69 Best Male YouTubers with OnlyFans Featuring Male YouTuber OnlyFans in 2024

After you’ve seen our list of the cream of the crop, we think you’ll agree that male influencers with OnlyFans content are some of the most interesting men around! Though there are a lot of models who have both YouTube and OnlyFans accounts, these have something special about them for their subscribers to enjoy.

When it comes to fast-growing social media platforms, both YT and OF are right up there. An estimated half a million new users sign up for OnlyFans each day, and there are well over two million creators. Similarly, YouTube is the second most popular social media avenue, with about two and a half million users each month. Each hour, more than 500 hours of content is uploaded.

As a result, creators who use both sites have plenty of experience with video, often in both short and long formats. Performing for the video camera is an art, and you’ll enjoy exposing yourself to this kind of art as you view each of our models.

Top Male YouTubers with Only Fans - Best Gay YouTubers with OnlyFans

Male YouTubers OnlyFans - Gay YouTubers OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Male YouTuber with OnlyFans Accounts With Male Influencers With OnlyFans Content

1. Jordi ENP [Jordi El Nino Polla] — Sassiest Spanish Male YouTubers Only Fans Model


  • Over 200 videos and 200 photos

  • More than 24000 likes

  • Currently on sale $6.99 for 30 days, normally $9.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Jordi ENP [Jordi El Nino Polla]:

If you’re wondering what the word polla means in English, it refers to a certain important portion of the male anatomy! He speaks both Spanish and English in his role as a contract star for such well-known adult companies as Brazzers and Reality Kings. He’s also won several Pornhub awards.

But when you subscribe to his male influencers with OnlyFans page, you’ll get exclusive videos seen nowhere else. You’ll get behind-the-scenes peeks at his scenes with women and solo pleasure as well. Also, you can chat with Jordi ENP [Jordi El Nino Polla] and ask for customs.

2. Jake Orion — Hottest Customs By Male YouTubers with OnlyFans


  • More than 1900 photos and 970 videos

  • 1500 subscribers

  • $10/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Jake Orion:

He’s all-natural and proud of it (as well as his polla, which is understandable once you get a look at it.) This model enjoys being dominant and is a cam star as well. In addition to his extensive media library, you’ll get to see him playing with toys.

Jake Orion likes to show off his gorgeous body, so you’ll get to see a lot of his nudes. He also likes playing with his rear end, not just with toys but also with hands. Don’t miss out on Jake’s joy as he films his incredible scenes!

3. BigBank — Hottest Male YouTuber OnlyFans Energy


  • Over 800 videos and 340 photos

  • 4600 subscribers

  • Free

Where to Follow:

About BigBank:

He’s got plenty of “big d” energy and you’ll get to see it as a subscriber! He’ll tell you that he’s selling “upgraded life” and you’ll want to see what that’s all about when you subscribe. In addition to showing off his talents in front of the camera, he enjoys R&B and making music as well.

He’s got a grill and loves to shoot his trips to AVN and similar places. BigBank has plenty of swag and wants his fans to enjoy good vibes.

4. Jhon Flaq— Finest Feet Male YouTubers with Only Fans Page


  • 20 videos and more than 70 photos

  • 500 subscribers

  • Free

Where to Follow:

About Jhon Flaq:

He’s proud of his feet and takes good care of them so if you’re into male feet that are well cared for, you definitely want to subscribe to this male YouTuber OnlyFans model. Mostly he shows them off bare, but from time to time you might see them in slides or flip-flops.

Based in Colombia, Jhon Flaq refuses to censor his feet (which of course is to your major benefit!) And occasionally he shows other men enjoying feet as well.

5. Muscle God Samson: King of Flexing— Naughtiest Muscular Male YouTuber OnlyFans Model


  • Over 300 photos and 150 videos


  • $9.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Muscle God Samson: King of Flexing:

Looking for a male YouTubers OnlyFans model who likes to bodybuild? You’ve come to the right place! He likes shooting videos but keeps the exclusive ones just for his OF subscribers. Not only that, but he wants his fans to feel uplifted when they visit his page.

Muscle God Samson: King of Flexing also enjoys showing off his very masculine body and pleasuring himself. His interests include both women and trans women.

6. VIP Straight Bro Next Door No PPV — Sauciest Straight Male YouTubers OnlyFans Page


  • More than 1000 photos and 190 videos


  • $19.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About VIP Straight Bro Next Door No PPV:

This man may be one of the most inclusive on the Internet! He’s “on a bender of every race and gender” so be prepared for a variety of content once you subscribe and dive into his existing posts. He collaborates with men and women and trans people. You’ll also get to see him playing with just himself.

He answers all his messages, and VIP Straight Bro Next Door No PPV likes connecting with his fans. He boasts of doing things that other straight bros never would, and you have to see it to believe it.

