11 Best Instagram Models with OnlyFans Featuring Gorgeous IG Models OnlyFans in 2024

Instagram models are known for being gorgeous and highly entertaining but Instagram has restrictions about what content its creators can post, especially regarding adult content. That’s a big reason why so many Instagram models have turned to OnlyFans. As an outlet for creators to share their more intimate adventures, OnlyFans is a platform where models can showcase their wild side on their own terms and earn an income at the same time.

Perhaps even more importantly, OnlyFans is a place where a creator can grow a community and get to know their fans personally and in an entirely new kind of way. Instagram models with OnlyFans know the value in connecting with their fans, not only to benefit financially, but as a two-way experience that heightens sensual encounters for everyone.

Top Instagram Model OnlyFans - Best Instagram Models on OnlyFans

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The Best IG Model OnlyFans Accounts with Instagram Models Only Fans Content in 2024

1. Dainty Wilder — Excitable Instagram Model with OnlyFans



  • Almost 4,000 pics to see

  • Under $10 / month to subscribe

Where to Follow:

About Dainty Wilder:

Although it’s in her name, there is nothing Dainty about this hot Instagram model with OnlyFans. She’s petite, but knows how to hold her own in the bedroom, and nothing will get in her way of a good time. Dainty is a pro in the business having amassed millions of followers on the OnlyFans platform, so you know she’ll take good care of you.

Dainty Wilder posts new videos weekly, and the content on her feed is fully explicit. If you're in the market for hot collaborations, solo intimacy, and the occasional live stream, then look no further than this page. Be careful though, when Dainty opens the floodgates nothing can stop the water from pouring down the dam.

2. Eva Lovia — Gorgeous IG Models with OnlyFans Page


  • Free to subscribe

  • Approaching 900,000 likes

  • Almost 3,00 pics and videos to view

Where to Follow:

About Eva Lovia:

This gorgeous model has love in her last name, and it is exactly what you can expect from her profile. Eva has the perfect mix of a playful personality and a sensual bedroom attitude, which combined together creates an absolutely irresistible girlfriend fantasy. After spending time in the traditional adult entertainment industry, Eva has branched out into creating her own content — the best part being she can now do exactly what she wants for her fans.

Eva has two pages to choose from, each providing a wealth of content and spicy entertainment. On her free Instagram model Onlyfans page she posts teasers that will make you weak, and the VIP profile has so much more beyond the subscription that you’ll surely be sucked in with no escape.

3. Tierney Alise 71 — IG Model OnlyFans Exotic Dancer



  • Subscription bundles and deals

  • 1,100+ pics and videos on feed

Where to Follow:

About Tierney Alise 71:

Tierney loves a few things in life; Horses, motorcycles, and getting her fans hot and bothered on OnlyFans. She’ll rev your engine and saddle you up for a ride, all while looking smoking hot and ready for anything. Tierney is a girl that likes to take the reins in the bedroom, so sit back and let her control the tempo — we are sure you won’t mind.

As soon as you subscribe to her IG models on OnlyFans page you’ll be treated to a feast of explicit media posts that will definitely satisfy your appetite. There are hundreds of pictures and videos to get you started, and she is adding more all of the time.

4. Beccafaye66 — Instagram Models OnlyFans with Zero PPV


  • 2+M likes

  • No extra paywalls beyond subscription

  • Over 5,300 pics and videos to enjoy

Where to Follow:

About Beccafaye66:

Becca Faye is another titan in the world of IG models with OnlyFans, and has millions of loyal fans to back up her popularity. In this case DDD isn’t an acronym, it's a size, and Becca sure knows how to flaunt them to get the best content.

There are tons of perks for Becca’s subscribers, including daily explicit content, free nudes for rebill fans, and exclusive PPV media. Also, she has such a wide variety of available content that you are almost guaranteed to find something you like. Roleplay, collaborations, solo intimacy, and oral pleasures? She does it all, and then some, so don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button.

5. Shanny Lam — Mixed Race Instagram Models with OnlyFans


  • Almost 1M likes

  • 400+ pics to see

  • Over 200 videos to watch

Where to Follow:

About Shanny Lam:

Born in Venezuela but her parents hail from China, Shanny Lam is a multiracial goddess and the best of multiple worlds. She can light up your phone notifications with sexy talk in Spanish, English or Cantonese, and is always happy to answer your DMs. Shammy loves to learn languages, so let her practice a new tongue on you, and maybe reciprocate the favor.

Shammy Lam is approaching one million fans on her Instagram model OnlyFans page, and doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon. She’s eager to keep the momentum rolling, and is always posting new content to keep the gaze of her current subscribers and bring new eyes to her profile from those that have yet to take the plunge.

