Chapter 9: Camgirl Starter Pack - Adding Extra Streams of Revenue

Congratulations! Your first paycheck is now in your account! Before you start daydreaming about having a huge closet of cam girl clothes and all the luxury items on your wishlist, start thinking about doubling that money. There are always ways to earn more, especially in this industry. Most cam girls utilize their fame and find other ways to make money, and there’s no reason for you not to explore all your options as a new addition to the cam community. 

To add extra streams of revenue, think about having your own camgirl starter pack. This includes all the services you have to offer to your audience besides your live shows, such as chatting with them on social media, contests and prizes, having a special one-on-one show, etc. Understanding what works and what doesn’t might be a bit challenging at the start, so that’s why we’ve decided to look into activities that are trending in the cam world and provide ideas on how to make more money.

Best Onlyfans: Featured This Month

Social Media Presence

Even the best cam sites may not provide you with a sufficient income in the beginning. Let’s face it, getting noticed amongst all these beautiful, popular camgirls is not easy. You will need to be patient as you watch your ranking or viewership improve every week. Instead of being frustrated at not being able to attract enough viewers to your show, think about how to engage the ones you have and earn more money by interacting with them.

Once you’ve created your profile with your chosen username and have filled out your bio, you should start profiles on social media as well. The most popular platform in the industry is Twitter, but don’t hesitate to try out OnlyFans or Instagram as they have proven to be very profitable for many girls in the industry.

Start publishing photos and videos from your live shows or in your spare time and notify your followers of your next show. Having a strong social media presence can boost your popularity in the cam world and more people will become interested in watching your performance. So, what are some little tricks you can start doing right away to build a loyal community?

  • When you go live, announce what your fans can expect from you in your next show.
  • An hour or so before your show, post a teaser photo to your account and remind them that they can catch you online in an hour.
  • During your live show, talk about your social media profiles and invite your viewers to follow you there as you’ll post more stuff about your everyday life.
  • Publish your room link on your social media when you log on, but use URL shorteners because many platforms ban links to these types of sites.
  • Ask for feedback by creating polls, whether it’s for a themed show or things they want to see you do. 
  • Become an affiliate for the brands related to the industry and promote their products on your profile. The more followers you will have, the easier it will be to find brands that want to work with you.

Private & Exclusive Shows

Private and exclusive shows are normally built in the website itself. For this type of service, you will charge a fixed price per minute to the customer. Of course, having a one-on-one session for only one person comes with a price - but it’s a good one! Keep in mind that you need to provide them with value once you start a private show. For instance, you might show a little more skin to the ones you take to private shows or have a themed show just for them. 

A webcam girl who knows how to spice up things in private is a girl that will easily encourage others to do the same as well. If your first private show went well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue encouraging private shows in the future. Just be careful not to be too pushy as your viewers may become turned off by the fact that you’re doing it just for the money. Make sure they know that you have fun during private shows and find their presence incredibly important to you. 

These are some things you should avoid doing in private & exclusive shows:

  • Don’t repeat the same things you’ve already done in your public shows.
  • Avoid wearing the same outfit from previous shows.
  • Be mindful of things they personally would like you to do and their personal preferences.
  • Don’t forget this is a 1:1, which means they should have your full attention.
  • Don’t forget to ask questions about them and their lives to show your interest in them. 

Affiliate Marketing

We’ve already mentioned affiliate marketing, but it’s a more complicated concept than simply promoting products on your Instagram profile. There are a bunch of products you can promote while being a camgirl, and the best part is they don’t have to be related to the adult industry. For instance, you can promote makeup, specialized t-shirts, or energy drinks. It can be anything as long as the brand can benefit from you promoting their products or services. 

So, how does affiliate marketing work? First, you will need to build your social media presence and gain a lot of followers to be able to reach out to brands. Set a goal of reaching 10,000 followers. Once you achieve that, start reaching out to smaller brands who might be interested in paying you a percentage of everything you sell through your channels. Keep it modest in the beginning as it’s really difficult to do this with big companies when you don’t have the audience size that can benefit them.

