Chapter 4: Camming Set Up Tips for the Best Cam Girl Room

Camming Studio - Cam Room

Once you have purchased the equipment you will be using for your camming set up and created your profile on the website, it’s time to turn your focus to your work environment! You will likely work from the comfort of your bedroom as it will provide you with the right space and freedom to perform and make successful webcam videos. Using your own room instead of a studio will save you a lot of money as the renting prices can be high.

So, how can you convert your room into a webcam studio? There are numerous ways to do this, from altering your bedroom layout to recording in a dedicated camming room in your home. As the majority of webcam girls use their bedrooms, especially at the beginning of their careers, we’ll focus solely on how to set up your cam area in your bedroom. 

Some questions you might have may include: What are the essential features you need to get high-quality videos? Where should you position your purchased equipment to ensure your viewers are getting the value they deserve? Here are all the tips you need to set up your cam space. 

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Cam Model Lighting

Don’t start setting up your room as if you’re redecorating your space. Think of it as a professional area where a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration to provide you with the results you need. The most important factor in your camming space is lighting. Even if you have a high-quality webcam, lighting is what will ultimately affect the quality of your webcam videos. You will need to ensure your space is well lit no matter if you stream or record at daytime or nighttime. 

You can’t have successful webcam videos without a good source or good sources of light. If your cam space has sufficient natural light, you can stream or record your videos during the day. However, keep in mind that your camera needs to be in front of the light source, e.g. your window. Your face and/or body shouldn’t be in the shadow, letting your viewers see only your silhouette. 

3-Point Lighting System

At night, you will have to rely on the lights in your room. If your room doesn’t have sufficient lighting, you should consider investing in a 3-point lighting system. This is a standard method used in videos that forms the basis of good lighting. It consists of three lights: a key light, fill light and backlight. 

The key or main light is the strongest light and determines how the scene will look. It should be placed to one side of your camera, producing light on that side and shadow on the other. The object (you, in this case) should be placed in the middle of the side with the light. The fill light, which is usually softer than the first light source, should be on the opposite side of the key light. The backlight should be placed behind the object so it provides a three-dimensional setup. 

If you’re unable to provide this type of light setup, you can make do with the main light source, but don’t forget to place it behind or on your camera to produce the desired results. 

Setting the Mood

Besides ensuring the technical quality of your videos, lighting also serves to set the mood. A darker cam space can create mystery and allow your fans to use their imagination. It’s up to you to choose among the different light setups and see which one works best for you. But, keep in mind that it would be more beneficial for you if you begin shooting or broadcasting with proper lighting before your audience becomes more familiar with you and your work. 

Cam Girl Bedrooms: The Different Types of Camming Spaces

Now that we’ve covered lighting, it’s time to start thinking about what type of cam space works best for you. Keep in mind that if you have chosen a camgirl persona with certain qualities, your cam space will need to correspond with that. If you’re going for a more natural persona, you will be able to choose among more types of cam spaces. 

Light & Clean

This type is perfect for all the natural cam girls out there. Your space will have the perfect lighting, meaning a lot of daylight or a quality lighting system. This way, your fans will be able to see you perfectly and your webcam video quality will be clear, fresh, and natural. Along with good lighting, you will have to make sure your room is clean and organized before streaming. Cam girls who choose this type of camming environment have the type of audience who enjoys seeing them in an every day, natural setting and being a part of the camgirl’s everyday life. 


A fantasy cam space will require a little more work than the one above. You will need to invest in lighting that will produce an intriguing and sensual environment. For instance, if you’re looking into creating a BDSM room, you should consider purchasing dark red or purple lights to fulfill your fantasy setup. Don’t forget to test your lighting and your entire camming space before you go live or record videos. As fantasy spaces are the complete opposite of natural ones, things may not always look like you want it to look on camera. Here, you will also need to have high-quality equipment such as the best webcam for streaming, good microphone and, of course, lighting system. 


If you would like to invite your viewers into a themed cam world, you will need to construct a space for that. Dressing up as a teacher, nurse, maid, or fitness instructor? You can easily convert your room into an environment to fit your persona. Write down all the things you will need to add to your room to create that type of camming space. For instance, if you’re being a teacher, you will need a blackboard, chalk, a desk, a chair, and some other details that might set the scene. Most of the things you will need for your webcam videos are probably already in your home, and the rest of them can be purchased on websites that offer used furniture.

Cam Girl Setup: Things To Keep An Eye On

Besides webcam lighting, you will need to think about other things in your room as well. Before you start streaming your performances, remove all personal objects or anything else that might reveal your identity or location such as photos and documents. Also, pay attention to the background of your cam space. Can your viewers discover where you live based on the view from your window? Is there anything else that might reveal more than you want to when you’re recording or streaming? 

Many girls will assume that their security is ensured just because they have signed up on one of the best cam sites, but your security involves a lot more than just a secure platform. Place your camera somewhere where nothing can distract you while you’re streaming live and always be careful with objects you use in your performances. You might get carried away in the moment and later realize that hundreds or even thousands of your fans now know your real identity. Be careful!

Anonymity & Your Cam Space

We can’t conclude this post without mentioning anonymity and how your cam space can help you be anonymous in front of your audience. Girls who choose to hide their face in their videos will want a camming space where they feel safe and comfortable. Besides removing objects that might identify you, it’s crucial that you feel good about your camming environment. Here, we are talking about more than just having the best camera for streaming, great performances, and outfits on point. 

There are no rules when it comes to your wellbeing. If you feel uncomfortable having windows without blinds when performing, purchase some blinds and put them up. If you fear that someone might enter your room, always lock it before streaming. In short, whatever might distract you or make you uncomfortable, get rid of it or find a solution for it. 

Keep in mind that the best cam model is one that feels good about herself and loves what she does. Your fans will notice if there’s something that’s preventing you from performing your best. To prevent that from happening, understand what are hard NOs for you. 

Don’t compare yourself to other girls as everyone is different. Some might enjoy publicity a lot more than you do, some may be more out there and extroverted, just make sure you know what you want before you press the stream button and go live on one of these websites!


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