Chapter 7: How to Get More Followers on Chaturbate, Stripchat & Other Cam Sites

It’s one thing to have lots of people in your room enjoying your show and another to have recurring viewers who eventually become your loyal audience. They are crucial to your success as they are not only the ones who pay for your services but the ones who determine which direction your cam career will go. If you’re wondering how to become an egirl who has the knowledge and skill to build up a long-term audience, look no further because we have all the information you need.

From understanding your audience profile to determining your strengths, there are a lot of things you’ll need to keep an eye out for to make sure you truly utilize your best qualities. Don’t hesitate to give your all so you can build up an audience who is as ecstatic about your performances, if not more, than you!

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Your Audience Profile

After you’ve started off on one of the best camming sites on the web, you’ll gradually notice that there are thousands of other girls with the same goals. This means that you’ll have to stand out from the crowd and attract people who will become repeat customers. Is there a type of audience you want to aim to lure in once you start broadcasting? How will this determine your cam girl persona and the activities you prepare for your viewers?

When thinking about selling any type of service, understanding who your audience is and what their preferences are will determine the outcome. After your first few shows, start analyzing the types of viewers you attract to determine what will likely keep them coming back. What they have in common, what they enjoy, and how they communicate with you -- all of this will help you develop your cam personality and focus on the activities which will benefit you.

Write down all the things you notice about your viewers, e.g. their age, communication style, desires, what captures their attention, etc. You can even develop audience personas and start thinking about different shows you can put on to satisfy their needs, values, and desires. This will help you tremendously to deliver exactly what they are looking for. 

For example, if your fans express their love for comic books, you could think about buying shirts with comic characters on it or dress up as a popular superhero like Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, or Harley Quinn.

Best Hot Cam Girl Tricks

Now that you’ve analyzed your viewers, let’s focus on some tips that will bring in the cash. After all, a cam girl needs to have some tricks up her sleeve.

Personal Connection

People look for different things on cam sites, but one thing that all viewers look for is a personal connection. Your fans want to connect with you on a personal level and feel as though they are important to you and part of your daily life. Giving them a little peek into your room on a screen doesn’t offer them that level of interaction.

To negate the feeling of physical distance, start building close relationships with them. When you are talking to your audience, it’s crucial to look them in the eye  (in this case, at the webcam) and make them feel significant to you. Ask them about their day, what they personally enjoy, and remember things about each user. 

When you interact with them next time, ask them how that work project is going, whether they were able to purchase the car they mentioned the other day, or how they spent their birthday last week. Remember, nothing will make them feel more important than showing them you remember something about them and want to hear more about their life. 


Besides being a part of your everyday life, there will be viewers who are looking to escape their daily life and jump into a fantasy world with you. This type of audience persona doesn’t want to talk about real-life issues and simply wants to have fun. That’s where you come in! Make them smile, keep things interesting, and be that casual girl that every man wants to have around.

To provide your fans with a fantasy world, you will need to get into character and pull them into that world. Make sure your efforts are natural, as forcing something and being ungenuine might result in losing your audience. 

Fantasy mainly means an escape from reality but there is a more literal definition to acknowledge. It’s no secret that the world of camming is populated by themes that are considered to be taboo. While outlandish, the majority of fetishes and kinks out there are not morally objectionable.

Take the time to do some research into some of these themes to find out if there are any that align with interests of yours so you can capitalize on your comfort and familiarity with the topics.

Many audience members will be incredibly generous with their wallets if they find their interest in you, especially since they normally have to seek it out or make detailed requests. If you get lucky and land on the right fantasy, that will turn into a lasting income source during your time as an Egirl. 

The message here is to be open minded, and let go of reservations that might lead you to come off condescending towards certain desires. Just like acting forced, this will put a black mark on your record as a cam model. 

Power Play

There is no stronger aphrodisiac than power, right? Luckily, not even technology can stand in the way of implementing power into your shows. If your fans are into power play, there are two ways you can play it out. The first one relies on you to be dominant and possess all the power where your viewers need to follow your rules if they want to take part. 

