11 Best Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Featuring Huge Cock Shemale OnlyFans in 2024

OnlyFans is the leading platform for exploring off the beaten path and discovering dynamic and unconventional adult content. While it remains a niche search topic in adult entertainment, trans material is gaining ground in the mainstream. And all the brightest and most talented trans creators are finding a home on OnlyFans, where they’re free to explore all the nuances of their craft.

If a well-hung trans woman intrigues you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the searching and gathered a list of the best big dick shemales OnlyFans has to offer.

Top Hung Shemale OnlyFans - Best Big Dick Trans OnlyFans

Big Cock Trans OnlyFans - Big Dick Tranny OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

  • Lunacats — Sexiest Big Dick Trans on OnlyFans

  • Sarah — Sweet Southern Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Girl

  • Hay — Most Poetic Big Cock Trans OnlyFans Artist

  • Nina La Vera — Most Beautiful South American Huge Cock Trans OnlyFans Siren

  • Princess Claire — Best Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Cosplay Artist

  • Veronica Ox — Most Attention-Loving Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Babe

  • Pixie — Award-Winning Huge Cock Trans OnlyFans Creator

  • Aubrey Kate — Professional Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Entertainer

  • Bailey Love — Most Versatile Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Creator

  • Missy — Most Angelic OnlyFans Trans With a Big Cock

The Best Big Cock Shemale OnlyFans Accounts With Big Cock Tranny OnlyFans Content

1. Lunacats — Sexiest Big Dick Trans on OnlyFans


  • Over 350 Media Posts

  • More than 47K Likes

  • Regular Subscription Price: $40/month

  • Customs Available

Where to Follow:

About Lunacats:

Set your sights on Lunacats. She’s a vibrant trans woman who’s quite proud of her impressive equipment. Lunacats relishes the positive vibes she gets like no other from her OnlyFans subscribers. If you can’t get enough of big cock OnlyFans trans women, Lunacats is sure to please.

Lunacats delivers incredible adult content that satisfies just about any desire. She offers an array of full-length videos showcasing a variety of adult interactions and she’s done away with paywalls on her site. She also likes to get a little more personal with her followers in a one-on-one chat session.

2. Sarah — Sweet Southern Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Girl


  • More than 2,100 Photos

  • Over 380 Videos

  • More than 179K Likes

  • Regular Subscription Price: $9.99/month

  • Subscription Bunds

Where to Follow:

About Sarah:

Let’s head to Georgia and meet Sweet trans OnlyFans darling Sarah. She’s a southern belle with a little something extra tucked away as a pleasant surprise for her adoring fans. She loves attention and enjoys doling out the recognition just as much to her subscribers.

Sarah administers her page by herself, which overflows with enticing photos and videos that are sure to hold your attention. She likes getting to know her followers, and she won’t get that with bots or stand-ins. So, send her a message. She replies to every one, and a generous tip will bump your message higher in her priority list.

3. Hay — Most Poetic Big Cock Trans OnlyFans Artist


  • Over 4,800 Photos

  • More than 1,100 Videos

  • Over 38K Likes

  • No Paywalls

  • Regular Subscription Price $15/month

Where to Follow:

About Hay:

Feast your eyes on the intelligent and beautiful Hay. This 20-something big dick trans OnlyFans sweetheart wants to share her inner thoughts and love for life with her devoted followers. She’s a plant-loving poet and a writer who creates images with words.

Hay doesn’t censor her OnlyFans content or use paywalls. However, she does welcome tips and gives extra attention to fans who are willing to spoil her. Her DMs are always open and she’s always more than eager to be as tame or as naughty as you want to get.

4. Nina La Vera — Most Beautiful South American Huge Cock Trans OnlyFans Siren


  • More than 400 Photos

  • Over 280 Videos

  • Regular Subscription Price $19.99/month

Where to Follow:

About Nina La Vera:

The lovely and talented Nina La Vera hails from Brazil, known for its good times and sensual people. Nina brings that same spirit to her OnlyFans page. She loves to party and gets a thrill from showing off her luscious curves and impressive equipment to her fans.

Nina’s page lights up with a collection of videos and photos that are sure to arouse and astound new subscribers. She’s as comfortable engaging in intimate play with gorgeous partners on camera as she is putting on a solo show for you. She looks stunning in lingerie, and has no shortage of enticing photos of her posing seductively in alluring outfits.

5. Princess Claire — Best Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Cosplay Artist


  • Over 500 Media Posts

  • Regular Subscription Price: $12/month

  • Subscription Bundles

Where to Follow:

About Princess Claire:

Claire is an alluring big cock trans OnlyFans princess and unapologetic gaming nerd. She’s a bit shy at first, but she’ll grow more confident as she gets to know you. She loves anime and cosplay, and you can often find her attending anime conventions. When she isn’t gaming or posting exciting content on OnlyFans, Clare enjoys pursuing her passion for photography. As she improves her camera skills, Claire also levels up the content quality on her page.

Princess Claire wants to be your online fantasy girl. She’s a skilled creator with an eye for detail. Join her page and join Claire on her journey as she grows as an OnlyFans content creator.

6. Veronica Ox — Most Attention-Loving Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Babe


  • More than 560 Photos

  • Over 90 Videos

  • Free Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Veronica Ox:

Veronica isn’t shy about letting you know she’s in it for the attention. That’s why she made her page free to subscribe. While she does enjoy the tips she gets from loyal followers, the admiration she receives is enough to keep her going.

