Chapter 3: How to Choose the Best Webcam for Streaming

Best Webcam For Streaming - Best Webcam For Cam Girls

In our last chapter, we talked about how important it was to choose a good cam girl name and how to set up your profile. However, without a good camera, you can’t expect to make money and have a high-quality show. All the popular cam girls you see out there, whether it’s on YouTube or any webcam site, have invested money into their camming equipment first so they can engage their fans and provide them with a top-notch cam site experience. So, the next step for you is to find the best webcam for streaming.

Luckily, the equipment you will need will be a worthwhile investment. When you consider your future income, you will see it’s just a one-off expense you will need to cover. When it comes to your webcam equipment, these are several technical factors that will have a great impact on your success.

In this chapter, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know before you go shopping for camming equipment. With our tips, your cam experience will be exactly how you pictured it to be - perfect!

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Some cam girls use their laptop’s built-in camera to stream their show. The reasons for this are very simple - it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to purchase a separate webcam. During your performance, you don’t have to worry about holding the camera or changing up your lighting or angles. 

Here is a list of laptops with the best webcams:

  • 13-inch MacBook Air ($999 USD - $1,299 USD)
  • HP x360 Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook ($329 USD - $499 USD)
  • Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 13.9 ($988 USD - $1199 USD)
  • Samsung Galaxy 13.3 4K Ultra HD Touch Screen (‎$718 USD - $999 USD)

Purchasing a new laptop may be the best first step if you don’t have a good quality laptop, or if you’re stuck with a desktop computer. But, what is the best webcam for live streaming if you already have a laptop but your webcam is not exactly doing anything for your streaming quality? You might wonder how to become a cam girl known for high quality streamed shows without a good built-in camera. 

External Webcam

Your camgirl career can start with nothing more than a basic webcam that offers a 720p HD video. This would be enough to ensure you’re providing your fans with a high-quality experience. If you want to up your budget to improve image quality, you can consider 4K Ultra HD videos. Cameras with a good zoom, slow motion options, and great audio input are just some of the features you will get if you purchase a good webcam.

If you know nothing about webcam technology, don’t panic. We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the best webcams on the market:

  • High Definition C922X Logitech Webcam ($99.99 USD)
  • ​Logitech Super Clear C270 High Quality Webcam ($53.50 USD)
  • ​Logitech Extra Superb C310 Fine Webcam ($49.99 USD)
  • Digital Wireless Dropcam Camera ($200 USD)
  • High Definition 3000 Powerful MS LifeCam ($39.95USD - $139.67 USD)

If none of the above are what you consider being the best camera for streaming, please make sure you pay attention to the following when buying a new webcam:

  • Resolution - No lower than 720p
  • Megapixels - Between 5MP and 15MP
  • Weight - Below 270g


Don’t have the money to purchase a new camera or a laptop? Don’t worry, plenty of streaming sites now offer the option to stream from your mobile. Not to say that having a quality webcam is not beneficial for every cam girl, but if you’re not able to spend money on camming equipment at the moment, you can test out streaming on your phone. 

So, here’s how to use phone as webcam and not worry about the lighting, angles, and everything else that might affect your streamed shows. Whether you’re using an Android phone, iPhone, or iPad for your camera, there are several apps that can improve your streaming quality. Luckily, most of them are affordable and you can easily find the best one for the model of your phone.

You can directly use your phone camera to stream, but as it might be complicated to hold your phone for your entire performance, most cam girls purchase a tripod. You can find a good tripod at almost any store that sells electronics or on Amazon for a reasonable price. 

As a guideline, a fair quality tripod will be priced anywhere from $70 - $200 USD. If you can’t afford a new laptop or a webcam, 70 dollars for a good tripod won’t break the bank. And, don’t worry about the impact a phone camera will have on your first few performances. Keep in mind that some of the biggest YouTube influencers recorded videos with their phone camera.


Apart from quality webcams, let’s not forget about your microphone. Most webcams will have a built-in microphone, but sound quality is something to keep in mind when purchasing equipment for your camming career. You will need to communicate with your audience during your performance and it’s vital that they can hear you properly. 

Everything that might affect the quality of your performance is important. So, what type of microphone does a cam model  like yourself need to work on cam sites? Once you start exploring your options, you can ignore the expensive microphones as they mostly target musicians and people who need high-quality microphones for audio recording purposes.

To get a good microphone that supports your camming environment, you will need to spend around $60-100 dollars. You might find ones at half the price, but don’t expect them to last long or produce the sound quality you want for your streamed shows. Here is a short list of good-quality microphones you might consider.

  • Blue Yeti ($179.95 USD)
  • Shure MV5 ($99.00 USD)
  • Samson Meteor Mic ($61.65 USD)

Best Webcam for Streaming on a Budget

Now that we’ve walked you through all the equipment you will need to start streaming, it’s time to collect all this information for a streaming budget. How much will it cost you to get the best webcam for streaming and for other essential equipment? We’ve created budgets at three ranges for you: 

Low budget




49.99 USD


61.65 USD


111,64 USD

Medium budget



Laptop with a good camera

499.00 USD


99.00 USD


598 USD

High budget




988.00 USD


200.00 USD


179.95 USD


1367.95 USD

Once you are done considering all the technical aspects of camming, you will be even more motivated to think about your webcam videos. Not only will your stream attract more viewers, but you will also feel more professional in your new role. Investing in quality technology solutions will ensure you are delivering exceptional experiences to your fans, and we assure you they will reward you for that!


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