The second one will create the opposite scenario. Your audience will possess the control and you will have to do whatever they ask of you. For this to work out, you may need to be a little more experienced in the cam world. It requires knowing how to control your viewers but allowing them to believe they are controlling you. So, if you want to spice things up, try out the first option and once you feel more comfortable in your role, try the second one.  

The Domina genre is an avenue that pays even while you’re not working but it does take a mental investment. The types of customers that seek out women who fulfill this role seldom go for a one time experience and more often want slightly deeper and longer lasting bonds.

You will have to remember each one’s preferences and what you have done in past interactions to keep up the fantasy for them and not risk losing them as a customer. If you falter, there is a chance that word will spread about your inexperience and you will have a hard time getting your footing back. Women with naturally dominant personalities who are more than comfortable with their confidence will thrive in this niche.

If it feels too forced for you, you will be better off finding a different element that suits you and therefore making money will be easier in the long run. This is really a sort of pass or fail persona to embody, but do not fret! While it seems like some Domina women just sit back and rake in the cash, this is a possibility for every type of cam girl, which is why it’s such a popular field! 

Start with Yourself

Although it is really important that you know and understand your audience, you shouldn’t go out of your way to please them. You should feel comfortable with everything you do in front of the camera, so if something doesn’t feel right, stop doing it. Confidence is crucial to your success, and doing things that aren’t on par with who you are might decrease that level of self-esteem that your audience loves. 

What you first need to learn is how to become a cam girl who knows what she wants and values and then start delivering that to your fans. What will make this entire experience more interesting and fun for you, and not just for the viewers? Is there something you want to try out but haven’t had a chance to before? Be yourself - that’s the only way for you to succeed!

You Are The Product

In line with this philosophy is the idea of investing in yourself. Modeling online can be a lucrative way to earn money and many girls earn more than enough to cover their basic expenses. Once you have your footing, it will pay off a lot to siphon some of those funds back towards you. This can look first and foremost like pampering yourself but it’s very good for business. Regular hair or nail appointments, getting your lashes done, and buying quality makeup will end up paying for itself when your appearance and confidence sends fans to your page in droves. 

Let’s break this down a little. Egirls all keep different schedules, this is the beauty of being one, but you will probably end up spending several hours at a time on camera. Wearing cheap makeup for hours at a time, or not having the right cleanser to wash it off when you are done, can lead to breakouts, which pushes your audience away either by your appearance or your lack of assurance in yourself. Don’t skimp on this area and invest in high quality products to protect your moneymaker. 

This next avenue is a more literal path to revenue. If you have the tenacity for it, keeping well manicured toes can attract a selection of high paying followers that are known for their strong preferences and will pay good money to keep seeing individuals who possess their favorite type of tootsies.

Prioritizing yourself and your appearance by outsourcing the upkeep will also contribute to the image you should be trying to project as a cam girl. Sure you can save a little money by cutting your own hair and painting your nails at home but you need to start thinking of your time as money. The time that you spend in your own bathroom doing the work can be spent in the salon chair on your phone handling your social media presence. Patrons of cam girls also want to be supporting the idea of a carefree, desirable, and sometimes just out of reach woman. Creating as many elements that support that image as possible will help maintain the fantasy for them and add up in small ways down the line. 

Playing Dress Up 

Once this initial personal investment starts helping you bring home the bacon, you will have even more funds to redirect to yourself so you can boost your income further. When you first started you probably only had one or two sets of lingerie you could change into for your more private shows.

Now is the perfect time to buy a few more, obtain a variety to see what both you and your fans prefer, and even opt for high quality specialty pieces that only the lucky few get the chance to see you in. Included in this category are tights, thigh high socks, and fishnets, as well as statement jewelry pieces and shoes. 

