Chapter 9: Camgirl Starter Pack - Adding Extra Streams of Revenue

Congratulations! Your first paycheck is now in your account! Before you start daydreaming about having a huge closet of cam girl clothes and all the luxury items on your wishlist, start thinking about doubling that money. There are always ways to earn more, especially in this industry. Most cam girls utilize their fame and find other ways to make money, and there’s no reason for you not to explore all your options as a new addition to the cam community. 

To add extra streams of revenue, think about having your own camgirl starter pack. This includes all the services you have to offer to your audience besides your live shows, such as chatting with them on social media, contests and prizes, having a special one-on-one show, etc. Understanding what works and what doesn’t might be a bit challenging at the start, so that’s why we’ve decided to look into activities that are trending in the cam world and provide ideas on how to make more money.

Social Media Presence

Even the best cam sites may not provide you with a sufficient income in the beginning. Let’s face it, getting noticed amongst all these beautiful, popular camgirls is not easy. You will need to be patient as you watch your ranking or viewership improve every week. Instead of being frustrated at not being able to attract enough viewers to your show, think about how to engage the ones you have and earn more money by interacting with them.

Once you’ve created your profile with your chosen username and have filled out your bio, you should start profiles on social media as well. The most popular platform in the industry is Twitter, but don’t hesitate to try out OnlyFans or Instagram as they have proven to be very profitable for many girls in the industry.

Start publishing photos and videos from your live shows or in your spare time and notify your followers of your next show. Having a strong social media presence can boost your popularity in the cam world and more people will become interested in watching your performance. So, what are some little tricks you can start doing right away to build a loyal community?

  • When you go live, announce what your fans can expect from you in your next show.
  • An hour or so before your show, post a teaser photo to your account and remind them that they can catch you online in an hour.
  • During your live show, talk about your social media profiles and invite your viewers to follow you there as you’ll post more stuff about your everyday life.
  • Publish your room link on your social media when you log on, but use URL shorteners because many platforms ban links to these types of sites.
  • Ask for feedback by creating polls, whether it’s for a themed show or things they want to see you do. 
  • Become an affiliate for the brands related to the industry and promote their products on your profile. The more followers you will have, the easier it will be to find brands that want to work with you.

Private & Exclusive Shows

Private and exclusive shows are normally built in the website itself. For this type of service, you will charge a fixed price per minute to the customer. Of course, having a one-on-one session for only one person comes with a price - but it’s a good one! Keep in mind that you need to provide them with value once you start a private show. For instance, you might show a little more skin to the ones you take to private shows or have a themed show just for them. 

A webcam girl who knows how to spice up things in private is a girl that will easily encourage others to do the same as well. If your first private show went well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue encouraging private shows in the future. Just be careful not to be too pushy as your viewers may become turned off by the fact that you’re doing it just for the money. Make sure they know that you have fun during private shows and find their presence incredibly important to you. 

These are some things you should avoid doing in private & exclusive shows:

  • Don’t repeat the same things you’ve already done in your public shows.
  • Avoid wearing the same outfit from previous shows.
  • Be mindful of things they personally would like you to do and their personal preferences.
  • Don’t forget this is a 1:1, which means they should have your full attention.
  • Don’t forget to ask questions about them and their lives to show your interest in them. 

Affiliate Marketing

We’ve already mentioned affiliate marketing, but it’s a more complicated concept than simply promoting products on your Instagram profile. There are a bunch of products you can promote while being a camgirl, and the best part is they don’t have to be related to the adult industry. For instance, you can promote makeup, specialized t-shirts, or energy drinks. It can be anything as long as the brand can benefit from you promoting their products or services. 

So, how does affiliate marketing work? First, you will need to build your social media presence and gain a lot of followers to be able to reach out to brands. Set a goal of reaching 10,000 followers. Once you achieve that, start reaching out to smaller brands who might be interested in paying you a percentage of everything you sell through your channels. Keep it modest in the beginning as it’s really difficult to do this with big companies when you don’t have the audience size that can benefit them.

How to start reaching out to brands:

  1. Take a look at your audience and write down everything that might be useful to know about them - sex, age, location, education, or interests, for example.
  2. When crafting an email, include information about your audience in the first part of your body text. Focus more on the things you can do for the brand instead of saying what this opportunity would mean to you.
  3. Put the most important information in bullet points and keep your email message well-structured. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, state the facts about your audience in the second one, and finish by suggesting the type of collaboration and what benefits they would get from collaborating with you. 

Don’t write fluff. Make sure that each sentence in your email provides valuable information and demonstrates you as the perfect person to promote this product or service. Use facts instead of promises. These companies get hundreds of emails from people like you, so you should write it in a way that piques their interest from the start. After all, to become a cam girl, it requires so much more than just performing in front of your viewers to build a successful career!

eGirl Starter Pack Example

There are many options you can consider when creating your egirl starter pack. To simplify it, it all comes down to what you want to do in addition to your live shows and which activities might be most cost-effective. Selling other adult services has been around in the camming world from its inception. From selling your worn underwear to fulfilling unique fantasies in a photo or video, these extra streams of revenue are an opportunity to improve your financial situation.

These camgirl porn activities can be implemented at any point in your camming career, but it would be wise to introduce them when you are first starting out because that’s when people would be most curious about you as a camgirl. Think about the things you could include in your starter pack, or if you’re completely clueless, do some research and networking. There are bound to be girls who will help you out with a tip or two!

So, what are some services you can offer to your audience once you decide to diversify your income?

  • Having private phone or video calls off the website
  • Phone sex services
  • Sexting services
  • Selling underwear you’ve worn in your shows
  • Filming amateur porn videos
  • Cam games where your viewers need to guess a number to win a prize or include traditional games such as Jenga or playing cards and invent your own rules

Use Your Own Talents

We could continue and list out all the ways you can try to earn money as a cam girl, however, there is something that is most effective to consider - your personal talents. Do you have a gift for singing, acting, or painting? Can you do a split or do a cool trick using your body? The reason why using your own talent is always a better way to increase your income is because it makes you different and unique. 

Many girls will offer phone calls with their fans and sexting services, but not every girl can, for instance, sing opera while touching herself. Pretty different, right? These things will easily draw someone’s attention and encourage them to attend your next show as well. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do any of these things, because who determines what talent is? Whatever you’re thinking, just go for it!

Your talents can also be taken off of the cam site. To understand how to become a cam girl in the sea of these beautiful cam models, you have to have your piece of cake and eat it before somebody else comes along and does it for you! If you’re good at writing, start a blog and write short, sexy stories or start up a YouTube channel and publish videos about your cam experience. 

Don’t overthink it, and always try things out. Something that might seem unusual to you might be a huge turn-on for your audience. Experiment with yourself and your audience, because as long as you provide them with unique experiences and spice up their world, you’ll start bringing in the big bucks in no time!


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