7. RicomarlonOficiall — Best Gay YouTubers with OnlyFans From Brazil


  • Over 3000 photos and 1500 videos


  • $12/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About RicomarlonOficiall:

Located mostly in Brazil, he travels throughout the world as a male model and adult actor. He’s been seen in over half a million publications, and as you’ll discover when you subscribe, there’s a reason for that! His collaborations with other men are impressive, and you’ll find some solo outings as well.

In addition to all the scenes waiting for you on his page, RicomarlonOficiall enjoys engaging with his fans too. He’s always up for custom content as well as chats and video calls. Plus he likes to reward his most active subscribers.

8. ChrisOFlyng — Chattiest Male YouTuber with OnlyFans


  • More than 600 photos and 190 videos


  • $14.99/month

Where to Follow:

About ChrisOFlyng:

He’s got body ink and a sense of fun – what more could you ask for from a male YouTuber OnlyFans model? You might catch him in the bathtub, or out in scenic places as well as the traditional areas indoors. He likes to post private things on his OF page instead of on some of the other channels.

One reason to subscribe to ChrisOFlyng is if you want to see exclusive content from him. But the other is to chat with him, because he likes to get closer to his fans.

9. frosty — Top German Male YouTubers Only Fans Account


  • Over 190 videos and 150 photos


  • $9.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About frosty:

Do you like gym boys? How about gamers? If you like either (or both) you’re in for a treat with this creator. He speaks both German and English, and is eager for you to chat with him and he’ll always answer you back. His collaborations are with other men, and he has plenty of solo material as well.

Frosty wants you to have the best time with him so you can all have a great time together. He also enjoys feet, so if you do as well there’s a little extra fun when you subscribe to him.

10. Jason Sarcinelli — Coolest Male YouTubers with OnlyFans Collabs


  • 90 videos and over 230 photos


  • $11.99/month

Where to Follow:

About Jason Sarcinelli:

He’s looking for more collaborations, especially with women, so keep an eye out for additional material as he expands his new chapter in life. He also enjoys showing off his body when playing solo. Yet he’s not just about shooting scenes (although he does plenty of that) – he likes to chat with his fans and create custom content too.

Jason Sarcinelli lives in Las Vegas, and we all know it’s nicknamed Sin City for a reason. He also provides feet content for those who want to partake. Don’t miss out on this multitalented male YouTuber OnlyFans model.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male YouTubers Only Fans Accounts

Who are the top male YouTubers with OnlyFans today?

Depending on your particular favorite flavor, you might look for a saucy Spaniard with Jordi ENP [Jordi El Nino Polla], or maybe you want customs from Jake Orion. Big energy comes from BigBank, and Jhon Flaq specializes in feet.

Bodybuilders (or those who enjoy them) can subscribe to Muscle God Samson: King of Flexing. For versatile straight men, consider VIP Straight Bro Next Door No PPV, or RicomarlonOficiall for some Brazilian action. ChrisOFlyng has intimate chats, and frosty gives you German energy.

For collabs, look no further than Jason Sarcinelli. Or you could subscribe to all of them for a well-rounded viewing experience.

What kinds of content do the best gay YouTubers with OnlyFans creators make?

Most male YouTubers Only Fans models specialize in male collaborations as well as solo outings, though some will also work with women and trans creators to bring you unique scenes. They enjoy shooting video for the most part, and often take videos of themselves enjoying toys and other accessories.

Some also like to hear from their fans and create custom content, though not all of them are able and willing to do this. They’ll normally note in their bios if they’re interested in chatting and custom requests. But other than these general characteristics, each man is different and has his own special spin on OF material and what he likes to make.

What makes male YouTuber OnlyFans pages the best?

Having a YouTube channel along with an OnlyFans page is great for male creators who really like to put themselves out there - emotionally and mentally as well as physically. Some models put all their exclusive 18+ material on OnlyFans and leave their YouTube channel for material that doesn’t need to be restricted by age.

Other male YouTubers with OnlyFans enjoy creating content so much and sharing it with the world that they post everything everywhere they have a media presence. Still, there are usually scenes that they reserve exclusively for their OF subscribers, and of course, you can’t really chat in real-time or send private custom requests to the model’s YouTube channel.

Male YouTubers With Only Fans - Gay YouTubers OnlyFans In Conclusion

Although the number of male YouTuber OnlyFans models is smaller relative to some of the other demographics on OnlyFans, as you can see there are some vibrant personalities when it comes to creating this kind of content! Each one has a specialty and treats his material in a slightly different way from his colleagues on the platform.

OnlyFans is one of the few media platforms that’s skewed toward women creators. Only about 29% of the two million existing models are male, with about 1% identifying as nonbinary. The remaining 70% are women. The male models need to be something special to stand out among their peers, and we think you’ll agree that our list has those special men.

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