How to start reaching out to brands:

  1. Take a look at your audience and write down everything that might be useful to know about them - sex, age, location, education, or interests, for example.
  2. When crafting an email, include information about your audience in the first part of your body text. Focus more on the things you can do for the brand instead of saying what this opportunity would mean to you.
  3. Put the most important information in bullet points and keep your email message well-structured. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, state the facts about your audience in the second one, and finish by suggesting the type of collaboration and what benefits they would get from collaborating with you. 

Don’t write fluff. Make sure that each sentence in your email provides valuable information and demonstrates you as the perfect person to promote this product or service. Use facts instead of promises. These companies get hundreds of emails from people like you, so you should write it in a way that piques their interest from the start. After all, to become a cam girl, it requires so much more than just performing in front of your viewers to build a successful career!

eGirl Starter Pack Example

There are many options you can consider when creating your egirl starter pack. To simplify it, it all comes down to what you want to do in addition to your live shows and which activities might be most cost-effective. Selling other adult services has been around in the camming world from its inception. From selling your worn underwear to fulfilling unique fantasies in a photo or video, these extra streams of revenue are an opportunity to improve your financial situation.

These camgirl porn activities can be implemented at any point in your camming career, but it would be wise to introduce them when you are first starting out because that’s when people would be most curious about you as a camgirl. Think about the things you could include in your starter pack, or if you’re completely clueless, do some research and networking. There are bound to be girls who will help you out with a tip or two!

So, what are some services you can offer to your audience once you decide to diversify your income?

  • Having private phone or video calls off the website
  • Phone sex services
  • Sexting services
  • Selling underwear you’ve worn in your shows
  • Filming amateur porn videos
  • Cam games where your viewers need to guess a number to win a prize or include traditional games such as Jenga or playing cards and invent your own rules

Selling Your Experience 

Customers often use the internet to escape their own worlds or just enjoy someone else’s. To be a successful egirl, creating that fantasy with attention to detail can take you all the way in this industry. 


For any cam girl, her beauty is her industry. There are indeed many standards of beauty but across all these categories is a consistent theme involving effort and intention. When you decide what look and energy you want to embody on camera, don’t be afraid to fully dive into and become that ‘look’ for your viewers. Many patrons enjoy spending time with women who become a character of sorts because this enhances the fantasy of the experience. In every niche there are certain hairstyles, hair accessories, shoes, clothing, bags, and other bodily adornments that create a romantic depiction. 

There is even the overall beauty of your space to consider. You have a limited field view on screen when you are filming so make the most of that space to feed your chosen fantasy. When in doubt, revert back to cleanliness, and avoid distracting elements like piles of clothes or dishes. Finding a blanket or sheet in a color that matches your aesthetic and laying it over elements that can’t be moved such as a distracting desk will go a long way to create a cohesive space on camera. 

For personal beauty, again effort and intention. You don’t need to wear a full face of makeup but looking put together in the style you want to embody will carry you a long way. Looking like you just rolled out of bed with sleep still in your eyes will not. Make sure any clothes you are wearing do not have food or other stains or holes that don’t contribute to the style, such as ripped jeans or fishnets. 


A woman’s hair can carry a lot of beauty, and with it confidence. There are many customers of cam girls who look for women embodying a certain hairstyle or color. The good thing is, no matter what hair color or length you have, there’s a niche you fulfill, you just need to find it. A very popular category online right now is called ‘Alternative’ and these are girls who fit an edgier look with piercings, tattoos, and most of the time colored hair.

If this is something you like or fit into then you have tons of options to play on this look to bring in viewers and revenue to your stream sessions. Having followers vote on your next hair color change where you must tip to have your vote counted is an exciting idea floating around. 

In all categories, fulfilling hairstyle requests in exchange for a tip amount is very lucrative. You would be surprised at how many people really need their girl to have their hair up in a bun or in pigtails to complete their desired fantasy. The best part about hairstyling is that after the initial cut and color, day to day styles come at little to no cost to you. 

If you have customers asking for straightened or curly hair, you can direct them to an amazon wishlist of (professional quality) styling tools you would need to style your hair in a way that keeps it healthy and beautiful for them long term. For girls with longer hair, if you’ve been wanting to cut it short, you can start a fundraiser and see how many viewers of yours will donate to convince you to keep it long! Worst case scenario, you get your shorter style after all. 