On her page, Veronica entertains a wide range of fantasies, paying special attention to connoisseurs of food fantasies. Her page is alive with tons of PPV and free content that covers a wide range of desires and interests. She offers special ratings for a small fee, and you can also enjoy intimate texting sessions if you don’t mind tossing a tip her way.

7. Pixie — Award-Winning Huge Cock Trans OnlyFans Creator


  • Over 140 Media Posts

  • Free Subscription

  • Customs Available

Where to Follow:

About Pixie:

Pixie brings her bright talent to her OnlyFans page with style and pizzazz. She’s a big dick trans OnlyFans creator that identifies fully as a girl and she’s as feminine and alluring as any gal you’ve ever seen. She’s fit and beautiful, with flowing dark hair and seductive eyes that’ll draw you in the moment you look into them.

While she has plenty of photos on her wall to keep you intrigued, Pixie really shines in her custom content. She satisfies a range of desires, and she relishes exploring all kinds of fetishes. She offers a number of full-length videos and provides an out-of-this world girlfriend experience. She can make you feel like you’re the only one for her.

8. Aubrey Kate — Professional Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Entertainer


  • More than 1,600 Photos

  • Over 220 Videos

  • More than 600K Likes

  • Regular Subscription Price: $19.99/month

  • Customs Available

Where to Follow:

About Aubrey Kate:

Aubrey is a prolific veteran adult entertainer who knows her business well. She brings only the highest quality to her big dick shemale OnlyFans page. She’s won the AVN trans performer of the year three times, and she proudly offers her OnlyFans followers that same level of professional value.

Her page is brimming with all kinds of explicit content. Aubrey intimately engages with men, women, and other trans creators to create a vast array of viewing experiences to her adoring fans. She cheerfully joins fans for intimate chat sessions and is happy to give special ratings or create custom content for her best followers.

9. Bailey Love — Most Versatile Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Creator


  • Over 1,400 Photos

  • More than 230 Videos

  • Over 14K Likes

  • Regular Subscription Price: $12.99/month

  • Subscription Bundles

Where to Follow:

About Bailey Love:

The amazing Bailey Love is more than a big dick trans OnlyFans model. Her talents cover a wide range of entertainment-related disciplines. She’s an actress, photographer, and videographer who’s been nominated for a number of adult entertainment awards. With such a deep knowledge of all aspects of content creation, you know her material’s got to be good.

Bailey’s wall is jam-packed with more videos and photos than any one person could peruse in a day, with new material being added all the time. Her affiliation with the Sissy Institute gives her access to even more material, featuring many other wonderful trans performers. On top of her regular content, she offers a menu of captivating extras that may interest you.

10. Missy — Most Angelic OnlyFans Trans With a Big Cock


  • More than 240 Photos

  • Over 60 Videos

  • More Than 107K Likes

  • Regular Subscription Price: $12/month

Where to Follow:

About Missy:

The sweet and adorable Missy has the face of an angel and the mind of a devil. Her page warns that you enter at your own risk. She looks sweet and innocent, but she’s as wicked and mischievous as they come. She loves showing everything, including her massive member, and she’s confident you won’t ever leave her page once you join.

Missy offers a diverse range of content on her page. If her many uncensored videos and hundreds of exclusive photos aren’t enough for you, don’t worry. She posts new content every day and frequently broadcasts live streams for her viewer to engage with her in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Cock Trans OnlyFans Accounts

Why are big dick OnlyFans creators so arousing?

People find trans women appealing for a number of reasons, even men who’ve always considered themselves straight. Straight cis men sometimes have latent bisexual tendencies that don’t manifest at the sight of a masculine male, but may find a feminine woman with a male organ attractive. The excitement and mystery that comes with exploring the unknown has an allure that many find irresistible. Cis women often find trans women more relatable and many don’t fear the attraction that they feel toward trans women. Whatever drives one’s attraction to trans women, it’s perfectly healthy to explore those feelings.

What other kinds of content besides big dick trans OnlyFans can I find on the site?

OnlyFans is the premier platform for adult content creators around the world. If there’s a topic you wish to explore, the likelihood is quite high that you’ll find what you’re looking for on OnlyFans. The site covers a range of topics from sensually suggestive photos and clips to full-length videos of an intense and explicit nature. You can even find creators who go a completely different direction, offering no adult-oriented content at all. Rather, they’re on the platform to build a community and share their favorite activities with like-minded people.

Are big dick trans and big dick shemale OnlyFans the same thing?

The term “shemale” is a word that’s been used for decades to describe a trans woman, who is a woman who was assigned the gender of male at birth. Most trans and members of the LGBTQ+ community find the words “shemale” and “tranny” to be offensive and disrespectful. There are many OnlyFans models who describe themselves as a shemale or a tranny, and that’s their prerogative. Non-trans people would do best to avoid using these terms altogether. Identifying such individuals as trans is more respectful and most trans women will receive that description much more positively.

Big Dick Trans OnlyFans - Hung Shemale OnlyFans In Conclusion

In a world where controversy surrounds the trans community, creators of every gender identity have found a safe space on OnlyFans. This open-minded platform welcomes individuals of every stripe to join the community and have a voice. While their style of self-expression might be far from conventional, they’re safe to express themselves in whatever way they’re comfortable. For subscribers who find trans creators to be intriguing, OnlyFans opens up a whole new world for them to explore. Whether you’re a self-described aficionado of big dick trans OnlyFans content or you’re just curious and want to experience more, OnlyFans is the place to go.

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