat Types?

stripchat live chat

The next question I had when compiling this review and checking out the Stripchat site was what kinds of engagement were available. I know how important it is to engage with viewers on a personal basis, so I was looking for a site that provided options for private shows, and I was happy to find that Stripchat does just that. 

Private Show

Also known as a private chat, Stripchat provides access to private shows. This would allow my fans to interact one on one, away from the prying eyes of other viewers. This guarantees that the customers have the undivided attention of their special performer, but it also gives those performers the opportunity to make some extra money. 

Friends Chat

I know about online friends, but I was unsure how the model would play out on an adult oriented site like Stripchat. In Stripchat land the friends chat allows visitors to add performers as friends and start chats for free. A key thing to know, however, is that only gold level members and friends are able to send you private messages. 

Performers on the Stripchat site can also create a list of favorite viewers, but those viewers must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have previously added you to their list of favorites
  • They must have had at least one prior conversation with you
  • They must have been previously in your room

I found this level of interaction very reassuring, and I feel it will give me the tools I need to be successful on the site. This seems to compare well to what I have found elsewhere, and it definitely puts Stripchat in the top tier of locations I have looked at. 

How do Stripchat Tokens Work (and How Much are They Worth to a Model?)

Even though I have just started to research the subject, I did have a basic idea of what tokens were and how they worked. I was pleased to find that tokens on the Stripchat platform work similarly to other sites I had researched, and that like other sites new viewers can log on and watch for free. 

While it costs nothing to access the Stripchat website, the real fun begins when users want to host private chats and tip their favorite models. As a prospective performer I was certainly interested in this part of the process. 

What I found was that Stripchat uses a tiered pricing structure for its tokens, with larger purchases resulting in a lower per-token cost. 

The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 90 tokens for $9.99, or a per-token cost of $0.11
  • 200 tokens for $19.99, or a per-token cost of $0.10
  • 520 tokens for $49.99, or a per-token cost of $0.096
  • 1080 tokens for $99.99, or a per-token cost of $0.093
  • 2340 tokens for $199.99, or a per-token cost of $.085

This tiered pricing structure encourages members to purchase as many tokens as they can, and that makes it easier for performers to earn tips and other incentives. I like this idea, and I am anxious to see how it plays out once I am finally online. 

In comparing the token prices with other sites I found Stripchat to be in the middle of the pack. They are not the cheapest, but they are also not the most expensive. There is value here, and that is good for performers and members alike. 

Keep in mind that models on the Stripchat site earn 60% of all the revenue, so the tokens used for tipping are valued on that basis. For top performers this can add up to quite a bit, while newcomers may take some time to build up a profitable fan base. 

Stripchat Member Types

As I continued my exploration of the Stripchat platform I realized that I was coming at it from the perspective of a performer. That is only natural I guess, as that would be the role that I was playing. What I needed to know next was what the site was like for the viewers who would (hopefully) soon be signing my virtual paychecks, so I needed to know about the various membership types and how they worked. 

Grey: Stripchat uses a color coded membership designation model, and greys are those members who have not yet purchased any tokens on the site. 

Green: Green members are those who have purchased tokens and are currently holding them in their accounts. These tokens allow green level members to tip models if they like, something I hope to soon experience. Green users are also safe from banning by gold members, also known as Knights. 

Ex-Green: As the name implies ex-greens are members who have run out of tokens. Those ex-greens can always get their status back simply by purchasing additional tokens to pass out to their favorite models. 

Gold: The gold members are the ones who pay a monthly subscription in order to access the Stripchat site. These are your heavy tippers, the ones you will go the extra mile to please. When you get these folks off they will send some cash your way, so you will want to get to know them. 

Fun piece of trivia here – on Stripchat the gold members are known as Knights. Those Knights are free to reach out to the models with private messages, setting up one on one sessions and generating a higher level of intimacy and interactivity. 

How Much Can You Earn?

Since I started this project many people have been asking me how much money can be made, not only on Stripchat but on other cam girl and adult oriented sites as well. As with so many things in life, there is no simple answer to that question, and the amount of money up for grabs will depend on a number of factors. 

The amount of money a given user can make on the Stripchat platform will depend on the quality of their content, the amount of exposure, their existing social media profile and some amount of luck as well. Even so, there are statistics available, and here are some figures to aspire to. 

Girls: According to Stripchat’s statistics, some top performers on the site make as much as $15,000 a month. This is much higher than many other cam sites, and it compares well to other platforms I have looked at. 

Guys: The world of online entertainment is perhaps the only place where the girls routinely outperform, and outearn, the guys. That is a win for women’s liberation, but all is not lost – men can make a good living on the OnlyFans site as well.

On average hot guys can expect to make anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, although individual earnings can vary quite a bit. One thing to note is that the male audience consists of mostly gay men and some guys may be uncomfortable with that dynamic.

Couples: Many couples have found success on the Stripchat platform, turning their bedroom exploits into a lucrative new career. The earning potential for couples is similar to that of the ladies, with top earnings pulling in five figures a month on a consistent basis. 

Trans: Although it is still a niche category on the site, there is a growing appetite for transgender performers on Stripchat. That means the earning potential for transgender performers is likely to grow in the future, especially for those who can get in now, before the category becomes overly saturated. 

Stripchat Payout Methods, Percentages, Frequency and Chargebacks

Now I was really curious about the Stripchat platform, and seriously considering signing up. But before I could continue and turn my camera on, I had one more important question – how much money could I make and how much of that cash does the platform take before I get paid. 

