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When my hottest friends discovered that I was sniffing around the world of cam girls and cam girl sites, they suggested that I check out the Xmodels website. They extolled the virtues of the Xcams, and they bragged about the money they were making.

I am not one to question the value of experience, so I did indeed check out those Xcams, and what I found was quite intriguing. As a result, I took the time to create a review of Xmodels, so aspiring cam girls will know what the site is all about.

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What is Xmodels


I will start with the basics – what is Xmodels and what does it have to offer? Based in Europe, the Xmodels platform is one of the most generous I have found in terms of model payments. While some competitors I looked at pay their models only a fraction of the revenue they generate, Xmodels cut can be as low as 35%. This 25%-50% payout ratio is better than many other sites I have looked at – no wonder the aforementioned hot friends are making so much cash.

Who Owns Xmodels

I am always curious about the ownership of these types of sites. In researching this review I found that Xmodels is owned by the DNX Network, a company based out of Luxembourg.

How Much is Xmodels Worth?

Valuing a privately held company, especially one outside your home country, is always a tricky proposition, so I can only make an educated guess. Based on what I have seen, however, I would expect the value of the site to be in the millions.

Quick Overview of Xmodels: Pros and Cons

In reviewing not only Xmodels but also cam girl sites like Stripchat and Chaturbate I try to report the pros and cons as I see them. I want to be fair to both the models and the owners of the site, so here are the advantages and drawbacks of Xcams as I see them.


  •       Better than average payout ratio.
  •       Xcams is an established site with a strong track record.
  •       Twice monthly payments with an option for daily payouts.
  •       The site is based in Europe, with a largely European audience. That means models are less likely to be seen by friends, neighbors and coworkers.
  •       Support for multiple languages makes it easy for non-English speaking Xcams models to get started.
  •       A unique referral program can boost earnings for Xcams models and allow successful cam girls to spread the wealth around.


  •       The original per-minute rate for new models is low, and models must cam on the site for 100 hours before they are free to set their own rates.
  •       Payout minimums are based in Euros, so Xcams models working elsewhere in the world could be impacted by changes in exchange rate.
  •       High level of competition – there are currently 25,000 working Xcams models on the site.

This list of pros and cons is certainly not exhaustive, and prospective Xcams models will certainly find their own things to love, or to hate. In the end you will have to make up your own mind, but I do find the benefits of Xmodels quite compelling.

Is Xmodels Legit and Safe?

The fact that Xmodels is one of the oldest and most well known of the cam girl sites makes me feel that it is 100% legitimate. And the fact that the audience is based mostly in Europe means that it is safer than most for U.S.-based Xcams models, both in terms of personal safety and in terms of unwanted exposure.

Since most of the guys watching you will be from Europe, there is a far lesser chance that a friend, an old high school teacher or a current coworker will stumble into one of your live masturbation sessions or see one of your uploaded videos. If you are interested in camming but worried that others will find out, Xmodels could be a good way to get started.

How Does Xmodels Work (and It's Main Features)

I always like to look at how these cam girl sites work, and I always like to go over their most notable features. Here is a list of the most intriguing features I found while checking out all those Xcams.

  •       Xmodels has a referral program where current Xcams models can earn additional revenue based on the success of the friends they get to sign up.
  •       Xcams models are free to set their own per-minute rates.
  •       The site supports group shows, a big plus for couples, roommates and others.
  •       Models can upload their own videos, so they can earn money even when they are not online.
  •       Payments are made twice a month, with an option for daily payouts.
  •       The site is truly multilingual, with many language options on the website.

These features compare very well with other cam girl sites I have looked at. Since I found out about the referral program I have been even more anxious to sign up – and earn my hot friend some extra money.

What are the Xmodels Categories?

The Xmodels website provides all the standard categories, including girls, guys and couples. There is also space for both trans men and trans women, and from what I have seen there is a growing community of trans folks working as Xcams models.

What are Xmodels Chat Types?

The Xmodels website provides a number of different chat types for its members. Chat types include:

Free chat - Is available to everyone, but it is mostly confined to software activities. The real action takes place behind the paywall, which I assume is good news for all those Xcams models

Live chat – The live chat is a paid group cam show. These shows cost about five credits for each minute of access

Private chat – The private chat is a one-on-one experience between the Xcams model and the viewer, providing a higher level of intimacy and a better experience. Since the cost of private access is also higher, roughly 20 credits per minute, Xcams models can make more money when they take their chats private.

VIP shows – VIP shows provide the highest level of intimacy and interaction between the Xcams model and the viewer, and the highest earnings opportunity.