Hair Accessories

Outside of the actual style of your hair, so much can be done with accessories. Some people may consider their hair color an accessory if they change it often and use bright colors, and it definitely can be. For short hair, accessories are so fun and can elevate a hairstyle so much. Headbands, decorative pins, and clips look so cute and pretty in even the shortest styles like pixie cuts. For longer hair, all of these accessories fit as well but add to it ponytail accessories like scrunchies, bows, and ribbons. 

When deciding on hair accessories, it's important to consider your aesthetic on camera. The girl next door or playful young woman vibe can use all kinds of accessories to play up the deceptive innocence that patrons go wild for. Some simple clips or ribbons will be teasing and cute.

There is a very popular category of cosplay and anime egirls that really play on cutesy colors and aesthetics and surround themselves with lots of cute soft things, including in their hair. These types of camgirls will rarely be seen without some form of space bun hairstyle accompanied by fluffy pom pom bows or ribbon bows in pinks, blues, and other pastel colors. 

Bringing up the ‘alternative’ aesthetic again, leather hair accessories, dark colors, and metal adornments really complete this look. If you use hair accessories a lot, give your viewers the option to tip to decide what you’ll wear in your hair next session or have them choose something out of your amazon wishlist that you’ll have on in a one on one session just for them. 


Possibly every egirl’s favorite decorative category due to its versatility, clothing. This can mean so much, from complex multi-element cosplay pieces to elegant and sexy lingerie. This spectrum of options exists for every niche style and aesthetic as well. You would also do well to cater to certain holidays during those times of year such as halloween and winter holidays, as well as seasons. Debuting new swimsuits in the summer months can be a fun way to show off your gorgeous body to viewers and also bring in traffic when you open up your page to let viewers choose what style you will wear and how revealing it’ll be. 

Clothing can play a big role in helping you create content for your shows. Certain outfits can fuel roleplay fantasies such as nurse or maid pieces and can be worn after a viewer fulfills a tip goal or you can wear the outfit as a tease to showcase a show you are willing to put on for those that request one on one sessions. Layering street clothes over delicate lingerie for a striptease show can last a camgirl whole sessions and keep viewers captivated for the sexy prize at the end. 

Depending on the aesthetic you wish to present, be sure your clothing is clean and fits well. Small details like that might not be obvious but are noticeable even subconsciously and can turn off certain kinds of customers if it interferes with the fantasy. In some cases it’s better to avoid such items. If you are low on options, consider campaigning for new outfits from viewers. Cheekily let them know you may have “played too rough” on camera and tore your favorite dress so you hope to have it replaced!


More than likely you will be putting on shows from in your bedroom, or at the very least indoors. Typically shoes aren’t worn indoors but you should definitely make an exception when you are streaming. Shoes on their own are a massive fetish category and there is tons of money to be made if you can break into this fan base. If you yourself have a love of shoes and hope to amass a collection, why not use your job to fund your passion?

Let’s talk about having a shoe focused platform first. You will need to start by having a few pairs of your own to show off. Enjoyers of this fantasy can be preferential to a certain type of shoe, heel height, material, even color but across the board they are all generally picky about the shoes being neat, new looking, clean, and well fitting.

There are some who enjoy dirty or broken shoes to fit into certain fantasies but those can be explored independently when those kinds of clients show up to make requests. You will benefit much more by prioritizing the qualities mentioned first. 

From there, model the pairs you have and expertly guide viewers to provide you with more options by either paying for private sessions, sending tips, or gifting them directly. Reward these generous patrons by showing them what their time bought for you, doing unboxing videos, and making custom content featuring the heels. 

If shoes are simply an accessory to you and you don’t feel like diving too deeply into this world, buy some you enjoy and wear them to compliment your outfit or aesthetic. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of pumps. 


We talked about shoes but boots are a whole other ball game. They still fall into the shoe fantasy world but are typically worn in a leather or latex style to fulfill domina niches. This is a rewarding but commitment intensive category to stream in and it really takes a mentality and personality type to pull off and attract the right customer fanbase. For those women who naturally command a room and have no problem exuding confidence, this ones for you. 

Unlike with other types of shoes, you won’t be flirtily showing off multiple pairs and coyly asking if anyone wants to see you in another. The boots you are wearing will command as much attention as you and it’s likely you will be using general funds you earn from camming to buy and wear different types on request. 