The payouts and percentages vary widely across the universe of cam sites, so this was definitely an important consideration. I was a bit disappointed to find that Stripchat takes a steep 40% of revenue, with the models themselves getting 60% of the revenue they produce.

That 40% cut is pretty standard across the other cam girl sites I have looked at so far, but it is also far less than the popular OnlyFans platform. Since OnlyFans has an 80/20 revenue sharing model, with models getting 80% of the proceeds, I was hoping that Stripchat would be a bit more generous. 

On the other hand, the fact that the Stripchat site is already so popular leads me to believe that performers on the platform, at least in the top tier, must be doing well. Even so, having a presence on other, more generous, websites, might not be a bad idea, and it is something I am strongly considering. 

I was also pleased to learn that the Stripchat platform does provide the potential for extra revenue, something they refer to as the BOOST incentive. This program provides extra exposure and enhanced visibility for newcomers on the site, making it easier for them to get started and improving their chances of long term success.

I found this feature especially helpful, since I do not have legions of Twitter followers or social media followers who will follow me to the site should I choose to sign up. 

All payments to Stripchat performers are made via the site’s encrypted servers, an important consideration in terms of both safety and reliability. As long as you do not divulge any personal information to the members, you should not have to worry about your personal safety or security when using the site. 

Does Stripchat Support Different Languages?

I was curious to see if Stripchat provides support for other languages, as the more viewers I can attract the more money I should be able to make. What I found was the majority of traffic to the Stripchat website comes from inside the United States, and that means most of the accounts use English as their primary language. 

That does not mean there is not support for other languages, just that English is the norm here. If you are coming from outside the United States, I think you will find a warm welcome on the site, and the customer service is a step above some other platforms I have visited. 

What is the Stripchat Support Like

stripchat support

I have found the customer support sorely lacking at some other cam sites I have looked at, so I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of the Stripchat staff.

The signup process is super easy, with no upfront verification needed, speeding me along to registration and giving me the tools I needed. And since new accounts are verified within 24 hours, there is little lag time between signing up and creating content. 

In addition to the aforementioned site support, the Stripchat website helpfully contains a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. This FAQ covered everything I needed to know, giving me a high level of confidence in the legitimacy of the site, and in its potential.

The site also provides ample support and a list of FAQs for would-be viewers, making it easier for guys (and girls) to find what they are looking for without wading through endless pages of content and fine print. 

Stripchat is trying hard to stand out from others like Chaturbate, Bongacams and Streamate

Who Can Become A Stripchat Model? 

stripchat model account

By this time I was relatively impressed with the Stripchat business model, and with its easy to use platform. At this point I was wondering if I had what it took to be a Stripchat model, and that brings me to the application process. 

I found the application easy to navigate and simple to complete. As I continued my journey of discovery I was thrilled to find that literally the only thing I needed to get started was an email address.

Now I already have a general purpose email address, and a separate one for online shopping, but I thought it best to create a separate account just for the application process. I recommend doing this to everyone, not just in terms of safety but simplicity as well.

It only takes a minute to create a new yahoo or hotmail account, and it is easy enough to toggle back and forth between screen names and accounts. 

Had I not been so concerned about anonymity, I could have easily signed up with my existing Google account. This is a simple enough shortcut, and it is one that many others will be comfortable with.

If you choose to sign up you will have to make that choice yourself – all I can do is tell you how I approached the signup process. 

I did not have a Twitter Models account, but if I did I could have used that account to sign up with Stripchat. There are distinct advantages to linking the profiles in this way – existing Twitter models can gain new exposure and bring their fans and followers with them when they head over to Stripchat. 

It goes without saying but since Stripchat is an adult oriented website the owners of new accounts must be at least 18 years of age. The site does provide age verification, so if you are underage you will have to wait a few months, or years, before you can get started. 

How to Become a Model on Stripchat And What are the Requirements

stripchat models

I was a little bit nervous about exploring the Stripchat platform. After all I am not exactly a spring chicken, nor am I a supermodel. The good news is that the platform seems to welcome performers and models of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities. In looking around I was able to find virtually every type of kink and fetish – there is truly something here for everyone. 

That made me a little less hesitant about getting started, and I was thrilled to know that literally the only thing I needed was an email address. I used a new email address set up for just this purpose, but on further review I think I would have been comfortable using my Google or Yahoo address.

Once the account is approved I will be able to start producing content right away, and the BOOST offer for new models should make it easier to attract an initial following. 

Stripchat Website Traffic Stats


As I have explored the world of cam girl sites and other adult oriented money making opportunities, I have come to appreciate the importance of website traffic. I have come to realize that even if I have smoking hot videos to share and stunning nude pics to sell, I will not get very far if no one sees what I have to offer. 


In doing my research I was impressed by the website traffic stats Stripchat has provided. The most recent statistics I could find showed that the site has average daily visitors of approximately 430,000 users, and that daily page views are around 1.5 million. That is highly respectable in such a crowded space, and it should bode well for myself and other potential content creators. 


There you have it, and as my Stripchat review comes to an end a little bit of a recap is in order. Simply put, the Stripchat models I talked to are happy and making money, the Stripchat token purchase process is easy enough for members to understand and setting up a Stripchat account literally requires nothing more than an email address. 

Other Stripchat reviews have already revealed the site to be 100% legitimate and not a scam, so I will not reiterate other than to share my own experience.

The Stripchat website is easy to navigate and intuitive, the Stripchat history is free of drama and scandal and the various Stripchat shows are the stuff of legend. Only time will tell how much money I make, but I am confident that hard work, dedication and a love of sex and eroticism will pay off in the end. 

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