In addition to the standard chat features Xmodels allows viewers to turn on their own webcam. This provides a true cam-to-cam experience, and a chance for Xcams models to get not only tips but special gifts.

How do Xmodels Tokens Work (and How Much are They Worth to a Model?)

The Xmodels website uses a system of credits, and members can purchase those credits in exchange for access to their favorite models. Group shows cost approximately 5 credits per minute, while private one-on-one chats cost 20 credits per minute. Xcams models can earn between 45% and 65% of the revenue they generate based on whether or not they participate in the referral program.

Xmodels Member Types

The Xmodels website offers a number of different member types, including free access to soft core content for everyone and paid access to more sexually explicit stuff.

How Much Can You Earn?

The question of how much an Xcams model can make is another tricky one, and another one that is difficult to answer. The earnings will depend on a number of factors, including time on site, engagement and the availability of non-availability of prerecorded videos for extra income. Even so, I have done my best to provide rough estimates of what new and experienced cam girls might be able to make on Xmodels.

Girls – The gals definitely outearn the guys here, as most of the audience is male. I would expect an attractive and engaging Xcams model to be able to earn several thousand dollars each month on the site, possibly more for top performers.

Guys – The audience for guys is more limited, but there is potential here. I would expect a hot guy might be able to make a thousand dollars or more catering to the needs of gay guys and Europe and beyond.

Couples – From what I have seen the earning potential for couples is similar to that of single women, so I would estimate that several thousand dollars a month is possible when working as an Xcams model.

Trans – It looks like there is a growing community of trans folks on the Xmodels website, some of them based in Europe, others in the United States and others scattered around the world. Since this is still a niche market I would expect earnings to be a bit lower than the several thousand a month for single girls and couples.

Xmodels Payout Methods, Percentages, Frequency and Chargebacks

It is always notable to look at the payout methods on a particular payout site, and I was happy to see that Xcams offers a number of different options. This is especially important for a cross-border site like Xcams, one that hosts models from all over the world while catering to a largely European audience.

The payout methods offered by Xmodels include:

  •       Syspay
  •       Paxum
  •       ePayments
  •       Wire transfer

As far as payout percentages go, Xmodels is one of the better cam girl sites I have looked at. It is true that new Xcams models start out at a low per-minute rate, but after 100 hours on the site they are free to set their own rates, and that could vastly improve their earning power.

Xmodels pays between 45% and 65% to its performers, and the minimum for getting paid is a balance of 50 Euros. There are charges for wire transfers, but those fees are relatively low, meaning models will be able to access the vast majority of their money.

Payouts are made twice a month, but there is also an option for daily payments. I could see that being useful for Xcams models who are trying to make Xmodels their main source of income, as well as those who plan to use it for extra spending cash.

Does Xmodels Support Different Languages?

The fact that the Xmodels website is based in Europe but welcomes Xcams models from around the world means it is multilingual by default. The site supports models from around the globe, and its website content is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and several more.

What is the Xmodels Support Like


From what I can see the support on the Xmodels website is very good. The site is truly multilingual, with pages available in French, English, German, Dutch and many other languages. In addition the FAQ is exhaustive and easy to access, and there are plenty of contact options available for both members and models.

Who Can Become A Xmodels Model?


It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway – if you want to become an Xcams model, or any type of cam girl model, you will need to be of legal age. That means only 18+ models will be accepted, and the Xmodels website does do age verification. If you are still underage, you might want to bookmark this page and come back later.

Other than the standard age requirement, pretty much anyone can become an Xcams model. In reviewing the site I found models of all ages, sizes, shapes, body types, gender identities and sexual identities. While it is true that the majority of Xcams models are girls, there are also plenty of guys here, and a growing trans community as well.  

How to Become a Model on Xmodels And What are the Requirements


I was surprised to see that becoming a cam girl was not as hard as I thought, and even more heartened to discover that I already met many of the requirements. In order to become a successful Xcams model, you will need:

  •       A laptop or desktop computer
  •       A webcam, either built-in or standalone
  •       Reliable high speed internet access, the faster the better
  •       A bank account or account with a payment service Xmodels supports
  •       The desire to do sexy stuff on camera

Those are pretty basic requirements, and it looks like it is relatively easy to sign up. Since I already have a computer, a webcam and internet access I think will sign up and see how it goes.

Xmodels Website Traffic Stats

It is always important to look at the website traffic stats of any cam girl site you are looking at, so let’s take a look at what the Xmodels platform has to offer. My research showed that Xmodels has thousands of unique daily visitors and tens of thousands of page views on average, pretty respectable if a bit lower than some other sites I have looked at.






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