Chapter 6: How to Get Tips and Make Money In Private Chat

How To Get Tips on Chaturbate

The primary goal of every cam girl is to attract viewers to her page and bring a returning audience together to turn camming into a profitable career. However, achieving that is often not easy. You will need to focus on activities that can accumulate a good income such as paid private shows and continue engaging viewers on other platforms and in other ways. Being a webcam girl is more than just performing in front of your audience, it involves profiting off of your online persona and skills which can earn you a solid income if you do things right. 

Many cam sites provide you the opportunity to communicate with your fans on a more personal level in the form of paid private chats or shows. But how can you entice your fans to go into private chats or shows with you? When is the right time to take your interaction to a more personal environment and what do you do once you get there?

We’ve looked into the experiences of the most successful girls to provide you with useful tips and tricks that you can apply to your cam modeling career. More importantly, we’ll focus on the specifics to a beginner’s success!

Best Onlyfans: Featured This Month


If you’re completely new to the industry, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of tokens before. Tokens are a unit value that users use on the site that represents cash. Users can purchase a certain amount of tokens with their real-world money and tip performers. This is much like when people visit arcades or funfairs and convert their cash into tickets or tokens to put into machines or redeem prizes.

In the cam world, tokens are used by fans who tip you during your performance. They can either tip you to reward you for your performance or to request to see something specific. The token rates depend on the website. The more tokens somebody tips you, the more money you will earn and, consequently, improve your ranking on the list of cam girls or your status.

How to Earn Tokens

You’re probably less concerned about the origin of these tokens and are looking for ways to earn tokens once you sign up on one of the best cam sites out there. So, what does a webcam girl need to do to earn as many tokens as possible? 

  • Maintain a positive attitude and be authentic
  • Prepare valuable accessories and tools you can use during your performance 
  • Listen to your audience and find out what is important to them
  • Try to change up your performances and bring something new to the table 
  • Pay attention to your chat while performing
  • Know how and when to take fans to a paid private show

How to Get Viewers into a Private Show 

Private shows are where you will be able to earn a large sum of money, but you likely need to put on an enticing show that lasts a relatively long time. To achieve this, you should always treat your fans with kindness, flirt with them, and make them feel special. Keep in mind that your audience is looking for someone to provide them with a welcome escape from everyday life, have a little fun, and enjoy someone’s company. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should pressure them into taking you to a private show. Instead, make sure everything feels natural to them by encouraging and motivating them to go to a private room. Once you get them there, you will have to maintain their attention through allure.

Whether it’s by teasing them and showing off parts of your body or talking to them in a certain way, you should aim to make a connection with your fans and make them feel as if they are interacting with you in person and not via a camera. 

The biggest tips will be given by those who regularly visit you every day, which means the effort for establishing that connection is incredibly valuable. Once you charm them, they will come back for more time and time again. 

What is a Webcam Model’s Income Like?

Compared to other jobs, a cam girl will not be able to know how much money she will make tomorrow, in three months, or three years. Your income will be varied and sometimes unstable. You can perform at your best, stay online for long periods of time, try out various cam girl personas, but nothing will ensure a fixed income.

The key is patience. Building your audience is not easy and takes time. Use your time online to get to know your fans so you can profit from giving them exactly what they are looking for. When it comes to your potential income, it requires a bit of planning and understanding. As a beginner, you should set your prices accordingly and set goals.

  • Each site has a specific dollar amount for the tokens you earn. For example, on Chaturbate, 1 token has a conversation rate of $0.05 USD. If you accumulate 1000 tokens in a show, you earn 50 dollars.
  • For private shows, you can decide on the minimum number of minutes and the rate you charge per minute. If you charge a minimum of 10 minutes and set your rate to 60 tokens a minute, you will earn at least $30 USD.

Besides your audience, there are a lot of factors that affect your salary, from egirl outfits to how many hours you choose to work. For instance, if you’ve tried working in the afternoons and you don't seem to bring in many viewers, try working in the evenings or mornings. The first few months of your camming experience should serve as a test of what works and what doesn’t. This is why you shouldn’t instantly draw conclusions about your income or your number of fans. Just keep experimenting and working hard and it will pay off!

Your First Cam Sessions

If you have your profile set up and you’re ready to perform, but you’re struggling to get viewers to click on your thumbnail and watch your show, what do you do? After all, you’re new to the site and there are girls who have worked on the website for months or years. So, do you make your first few sessions more effective?

  1. Before your first show, watch other girls on the site you’ve signed up for. Pay attention to girls of all popularity levels and look at what works and what doesn’t. Try networking with other camgirls on social media platforms like Twitter by contacting them with your cam username. These girls can promote you by sharing your room link with their audience or advertising you on their social media accounts.
  2. Some cam sites will give a temporary visibility boost for new girls. Research what type of boost your site offers and make the most of it. For instance, you may have a special “New” tag on your first week, so it would be a smart move to stream as much as you can during those seven days.
  3. Brainstorm ideas about things you can do that are interesting and unique. You never know what people will be intrigued by or want to watch. Your list can include things such as dancing, singing, crazy masks, costumes, acting, drawing on your body, or other creative and dynamic performance ideas. Just keep in mind that things that other girls don’t have or do could be the most profitable thing for you.

Tips for Engaging Your Viewers

You’ve done all of the above and your first show was more or less a success. Now you have all these questions about how to engage those viewers and ensure they come back, right? Well, the answer is pretty simple - be positive, interesting, attentive, energetic, and creative. Keep all of your interactions natural and authentic to you. 

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are the queen of the site because you might forget about your fans and their needs and be unprepared for when your novelty wears out. A great webcam girl knows how to put on entertaining shows to a wide audience. Maybe you don’t have all the right answers on how to become an egirl which consistently attracts an audience all the time, but that’s not important at this point. 

Focusing on an egirl aesthetic, fun camming activities, cam site benefits, and an audience profile is the first step to building a successful cam girl career. Everything else will fall in place if you do things right from the start. If Rome wasn’t built in a day, cam girls need time to build up an empire too.


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