Certain viewers are really drawn to all things leather. They want to see it up close, hear it almost, and know quality when they see it. The right investment will attract these customers who will pay generously to see you act in your role wearing their favorite color and material. Leather domina boots are of course traditionally black but hot red ones have their time and place as well. 

Another large category is latex and this comes in more color options but once again red and black are most popular. Latex is generally less expensive than leather but there are beautiful extreme styles that are not practical to come in leather such as skin tight thigh high pairs or ones that connect to body suits. No matter what you choose though, every viewer will be going wild when you show out in boots. 


This is an interesting category that might feel like it doesn’t have a place on camera but it can add to your aesthetic in a big way. Almost all niches can benefit from extra decor and bags really tell your viewers that this is more than a character or just a job to you, this is your life and passion they are supporting. Having bags on display in the background of your videos is a subtle way to convey this.

In another approach, girls, glam, and their bags is a fun lifestyle to live in and support and some patrons enjoy this spoiling fantasy. It’s true that many, if not the majority, of camgirls are doing this to support themselves day to day, make a living, pay off debt or pay for school. There are egirls who are transparent about this and receive many donations to support their goals and fans can feel like they’re really making a difference. 

On the other hand, some clients don’t want this much reality in their viewings and prefer to stay on the side of fantasy. A girl who has the kind of lifestyle where she can afford to splurge or have purses worth thousands of dollars is a really attractive quality to some people.

Even if this isn’t necessarily true for you, owning items like this and adorning your space with them will fuel this fantasy and earn you more money in the end. Think of the bags as individual nest eggs you can liquidate at a later time since they usually increase in value over time, especially if you don’t actually use them. 


Do not underestimate the power of accessories. There is a huge amount of interest in clothing accessories like stockings, tights (especially fishnets), gloves, and jewelry items like pearl necklaces and hoop earrings. Decorate yourself in items you enjoy that also fit your chosen vibe on camera and give yourself another way to enjoy your job and lifestyle. 

What about accessorizing your space? If you stream from your bed, invest in a matching bed set and decorative pillows, just stay away from designs and patterns that don’t translate well on screen like stripes. If you have a window in the background, curtains can play up a space and contribute to the energy of the room. 

Accessories can also mean what you are using on screen. Are you the kind of girl who is sitting pretty and doing her nails, brushing her hair, putting on lotion? Are you a domina toying with your viewers while holding a riding crop or sipping an elegant glass of wine? Play into the fantasy you are selling and fans will be diving for their wallets to eat it up. 

Clothes, shoes, hair accessories, bags, oh my! This can all seem like a hefty investment if you are starting from scratch and just breaking into the cam world but don’t panic. Work smarter not harder and consider it an element within your camming, not outside of it to be added in later.

If you are building up a following and a handful of returning customers, they will enjoy seeing your collections and space build up over time and value their contributions to it.

Take note of which items were purchased and sent directly or had a fundraising tip goal dedicated to it and take the time to thank those contributors or create custom content to show your appreciation. Camming is an industry where you can get just as much and more out of it as you put into it so get started! And most of all, have fun. 

Use Your Own Talents

We could continue and list out all the ways you can try to earn money as a cam girl, however, there is something that is most effective to consider - your personal talents. Do you have a gift for singing, acting, or painting? Can you do a split or do a cool trick using your body? The reason why using your own talent is always a better way to increase your income is because it makes you different and unique. 

Many girls will offer phone calls with their fans and sexting services, but not every girl can, for instance, sing opera while touching herself. Pretty different, right? These things will easily draw someone’s attention and encourage them to attend your next show as well. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do any of these things, because who determines what talent is? Whatever you’re thinking, just go for it!

Your talents can also be taken off of the cam site. To understand how to become a cam girl in the sea of these beautiful cam models, you have to have your piece of cake and eat it before somebody else comes along and does it for you! If you’re good at writing, start a blog and write short, sexy stories or start up a YouTube channel and publish videos about your cam experience. 

Don’t overthink it, and always try things out. Something that might seem unusual to you might be a huge turn-on for your audience. Experiment with yourself and your audience, because as long as you provide them with unique experiences and spice up their world, you’ll start bringing in the big bucks in no time!


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