6. Veronica Rose — Not-So-Shy Instagram Model OnlyFans



  • Over 1,200 pics to enjoy

  • Subscription bundles and deals

Where to Follow:

About Veronica Rose:

As an IG model with OnlyFans you might be surprised to learn that even with millions of likes and many admirers, Veronica Rose is still a pretty shy girl at heart — at least that’s what she says. Her content points to a wild girl who isn’t afraid to show all sides of her at all angles and in all positions.

Veronica’s page is full of everything you could want from a creator, and beyond the many bikini shots and lingerie, Veronica is always pushing to post something new for her fans every time. She can be silly and serious to suit the mood and loves to live in her DMs where connecting with fans comes as natural as her big, voluptuous chest.

7. Big Titty Goth Egg — Alternative Instagram Model OnlyFans Beauty


  • Over 2.3M likes

  • 2,000 pics

  • Under $10 / month and subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Big Titty Goth Egg:

Instagram OnlyFans models like Big Titty Goth Egg have gained millions of likes by bringing their immense following from TikTok and IG over to OnlyFans, but also by delivering exceptional content week after week. With huge assets and at just under five feet tall, Goth is a lot of beauty smushed into a really small package and tied with a tight bikini shaped bow.

On her page, you can find full-length videos for free in both landscape and vertical formats so you can view full screen on your phone with comfort. You’ll never run into paywalls or PPV here, just loads of exciting content from shower and roleplay fun to solo adventures and the occasional partner pair up.

8. Lena Paul — Instagram Models with OnlyFans and Professional Adult Star



  • $6.99 / month and subscription bundles

  • Almost 2,000 pics and videos to see

Where to Follow:

About Lena Paul:

Lena Paul has a lot of professional photoshoots on her Instagram and you can expect the same quality in her OnlyFans. She’s used to living in the limelight as an adult actress where she’s performed for years in front of the camera. You can tell the difference all of her time in the industry makes as it sets her a cut above the rest in terms of quality, enthusiasm, and variety. She’s among the most experienced Instagram models with OnlyFans so if there’s something you’re into, there’s a high chance you can see it here on Lena’s OnlyFans account.

9. The Girl Next Door — Tempting Instagram Model OnlyFans Neighbor Fantasy


  • Over 4,000 pics to see

  • Under $10 / month to subscribe

  • Just under 1,000 videos to watch

Where to Follow:

About The Girl Next Door:

Body builder by day, spicy content creator by night, The Girl Next Door is exactly the type of fantasy you’d want living in your neighborhood. Slim, fit, and blonde, enjoy thousands of photos of a breathtaking girl who also loves to chat anytime, to anyone. She truly does it all, from all sorts of sensual adventures and salacious acts, her account has everything you could ask for all at a usually heavily discounted price. Don’t hesitate to subscribe as a bundle deal because they don’t last forever.

10. Lacie May — Hot Mom IG Models with OnlyFans Account


  • Almost 4.5M likes

  • Over 8,000 pics to enjoy

  • $11.99 / month and subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About Lacie May:

If you have The Girl Next Door living on your left, then the perfect address in heaven is with Lacie May as the average mom next door on your right. She can seem innocent and mature at the same time while remaining natural, quirky, and sexy in every interaction. From talking online to watching her videos, you’ll enjoy every moment you have with Lacie May.

Frequently Asked Questions About IG Models with OnlyFans Accounts

Do IG models with OnlyFans make more money from Instagram or OnlyFans?

Instagram models with OnlyFans can make a lot of money off both if they have high enough followers and subscribers but it can be tough to say which earns more. IG tends to bring in brand deals and other income from sponsorships and advertisements but OnlyFans draws in money from PPV content, subscription fees, and tips. Both platforms can make more money than the other and it really varies account to account.

Do all Instagram models with OnlyFans have huge followings before starting OnlyFans?

Not all IG models with OnlyFans started with huge followings but it does help to have a significant following first as they can drive traffic from one to the other. Some people created both accounts around the same time while others made and OnlyFans after only a few hundred or few thousands followers on Instagram. It really depends on the creator.

Do Instagram models with OnlyFans charge a lot?

As many Instagram models are very popular you might notice many have higher subscription fees than most, but this is not always the case. You can find really popular IG models with OnlyFans who only charge a few dollars for their subscription fee while others may offer discounts and bundles regularly. On OnlyFans, every creator is in control of how much they want to charge and can set their own price, high or low.

IG Models with OnlyFans - Instagram Models on OnlyFans In Conclusion

With stunning looks and savvy social media skills, Instagram models on OnlyFans are some of the most liked and highly followed accounts on the site. IG models with OnlyFans tend to skyrocket up to the top percentages of creators on the site because they usually already have a large audience from their social media that are excited to see more. Balancing the two is an art that requires cross pollination to allow both accounts to grow and flourish. Instagram models with OnlyFans are masters of teasing on their IG and then delivering more on OnlyFans, making them some of the most exciting groups to subscribe to on the site.

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