Speaking of shoes, these are a great and simple money earner with audience members who will want to make specific requests (for a price) to see you strut your stuff in a particular set of heels. If you have a love for beautiful shoes, you can build up your personal collection this way, either with the money you earn or by allowing lucky fans to purchase pairs for you to perform in for one on one shows.

If you’re indifferent about pumps, just invest in a few good pairs that meet a wide range of desires. Red bottom stilettos, leather or latex boots, and clear platform dancer heels are great starting places. 

Creating Your Space

The final level of self investment extends beyond you a little bit, but it’s your space and any “tools” you might be using to make your job more lucrative and fun! Consider where you are filming. Is it in your bedroom on your bed? A luxurious bed set upgrade can really boost your environment and attract higher paying viewers who enjoy a glamorous camgirl experience.

If you work from another room or space, strongly consider what your viewers see and can infer about your life from their observations and take control of that perspective to work in your favor.

Any furniture should be clean and updated, if the angle of your camera placement can’t be adjusted and you can see more of your home than is needed, consider buying a decorative room divider to make the space more intimate and free from distractions. This will also improve sound quality. 

One way that cam girls make a lot of money through investing in themselves is by performing with toys. Fans love to participate in this form of intimacy and will spend longer amounts of time in private paid chats when toys are involved.

Many Egirls prefer to keep their personal toys and the ones they use to perform separate but this is based on preference and not a requirement, especially when you are first starting out. Keep in mind though, that the toys you enjoy on your own and the kind that are more theatrically appealing for cam shows might be a bit different.

Male fans might prefer to see themselves represented in your toys versus pink or purple glittery representations. A great way to give the fans what they want is to let your more loyal return members purchase and send you items off a wishlist and they pay to see you perform with their selection. This can also help you build up your collection quickly!

Keep Them Coming Back

Knowing how to become an egirl that brings in loyal customers is not easy, but if you come up with a strategy and stay true to who you are, there’s a good chance people will come back for more. One of the best ways to ensure people will come back is by mentioning what might happen in your next show. For instance, if you’re thinking about doing a special fantasy show for your audience, announce and promote that across social media and during your show. 

The key is to treat all of your cam sessions like a collective instead of a one-off. Use your performance to tell a story and find the most engaging ways to convert your viewers into repeat customers. Make them happy on your online platforms whether it is by chatting with them on your social media or performing specific shows for them on cam. 

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Another way to keep the moneyball rolling in this industry is through a series of side hustles. Many popular cam girls create a following that is more than happy to pay to get just a little bit closer. Selling personal items of yours is a distanced way to create this illusion of closeness.

This can be done really easily too and can be worked into your shows. Simply buy additional pairs of socks, stockings, tights, and even underwear that you wear in your shows or day to day and then make them available for sale.

You won’t believe the market for these kinds of items, and there are even third party sites that handle the shipping and ordering process for you. Items can increase in price depending on how long they are worn and even for specialty activities like worn at the gym or worn overnight.  

Another side hustle involves keeping alternate socials. Many cam girl sites take a cut of the price you set per minute with your customers. These sites are excellent ways to build up a following, but once you are comfortable, it’s entirely possible to create your own content offsite and have customers pay you directly.

For example, many online performers offer access to a premium snapchat account where customers pay either a one time or monthly fee for access to stories, direct messages, and photos and videos by following you on snapchat.

Thanks to privacy settings, you can control who is following you at any time and keep a record of who has paid their dues to join your exclusive club. 


Here is a list of some great ways a webcam girl can engage her audience and keep viewers coming back:

  • Post photos and videos to your social media channels.
  • Do teasers before going live and make sure your audience knows you’re going online.
  • During your show, let your viewers know where they can find more of you on the Internet e.g. Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • Create your own loyalty program for customers. It can include anything from an emoji next to their name to a monthly video call or winning a photo set.
  • Play off your cam girl persona and create your own signature looks and theme. Nothing is off-limits!
  • Don’t focus solely on the money. Creating an unforgettable experience and a fun environment will make your job more exciting and keep your audience engaged. The money will come naturally.


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